The Wedding Banquet 1993


A young Chinese man living in the US with his American boyfriend needs to convince his parents who are visiting from China that he's got a girlfriend, so he asks one of his tenants, a penniless artist, to help him out and pretend to be his fiance. Meanwhile, she is in danger of being deported for not having a green card, so they eventually agree to marry for convenience, but he will go on living with his male lover and she will remain in her apartment.

The parents arrive and fall for the girl immediately. When the father becomes ill, they have to stay longer than anticipated, then they decide that he must have a typical Chinese 'wedding banquet' after suffering the 'indignity' of a registrar wedding.

While drunk after the reception, the young man has sex with his new wife and she becomes pregnant, to the eventual horror of both him and his boyfriend.....



This is a wonderfully warm movie, cleverly written and directed. A lot of the dialogue is in Chinese with English subtitles, but the characters are delightful, the interaction between the three main characters is beautifully played out and the ending, possibly one of the most satisfying I've ever seen in one of these kind of movies.

I heartily recommend this movie to anyone who loves a convoluted love story and enjoys real character study.