What's New?


As of 29th March 2008

Touch by K9 Sentinel NC17 AU J/B

Visiting Rites by K9 Stargate NC-17 Jack/Daniel

Echoes by K9 Oz

Yellow Brick Road by K9 Oz

Fandango by K9 OZ

Two Gentlemen of Oz by K9 Oz

Great Pretender by K9 Oz

Fallen (W.I.P) parts 1-7 by K9 Oz

H*rry P*tt*r fandom added with 5 stories


A new Stargate page has been added to the artwork section covering both SG1 and SGA

More timed out Sentinel zine artwork has been added  here plus some newer stuff here


As of 20th September 2004

Sandburg After Hours by Agt Spooky. NC-17. Sentinel. AU. J/B

Blue Moon by K9. OZ. 


As of 29th July

Reality by K9. Oz. Beecher/Keller. Lyric Wheel Challenge.

OH Boy, Harry. by K9. QL drabble.


As of 7th June

Oops, forgot a couple of things!

In the 'Oz Art' section there is a new sketch, titled 'Ouroboros' Oz Art

In the 'Other Slash Fandoms' there are a couple of sketches, one from Robin of Sherwood, The Sheriff and Guy of Gisburne, and an old timed out zine piece from Stargate SG1 fandom, of Jack and Daniel.  'Other Slash Fandoms'


As of 5th June

Phew, here goes..

Sentinel fic by Alyjude all J/B:

Best Laid Plans


Eavesdropping Down

Nothing's Changed

Wedding March


The Crying Game

Kiss Off

Fic by K9

I'd Do Anything. Oz . Lyric Wheel challenge. Beecher/Keller

The O'Reily Files. Oz. Humour. PG-13. Beecher/Keller

Revelation. Quantum Leap. Drabble 100 words only. Sam/Al


A cartoons page has been added. (No, I don't guarantee that they're funny!) (HERE)

A temporary page has been set up to house some old artwork that I recently found hiding on some disks (HERE)

WARNING: Both pages of artwork have some NC-17 material. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!


As of January 17th

Slip Sliding Away by alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair NC-17

You're Already Gone by alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair.PG

Sentinel slash art has a new page 2002  Mostly timed out zine art


Silent Night by alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair.

We Gather Together- Christmas and Chanuakah by alyjude. Sentinel.Jim/Blair. 'Jake' universe story.

We Gather Together- Thanksgiving by alyjude. Sentinel.Jim/Blair. 'Jake' universe story.



Stormy, Stormy Night by alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. R


As of October 17th

Alien Intervention by K9. The Faculty (movie). Casey Connor/Zeke Tyler. NC-17

Where Do Fallen Angels Go? by K9. Sentinel AU. Jim/Blair. NC-17. Warning! Prostitution theme.


As of October 14th

Behind The Badge by Agt Spooky. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17. AU


As of September 17th

Junior Guppy by alyjude. The Sentinel. G. Part of the 'Jake' universe.

Past Trials by alyjude. The Sentinel. R. Jim/Blair


As of August 14th

Star Light Star Bright by Agt Spooky. The Sentinel. Jim/Blair. PG


As of August 8th

Freak Show by alyjude. The Sentinel. Jim/Blair. R.

New Smallville artwork in the slash art section.


As of 19th July

Interlude by K9. Batman. Bruce (Batman)/Arthur (Aquaman) NC-17


As of July 12th

No Zones Allowed by alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. PG

Another Time, Another Place by K9. Stargate SG1. Jack/Daniel. NC-17

A Twin Dilemma by K9. Sentinel/One West Waikiki crossover. Jim/Blair Rafe/Mack. NC-17


As of 27th June

Return To Sender by alyjude. Sentinel. NC-17. Jim/Blair


As of 20th May

Bruce Wayne Is Dead. by K9. Batman. PG


As of 5th May

30 by alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. PG.

Burning Bright by alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. G.


As of 24th April

New section Gay themed/Slashy Books goes online, but still very much under construction

Gay Themed Movies updated with five new recs


As of 15th April

The Pain Of Love by alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17

In Vino Veritas by K9. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17

'OZ' artwork updated with new 'Keller' and 'Keller/Beecher' artwork


As of 1st April 

Future Tense by Alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17

It's Not Easy To Be Me by Alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. PG-13

Lord Of The Rings movie based artwork updated


As of 30th January

Artwork updated: Lord Of The Rings artwork added, both slash and portrait: book *and* movie.


As of December 9th 

The Sands Of Time by Alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17.

The Last Time I Saw Sandburg by Alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17

As of 31st October

Undercover Blues by K9. 'The Detectives'. Briggs/Louis. PG-13 Britslash Halloween Challenge

Daydream Believer by K9. Buffy. Xander/Giles implied. PG-13. Halloween story


As of 4th October

Anthro Puppy Blues by K9 Sentinel/Stargate SG-1 crossover. Some Jim/Jack. Not really Jim/Blair or Jack/Daniel....erm...well, not exactly but implied?? Humour PG-13

Slash database search engine added to contents page (this will take you to Minotaurs slash database)


As of 30th August

Sentinel slash art updated

Gay Movie Recs updated 

Illos from 'The Good Friend' zine added to the page '1999'

Illos from 'Nadir' plus other assorted added to page '2001'


As of August 24th

Like Father by alyjude. Sentinel. Jim/Blair. R.

Green Eyed Monsters by K9. Jurassic Park 3. Alan/Billy. NC-17

Sentinel artwork 2001 added to the 'Artwork' section

A new 'Keller' sketch added to the 'OZart' section


As of August 9th

The Shape Of Things To Come? by K9. Jurassic Park 3. Alan/Billy. PG

As of August 1st

The Great Outdoors by K9. NC-17. The Sentinel. Jim/Blair  Note: Originally appeared in the zine 'Angel On My Mind 2'


As of 31st July

A Sentinel Takes A Guide by alyjude. NC-17.The Sentinel. Jim/Blair


As of 27th July 2001

Fireworks by alyjude. NC-17. The Sentinel. Jim/Blair

A Stolen Moment by K9. Jurassic Park 3. PG. Alan Grant/Billy Brennan

New Beginnings by K9. Jurassic Park 3. PG-13. Alan Grant/Billy Brennan


As of 20th June 2001

A New Beginning by Agt Spooky. The Sentinel. NC-17 Jim/Blair

Demon Hand Job by K9. Angel: The Series. NC-17. Lindsey McDonald smut. Lindsey/Angel

Gay Movies Recs updated with several new reviews


As of May 31st 2001

Interrogation by Alyjude. The Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17

Fall From Grace by Alyjude. The Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17. (part of the SVS  season)

Crossroads by Alyjude. The Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17.

Banks, Babes, Boffing, Bubba And Other Weird Stuff by Alyjude. The Sentinel. Jim/Blair. NC-17.


As of April 28th 2001

The Color Of Mercy by K9. OZ. 'R' Beecher/Keller WARNING: Possibly disturbing content!

As of April 13th 2001

Tops To Bottoms by Alyjude. The Sentinel. NC-17. Jim/Blair


As of March 26th 2001

Polar Ice Caps by Alyjude. The Sentinel. NC-17. Jim/Blair

Comic Relief by Sigrina. KF:TLC. Peter/Kermit Silly Britslash 'Red Nose' challenge snippet


As of March 21st 2001

Breathing by Alyjude. The Sentinel. NC-17. Jim/Blair

Dudes In Space by K9. Authority/Red Dwarf. R. Silly Britslash challenge snippet


As of March 13th 2001

To See The Light by Alyjude. The Sentinel. NC-17. Jim/Blair.


As of March 10th 2001

And They Say Romance Is Dead by K9. Beecher/Keller. humour/romance. PG-13. Comic Relief challenge snippet.

The Conversation by alyjude. The Sentinel. G. Jim/Blair. Challenge


As of February 27th 2001

Closed Connections by K9. 'OZ'. Beecher/Keller. Crossover with La Femme Nikita. NC-17

A quick sketch of 'Tobias Beecher' finds its way into the OZ art section

A portrait of Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci in the 'Other Slash Fandoms'

A couple of new 'Gay Movie Recs'


As of February 17th 2001

The Bestest, Most Perfectedness Vally Times Day Card Ever by Alyjude. Sentinel. G. Holiday. 'Part of the 'Jake' series'

As of 16th February 2001

Foul Play by K9 Sentinel. PG. Humour J/B

Bathrooms And Conveniences by K9. Bedrooms And Hallways (movie). NC-17.


As of February 9th

Bad old mutt just realised that she missed transfering some fic, so there are two 'new' stories from Sigrina:

The Morning After Drop The Dead Donkey. Henry/Dave

Like A Man Pygmalion. Pickering/Higgins


Chance Meeting. by K9 Sentinel.J/B.NC-17 AU

Cold Passion by K9. Fandom: not telling because it spoils the surprise! NC-17

Also a few new recs on the Gay Movies page

And a new section with two new pieces of artwork dedicated to the HBO series 'Oz' Oz Art One Chris Keller and one Beecher/Keller


As of February 1st

Seasons Change by Sigrina. Robin Of Sherwood. PG.13. Will/Robert (Robin)

A few new links added to Links page and a few new reviews to 'Gay Movies Recs' page

 As of January 20th 2001

Just A Kiss by Alyjude. Sentinel. J/B

Into The Jungle by Alyjude. Sentinel. J/B.

As of January 11th 2001

Slight revamp for the site.

Star Wars Revisited by Alyjude. Sentinel. J/B PG.

New Gay Movie Recs page

Additions to the Artwork gallery. All Sentinel gen artwork is now at this slash site as well as at The Labyrinth.


As of January 2nd 2001

Christmas Eve by Alyjude. Sentinel. NC-17. J/B

Auld Lang Syne by Alyjude. Sentinel. NC-17. J/B.

Choices by K9. Batman universe. NC-17. Bruce/Dick. AU.

December All Year by K9. *GEN* Batman Universe PG-13. Dick/Babs

As of December 2nd:

How Close by Alyjude. Sentinel J/B . G.

Restrained Sex by Alyjude. Sentinel. J/B. NC-17