Another Country

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Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, Cary Elwes.


The fictional account of a man who evolved from upper class schoolboy to Russian spy, based on the real life story of Guy Burgess who along with McClean became Britain's most notorious traitors.

Guy Bennett is an indiscreet and quite obviously homosexual young man who finds the hypocrisy and rules of public school unbearable as he and his best friend are discriminated against; he for being gay and his friend Tommy for being a communist.



This is a brave movie that challenges all the things that supposedly make the British Public school system the most envied in the world.

Though Guy is sloppy and obvious with his feelings towards the other boys (remembering that homosexuality was illegal in the U.K at that time) you can't help but feel for him as other boys, who have done exactly the same things he has, punish him for his indiscretion and turn him into an outcast. It's ironic that his friend is treated in much the same way for his communist beliefs and they develop a friendship that is strong without ever being sexual.

Guys relationship with the very pretty James Harcourt; another student, is sensitively handled and never made seedy or dirty, but shown as a true love affair.

I enjoyed this movie, it's moving and thought provoking and the leads are extremely easy on the eyes:)


4.5 bones out of 5