Alien Intervention

by K9


Zeke tried not to smile, as he saw Casey’s face. The younger boy was sitting alone on the bleachers, and his expression told the whole story.

“Hey, Case, what’s up?” Zeke tossed a sweaty towel at the sitting figure, and waited for the usual expletive.

“Delilah dumped me,” Casey replied quietly, as Zeke dropped down beside him.

“Fuck. How long has it been?”

“Two months.”

Leaning back, Zeke nodded his head gravely, “That has to be a record for her, man. You gotta be some kinda stud to last two whole months with Delilah.”

Casey threw Zeke a black look, and returned to studying his sneakers, “Just what I need right now, you mocking me.”

“Fuck, Casey, I’m not mocking you! It’s the truth, you ask Stan. You know she only agreed to go out with you, ‘cos of the TV cameras, and the magazine articles, don’t ya?”

Wriggling uncomfortably, Casey nodded, “I guess.”

Zeke threw his arm around Casey’s shoulders, “Hey, don’t feel too bad, Delilah dated me for three days, then blew me off in the middle of the school dining room. Major fucking humiliation factor.”

“She dated you?”

“Yeah. Don’t tell me you thought she was a virgin?” Zeke teased.

The color rose in Casey’s cheeks, “No...” he mumbled.

“Did you fuck her?”


“Just out of interest, did you fuck her?”

Open-mouthed, Casey stared at his companion for a few silent seconds, “Just out of interest, mind your own fucking business!”

“Ah, that means you didn’t. Bad luck, buddy, you’re probably the only guy in the school without acne who hasn’t.”

Climbing to his feet, Casey grabbed his backpack, and angrily began to walk away.

“Thanks for the ‘pep talk’, buddy,” he called over his shoulder.

Zeke sighed to himself; he’d forgotten that Casey Connor wasn’t one of his junked up, freeloading, layabout buddies, he actually had feeling to get hurt.

“Casey, I’m sorry,” he scooted down a couple of rows, his long legs stepping across the rows of benches with ease until he stood in front of Casey. “I’m a jerk, you know that. I really am sorry you, and Delilah didn’t work out, okay?”

“Bullshit,” Casey sighed, but he didn’t seem angry any more, just ‘resigned’.

A smile crept across Zeke’s face, “And this has nothing to do with the fact that I had ‘two months’ in the ‘How long will Delilah and Casey last’ team pool.”

Once again, Casey’s mouth fell open, “You fucking bastard!”

With a grin, Zeke gathered Casey up in his arms in a bear hug, “Yeah, but ya love me, even so!” he sniggered.

Casey struggled from his grip, glancing around in the hopes that no one had seen them. It was ‘okay’ for big, tough, mean, Zeke to fool around this way, no one would yell ‘faggot’ after him in the school corridor, or beat him up for being ‘queer’ on the way home. Try standing in skinny little Casey Connor’s shoes for a day, and see how much fun it was.

“C’mon, kid, lets you, and me go get high, and find us a couple of chicks?” Zeke slapped Casey on the back playfully.

“I’m not snorting any more of that homemade shit of yours, and I’m not going out with any of your rejects!”

“Okay, lets get a pizza, and a few beer’s and bum around?”

Finally, Casey felt himself smile, “Okay.”


It had been a little weird since the whole ‘alien’ thing had hit the school. Casey, and Zeke had become possibly the most unexpected of friends, which was about as shocking a revelation as Stan becoming besotted with Stokely. Ironic really, that it had taken aliens to make people confront the ‘real’ person inside themselves. Stan had finally quit worrying about being seen with the best looking girl in school, not to mention his score on the football field, and found real happiness with Stokely, and his beloved ‘D’ in Biology.

Only Delilah had really failed to change. She had made the pretence of wanting to be with Casey, but even Casey himself had secretly known that she was riding his fame for a few weeks, until something better came along.  Despite this, Casey had come out of the whole event a little more confident, and less afraid, which could only be a good thing.

Then there was Zeke.

Zeke was still an enigma, but he’d changed too. He, and Casey didn’t hang out together all of the time, but they had a friendship that was tighter than anything either of them had previously had. He’d discovered that he liked Casey; a slightly shocking discovery to a young man who previously thought he knew everything there was to know about everyone. They actually laughed at the same dumb stuff, and shockingly, ogled the same unattainable girls.

Casey dropped down on the sofa in Zeke’s ‘den’, and closed his eyes. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to cry, yell, or just hit someone, but he wanted to do something.

“Here, drink this, it’ll take the pain away... eventually,” Zeke handed him a beer, and sat down beside him.

“Maybe I don’t want to lose the pain, maybe I want to hold on to it? Maybe it’s all I’ll ever have?”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, come on, Zeke, I’m never gonna be the guy who ‘gets the girl’. Look at me... I’m geeky, weird looking, and short.”

“Oh fuck that, man. You’re just feeling sorry for yourself. My cousin thinks you’re the hottest thing she ever saw....”


“Yeah.” Zeke took a drink, “Of course, she’s only seven years old, but hey, she’s into older guys.”

“You fucker!” Casey began to laugh, hitting out at Zeke.

“Hey, give her a couple more years, and you have my blessing to hit on her!”

Suddenly, Casey hurled himself at the older boy, and began to punch him playfully.

Soon, it turned into a wrestling match, as they tumbled from the sofa, onto the floor; pulling, hitting, biting, before coming to rest in a laughing heap. Casey lay sprawled across Zeke, as they fought for breath.

“Aw fuck, I got a hard on,” Zeke laughed suddenly, “Told you, you were hot, didn’t I?”

Casey sprang back, and blushed, “Sorry...”

“What for?”

“Erm..” Casey tried to turn his face away. When Zeke’s hand grabbed at Casey’s crotch, and began to discover that he was suffering from a similar condition, the younger boy recoiled further.

“Fuck, Connor, you never get hard before when you were playing around with other guys?” Zeke grinned, “It’s no big deal, don’t make you gay, man.”

“Zeke, I have to go, my Dad’s still kind of weird about me being late. Seems that ‘alien invasion’ isn’t a good enough excuse for breaking curfew around here. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“I gotta go,” Casey grabbed his backpack, and scuttled from the house.

Zeke lay back on the floor and groaned, “Fuck!”




Despite feeling almost unbearably tired, Casey couldn’t sleep that night. All he’d thought about since he’d run all the way home from Zeke’s place, was seeing Zeke lying there on the floor, his pants bulging, his body heavy with sweat, and his sultry blue eyes dark with arousal.

Casey Connor liked girls, okay?

Casey Connor had been dating the head cheerleader for like...two months, so he was hetero, right?


Casey Connor hated sports because he hated the way it made him feel watching all the jocks undressing, and showering together, right?

Fuck... right.

No, no it wasn’t possible. God couldn’t be that cruel. Like he hadn’t made life tough enough with the whole height, and geekiness thing, without throwing in a gay angle.

No way.

Casey bit his lip to try to stop himself from crying. Was that a ‘gay trait’... crying? Did he have any of those other ‘typical gay traits’ the guy in sequins on Oprah was talking about?

He couldn’t remember ever deliberately watching a musical, but he did quite enjoy the drama group doing ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ a couple of seasons back?

Casey closed his eyes and shuddered, “Oh my God, I’m gay!” he whispered to himself, “That’s why I never fucked Delilah, she knew.”

No way could he be hot for Zeke. The fact that he was only truly happy lately when he was with the guy meant nothing, okay?

Being the only two guys who hadn’t been inhabited by mind sucking aliens was clearly a bonding experience.

Fuck... he was gay.




Casey tried to make himself blend into the background at school next day. This had never been a problem in the past, and ‘camouflage’ had been his natural state since first grade, but since the whole ‘aliens’ thing, he’d become a kind of minor celebrity, so he drew interested glances as he shuffled along the corridor.

He was sure he could hear them saying, ‘Connor’s a loser ‘cos Delilah dumped him,’ or worse, ‘Hey, I hear Casey Connor’s a fag?’

“Yo, Casey?” A voice echoed down the corridor.

Oh no, it was Zeke.

“Connor, wait up, will ya?”

Casey stopped, and took a deep breath, before turning around, “What is it, Zeke, I’m late for History?”

“I just want to talk to you, man.”

“No time, gotta go.”

Zeke frowned, and pouted the way he always did when he didn’t get his own way.

“Okay, lunchtime. I mean it, we gotta talk, okay?”

Not looking up at Zeke, Casey shrugged, “Okay, later.”

He couldn’t recall ever wishing before, that a History lesson wouldn’t end, but today he did. He didn’t want to ‘talk’ to Zeke, because he didn’t know what to say. The events at Zeke’s house had opened a huge, and unwanted bag of worms for Casey, and he wasn’t sure he was ready to deal with any consequences.

How could he discuss something with someone, when he wasn’t sure himself what had happened?

So, he got hard when he was fooling around with Zeke? Hell, he got hard when he was playing catch with next doors Pitbull these days; it was one of the hazards of being a teenager.

No, he was deluding himself again, it wasn’t that simple and he knew it. He was attracted to Zeke, in his heart he knew that from the beginning. When they became friends, after they drove off the alien invasion, he’d secretly fantasized about Zeke in the shower after the ball games, all sweaty and breathless, stepping into the jet of water, his long, lean, hard, body just dripping wet... and he was sure to have a really huge cock.

Oh fuck.

“Mr Connor, if you’d like to thrill us with whatever it is that’s so important, you can’t answer my question?”

Casey blinked, “What?”

Mr Cassidy, the new History teacher, gave a sigh, “Don’t tell me, you’re in love?”

Feeling the flush start at his toes, and rush to his face, Casey began to stutter. Soon, the whole class was laughing out loud, and Casey was ready to commit suicide.

When the bell rang, he gathered his belongings together and headed for the door at breakneck speed.

How fucking bad could this day get?




Zeke was so damned easy to spot it was laughable. How he thought he could ever deal in secret was a mystery, but still he went through the motions of glancing around him, as he slipped the ‘narcotic’ pens into the other boy’s hand, and received a folded bill in return.

Casey took a deep breath. He’d thought of skipping out of school, and going home, but his Dad would tan his hide if he found out, then he’d want to know why he was skipping school. That was one conversation he definitely didn’t want to have, and Zeke would just come find him, anyway.

“Hey, Casey,” Zeke’s lopsided grin was visible across the schoolyard.

“Hey,” Casey half smiled in return.

The only good thing about this was that no one questioned why they hung out together these days, it was just ‘accepted’.

“C’mon, we’ll eat in my car.”

“Did you clean it out yet?”

Zeke grinned even wider, “Who are you, my Mom?” he laughed, “Yes, I ‘cleaned it out’.”

Nodding, Casey followed Zeke across the parking lot, to his new car, and they both climbed in.

“What you got?” Zeke asked, peering into the neatly made pack Casey always carried.

“Tuna,” Casey replied.

“Oh fuck, tuna?”

“I didn’t make it for you,” Casey grumbled, “Eat your own!”

“I didn’t have time to make anything this morning. Come on Connor, hand over a tuna bite...”

With a smile, Casey handed Zeke a sandwich, stealing a glance out the corner of his eye, at the grinning face of his friend.

“Look, I’m sorry about what happened at my place.”

“It doesn’t matter...”

“Yeah, it does. I was a jerk, I’m sorry. I keep forgetting that it’s you. I mean, that you’re not like the other guys I usually hang out with.”

“What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?” Casey snapped back, a little too quickly.

“It just means that you... you... that you’re a ‘nice guy’.”

“And what does that mean?”

“Fuck, Casey, it means that I like you, and I’m trying real hard not to piss you off, and fuck up our friendship. What do you want from me, a pound of flesh?”

“Literary imagery is not allowed at lunchtime, you know the rule...” Casey grumbled.

With a laugh, Zeke visibly relaxed, “Sorry. I just didn’t mean to upset you, I’m used to being open with people about how I feel, ‘cause I usually don’t give a fuck if I upset them or not. With you... I care.”

Now it was Zeke’s turn to look uncomfortable.

“It’s okay, I wasn’t upset,” Casey lied badly.

“Sure you were, you flew out of my house like the next victim in a slasher movie.”

Casey turned around angrily facing Zeke for the first time since they’d gotten into the car.

“I am not scared of you!”

“I didn’t say you were!”

“You implied it!”

“No, I didn’t. I just meant that you were freaked by what happened to us both when we were fooling around. You were scared of getting hard over me!” Zeke replied.

“Don’t flatter yourself, I wasn’t hard over you!” Casey blustered.

“The fuck you weren’t! I had it in my hand, remember?” Zeke cupped his hand, and Casey felt his cheeks flush once again.

“That wasn’t ‘cause of you,” Casey turned away, and glared out of the window.

“Well, maybe not, but mine was because of you!”

“The fuck it was!” Casey gasped, glancing at Zeke out of the corner of his eye, knowing that his face was scarlet.

Suddenly Zeke began to laugh, “Sorry, I’m just shittin’ ya,” he drawled, but something made Casey turn, and look his friend in the eyes. Zeke glanced away, munching down on the sandwich, and trying to appear unconcerned, but for the first time Casey could remember, he looked like he was lying.

“Lets just forget it, okay?” Casey said at last.

Zeke threw him a grin, “Sure! Say, you coming to the game on Saturday?”

“I guess.”

“You gotta come, man, you’re my lucky mascot.”

“What am I, your pet elf?” Casey smiled despite himself.

“Hey, we won last time you came to watch, so it’s gotta be your ‘fault’!”

“Yeah, everything around here is my fault.”

Throwing him a wicked smile, Zeke nodded, “Now you’re talking.”




He couldn’t help himself, he really couldn’t. Casey saw Delilah leaning against the lockers, and he just had to say ‘hi’. With her patented glare, she looked him up and down.

“Oh hi, Casey.”

“Are you covering the game on Saturday for the newspaper?” he asked timidly.

“If there’s nothing better. I’m guessing you’ll be there, though,” she smiled coldly.

Casey felt his throat tighten, “What makes you say that?”

“Well, Zeke’s playing, isn’t he?”


She gave a derisive snort, and pushed her hair back with her fingers, “Casey, you were always more interested in what Zeke was doing, than what I was doing. I don’t know why you two just don’t hook up, and quit kidding yourselves.”

His blood running cold, and face flushing hotly, Casey opened his mouth to deny everything, but found no words.

“It’s no big deal, Case, not these days!” she cooed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he spluttered.

Smiling that Barracuda smile, she gave a theatrical sigh, “Sure you don’t. Gotta go, see you later, Casey.”




He wasn’t sure how long he’d sat there, looking out over the sports field. He knew he’d missed a couple of classes, but he couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Everyone knew he was gay, even Delilah. Casey wiped away a tear, and wished he could just be someone else, even for a day, someone ‘normal’. Being a teenager really sucked sometimes, but being a gay teenager, hell, Casey didn’t want to think about that.

“Hey, Connor!” a voice behind him rang out suddenly, and Casey almost pissed himself.

Turning, he saw Stokely smiling down at him.

“Fuck, it’s you!”

“Wow, thanks for the warm greeting,” she drawled.

“Sorry, I was...”

“Wallowing in self pity?” She offered with a grin.

“Sitting here thinking,” he insisted.

Sliding down beside him, she sat quietly for a moment. “So, what’s up?”

“Who said anything was ‘up’?” he parried defensively.

“You’re sitting out here during class time. The Casey Connor I know, has palpitations just thinking about being late for class, never mind skipping them.”

“I just wanted to be alone.”

“Is something going on between you, and Zeke?”

“No, nothing! What makes you say that?” Casey almost growled.

“Because he’s worried about you. He won’t say why, but he’s scared he’s fucked up with you. What happened, Casey?”

“Nothing.” This time it was a whisper.

“Doesn’t sound like nothing.” She frowned. Slapping his arm, she made him look at her, “You know you can trust me, right?”

Casey looked up into the girl’s eyes, and nodded. If there was ever anyone he could trust, it was Stokely. “Did it upset you, when people used to call you a lesbian?” he asked.

She frowned, “I guess. I think it irritated me, mostly because it wasn’t true.”

“But, if it had been true?”

“Then I guess I couldn’t have been mad over someone telling the truth. It’s no big deal, gay or straight, what’s the difference. We’re all just as fucked up these days.”

“It’s a big deal when you’re a guy, trust me. You think girls can be rough, try being a guy for a few days. You can’t imagine how bad it can be if they think you’re queer.”

“Are you?” She asked suddenly.

Casey’s eyes flew open, and the denial began to tumble from his lips. Suddenly, he stopped. “I don’t know, and that’s the truth. I... I feel strange stuff sometimes, about the odd guy, but I think I like girls too?”

“Maybe you’re bisexual. I always thought that was kind of neat, you can fuck anyone you like.” Stokely grinned widely.

Feeling more relaxed than he had in days, Casey found himself smiling.

“So, are you hot for Zeke?” she asked.

“I... I think so.”



Stokely put her arm around his shoulder, “Yeah,”

“You think?”

“Uh hu.” She smiled, “I’m just guessing here, but I don’t think Zeke’s going to be too upset about how you feel.”

“What am I going to do, Stokely?” Casey glanced up at the girl.

“Go talk to Zeke. He’s your friend, and you need to clear the air between the two of you. If you just want to stay friends, you need to tell him that. Of course, if you do want to get into his pants, you probably need to tell him that too.”

“Fuck!” Casey buried his head in his hands. This wasn’t going to be easy, no matter what he decided.




He’d hurried home from school, had a long, cool shower, gotten changed, and now he was standing with the phone in his hands, shaking all over.

“Yeah?” a voice at the other end said.

“Zeke, it’s me.”

“Hey, Casey, what’s up, man?”

“ wanna meet up later? I need to talk to you.”

The voice at the other end suddenly sounded unsure, “Sure, man. How about I pick you up in about an hour, we could go get a ‘dog, watch a movie, or something?”

“Yeah, okay.” Placing the phone back on the hook, Casey tried to stop his hand from shaking uncontrollably. What was he going to say? How do you tell the only real friend you ever had that you’re attracted to him?  And if you manage to do that...what happens then?



The park was pretty quiet, as Zeke and Casey placed their ‘hotdogs, with everything’, down on the bench.

“ Bradley, comes in yesterday, with his wrist in a sling. He tells the coach he hurt it in a fight, until his sister, Jennie, walks in, and announces to the whole place, that he sprained his wrist jerking off to a porn video!” Zeke guffawed, “Man, his face was so funny. I thought he was going to fucking kill her.”

Casey choked slightly on his Pepsi trying not to laugh, as he slid into his seat. He watched Zeke sit down opposite him, and wondered how he was going to start this conversation? What do you say? ‘Hey, I really want to fuck you’? ‘Yeah, I think about you naked all the time! It wasn’t like he had a lot of experience in these kind of matters.

“You talk to Stokes today, man?” Zeke said before taking a huge bite of his ‘dog.

“Er... yeah.”

“What did she say?”

“Nothing much.”

“Did she say anything about me being hot for you?” Zeke asked slightly too nonchalantly.

Casey choked on his hotdog, “ Well, not exactly.”

“Not exactly?”

“She kind of implied that you might be...” Casey mumbled, staring intently at his drink.

“You freaked?” Zeke asked with his mouth half full of bread.



Casey placed his hotdog down, and licked the ketchup from his thumb. “Would I be here if I was freaked? I called you, remember?”

Zeke thought for a moment, “Oh yeah.” He took a long drink of Pepsi, “So, what do you think?”

“About what?” Casey asked.

“About dating a guy, you dork,” Zeke sighed.

“Oh. It’s okay, I guess.”

“You guess? You don’t *know?”

“No, okay?”


“It’s scary for me,” Casey hissed, “You seem so comfortable with this, but I’m fucking scared shitless, Zeke!”

Zeke ran his fingers through his hair nervously, “I ain’t ‘comfortable’ with this, man. I’m just as fucking scared as you are. You think I want to hear other guys shouting ‘fag’ at me? You think just because I got a rep, I won’t get my ass kicked for being queer?”

“I guess I hadn’t thought about it.”

“No, you fucking haven’t thought about it. The only reason I talked to Stokely was because I was shit scared I’d fuck up, and lose you as a friend. I didn’t know how to tell you, without freaking you out. So, do you hate me, or what?”

Casey looked up, into Zeke’s eyes, “No man, I don’t hate you!” he gasped, “I’m just scared. Not about what other people will think, but about how I feel.”

“So you do feel... stuff... for me?” Zeke asked awkwardly.

“Yeah, I do.”

A grin escaped, and Zeke found himself almost laughing with relief, “Very cool.”

Suddenly feeling more relaxed, Casey joined in the laughter. “Those aliens sure have a lot to answer for,” he mumbled.

“What, you think the aliens made us queer?” Zeke spluttered.

“No! But what are the chances that I’d have ever spoken to you if that hadn’t happened? You might have kicked my ass a couple of times, but we’d never have become friends.”

Chewing, Zeke nodded, “True.”

For the first time, Casey allowed himself to really look at Zeke. He’d always thought that Zeke had such a ‘little boy’ face, planted squarely on this huge, adult, man’s body.

He envied Zeke his height, and his inherent masculinity. It must be great to have all of that, handed to you on a platter, to never have to worry about the fact that you didn’t look like a ‘man’.

“What?” Zeke asked suddenly.

“What?” Casey replied.

“You went quiet, and just stared. I thought I did something dumb?”

“No, I was just looking at you,” Casey blurted out the words, then blushed as Zeke grinned.

“Yeah? Well, I can’t blame you, I am gorgeous.”

“Man, that ego must get heavy some days,” Casey snorted derisively.

“Nah, I can handle it. I got broad shoulders!” Zeke teased. “So, what were you thinking?”

Casey shrugged, and took a bite of his hotdog.

“C’mon, Connor, we’re here, spilling our guts, remember?”

“I...I was just thinking, that I wish I looked like you. I wish I was tall, and looked more masculine, that’s all.”

“No shit?” Zeke gaped, “You serious?”

“Yeah,” Casey felt the flush rising in his cheeks again, as Zeke studied him, like a bug under one of his fancy microscopes.

“Fuck, Casey, you’re like... beautiful. Why would you want to change that, to be a big, ugly, fucking lug like me?”

“I am not ‘beautiful’,” Casey spluttered.

“Yes you are. Shit, Connor, what kind of mirror do you look in every day?” Zeke took a moment to drain his Pepsi. “Stop beating yourself up because you’re not too tall. It’s no big deal. Ask Tom Cruise,” he grinned, and lifted Casey’s face with his hand.

“Yeah, yeah..” Casey pulled away, and looked around to see if anyone was watching.

“Come on, let’s go for a drive,” Zeke held out his hand.

“I’m not holding your hand,” Casey hissed, “Someone might see us!”

“I couldn’t give a fuck, but if it upsets you, okay,” Zeke tucked his hands into his jeans pocket, and gestured for Casey to follow him.

Climbing into the car, Casey reached around, and clipped the seatbelt into place.

“You really don’t know how to live dangerously, do ya, Connor?” Zeke taunted.

“I’ve seen you drive, remember?” Casey sniffed, but threw Zeke a grin.

Putting the car into drive, Zeke pulled out, and headed towards to the hillside overlooking the town. He parked up in a quiet spot, and reached into the back seat, grabbing two cans of beer.

“Want one?” he asked.

“You’re driving, you’re not going to drink that, are you?” Casey exclaimed.

“Casey, I’ll only drink one, I promise. Now loosen up a little. Fuck, you been inhabited by the ‘anal retentive alien’ again? “ Zeke teased as he pulled the tab, and handed a can to Casey, who tentatively sipped the bitter liquid. Suddenly, a strange expression clouded Casey’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Zeke asked, slightly nervously.

“We’re ‘parked’,” Casey replied.

“Yeah, well I can’t drink while we’re moving.”

“No, I mean, as in ‘parked’. Like ‘making out’ parked.”

Relieved, Zeke grinned, “So, you’re my boyfriend now, ain’t ya?” he teased gently, watching for the reaction.

Casey’s eyes flew open wide, and he looked stunned. “Um...well...yeah...I guess.”

“Okay then.”

They sat in silence for a few moments, and it was Casey who broke first.

“Have you...’been’ with guys before?” he asked.

“Yeah. Well, I’ve had my dick sucked, so I guess that counts, right?”

“Yeah, it counts.” Casey felt his stomach roll, and his heart sink. This was something he hadn’t really counted on. Zeke was sure to be experienced in this stuff, while he was just some candy-ass little virgin.


“I’m guessing that this is all new for you,” Zeke said quietly.

“Oh yeah.”

“It doesn’t matter, you know?”

“*Right*,” Casey replied, taking another drink.

“It doesn’t. You’re still a virgin, right?”

“Fuck!” Cringing now, Casey looked out of the car window.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. It doesn’t matter. Look, Casey, if I just wanted a quick fuck, I could go down to Gino’s in town, and get that any night I want.”

Casey turned to look at Zeke, his eyes showing all the hurt and confusion he was feeling. “So, what do you want from me?”

Zeke slid down in the seat, and closed his eyes for a moment.

“People would probably say I got a lot of friends. I don’t. I got junked up hangers on, who live off my ‘stuff’. I got a few ‘bad boys’ who think it’s cool to be around me. I don’t have any real friends...except you. You were there when it mattered, you hung tight when the shit at the school happened, and you saved all our ass’s. You don’t want to hang with me because I’m ‘in’, or because I deal, or for any other reason than you want to be with me. That’s fucking cool, man.”

“You’re a jerk, but I like you,” Casey shrugged.

“See, that’s what I mean,” Zeke turned his head, and smiled. “I like you too. Everything says I shouldn’t, it’s majorly uncool to be best friends with the school geek, but I like you, oh, and you turn me on.” He threw an extra grin Casey’s way, hoping to make the younger boy squirm slightly.

“You’re a weird guy, Zeke.”

“Yeah, a weird guy who is about to kiss you.”

“Oh,” Casey froze in his seat.

“If you don’t want me to, you just gotta say.” Zeke touched Casey’s leg, gently stroking his knee.

Casey swallowed hard, “I do. I want you to.”

“Okay.” Zeke leaned in, and softly touched Casey’s lips.

After the initial reaction to a rough, bristly chin, Casey relaxed. It felt good, and Zeke tasted nice. His lips were harder than Delilah’s, but the kiss was softer, if that made any sense?

“You okay with me touching you?” Zeke mumbled suddenly.

“Yeah,” Casey replied with a sigh, sliding his hand around Zeke’s neck, and pulling him closer.

Zeke slipped his hand inside Casey’s shirt, sliding his fingers across the soft, hairless chest. Casey gasped involuntarily, as Zeke tweaked his nipple. Laughing at the reaction, Zeke began to kiss down Casey’s neck, nibbling on the skin, just enough to send a jolt of pleasure right to Casey’s cock.

“Did Delilah ever give you a blow job?” Zeke asked suddenly.

“,” Casey answered.

“You want one?”


Zeke pulled back, and looked into Casey’s eyes. The younger boys face was flushed; his eyes almost black with arousal, but his natural shyness couldn’t be overcome that easily.

“Okay, I’ll rephrase the question. Can I suck your dick, please?”

Breathing hard, unable to speak, Casey nodded.

Zeke carefully unzipped Casey’s pants, pushing them down slightly, and reached inside. Casey whimpered as Zeke pulled his cock free of the denim, and held it, half hard, in his hand.

Before the younger boy could change his mind, Zeke leaned in, and sucked the head of Casey’s cock into his mouth.

Casey bucked slightly, “Oh...fuck...fuck!” he gasped, and tightened his grip on Zeke’s shoulder.

With a gentle ‘hum’, Zeke began to suck. His fingers danced across Casey’s balls, rubbing and caressing, until he felt the rhythmic humping of Casey’s hips begin to grow more desperate.

“Zeke! I’m gonna...oh...fuck!” Casey shot into Zeke’s mouth with a strangled yelp.


Zeke sat up, and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Sorry? Oh man, you taste good!”

Casey pulled a face, and smiled.

“Wanna taste?” Zeke met Casey’s mouth, his tongue pushing inside, allowing Casey to taste ‘himself’.

“What about you?” Casey asked, as they broke the kiss.

“What about me?” Zeke continued to kiss along Casey’s jaw-line.

“You want me to...?”

Zeke smiled at the fear in Casey’s voice, “Not this time. You can give me a ‘helping hand’ if you want?” He unzipped, and pulled out his cock, placing Casey’s hand on the painfully hard erection.

“Wow, I was right...” Casey muttered,  “It is huge.”

Laughing out loud, Zeke kissed Casey again. “Why, thanks! But please, think of my heavy ego before you go on?”

Casey grinned, and began to stroke his fingers along the length of Zeke’s cock. He might not be too experienced when it comes to sex, gay or straight, but jerking off, he knew all about. Zeke continued to kiss him, even stopping to take a nip at Casey’s neck, which made him jump. Zeke’s breath became shorter, hitching with the strokes Casey was making, and he soon came with a groan, spilling warm, sticky, semen into Casey’s hand.

After a short clean up, and another lingering, but less passionate kiss, they sat back, and tried to catch their breath.

“We just made out,” Casey sniggered suddenly.

“You’d better fucking believe it,” Zeke replied.

“It felt good...”

“Yeah, it did.”

Pulling the car mirror down, to look at his neck, Casey groaned, “Fuck, you bit me. I’m going to have a hickey tomorrow. What do I tell my parents?”

“Tell ‘em you got laid, trust me, they’ll be impressed.”

“They’ll probably ground me until I’m thirty.”

“That’s okay, I can wait.” Zeke laughed.

Casey’s hand suddenly sneaked across Zeke’s leg, until he grasped the older boy’s hand, entwining the fingers tightly.

“So, you wanna hold my hand now?” Zeke teased.

Casey sighed, “Well, you are my boyfriend, right?”


The End