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Cave Canem!

This artwork is *not* to be downloaded or distributed. Neither can it be used on websites, distributed on mailing lists, printed as letter headings or labels or manipulated to produce 'cyberart' without my express permission.

It is original artwork and therefore copyrighted to the artist, so it is*not* yours to take.

If you agree to these terms, please enter and enjoy.


No 'cyberart' within. All artwork is the product of my own fair paw, a pencil and a few tubes of paint!

 Disclaimer: All pictures on this site are the depictions of *characters* and not the actors who play them, there are still a few of us who know the difference!:)

Once again I will stress that when you enter these pages you will find artwork depicting naked males who may be engaged in sexual situations.

If this is not to your tastes or you have a moral objection to homosexuality, please go tell your priest, not me, because I am not interested. 

If you know what you're getting into and are happy with the subject matter then please feel free to browse the galleries.

Sentinel Slash Art







More recent Sentinel artwork


SG1 & SGA art slash/gen

Comic Art

Art from DC and other comic-book creations

 OZ Art  

Sketches dedicated to the HBO show 'OZ'

Lord Of The Rings  



(Het warning!)


Various fandoms

Miscellaneous fandoms

Mainly portraiture of other slash pairings


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