The Broken Heart's Club


A story about a group of gay friends, and their various troubles, and dilemmas. Dennis is an aspiring photographer, but as much as his friends are the stability in his life, he feels that they also hold him back, making 'being gay' the only thing he is. Howie, a psychology graduate, can't let his ex go, even though he himself ended the relationship. Benji can't resist a 'gym bunny', even though he knows they're usually bad news for him. Patrick never can forgive himself for not being 'beautiful' and perfect. Taylor is the archetypal drama queen who brags about his successful long time relationship...until he gets dumped. Kevin is a 'newbie' who's not even sure he's gay yet. Cole is an aspiring actor, who just can't help stealing other people's boyfriends, only to dump them after a few weeks. The 'oddity' in the mix, is Jack, who is the owner of a restaurant, where most of the men work. He and his partner, known to the boys as 'purple man', have been together for twenty five years.



This is a warm, and funny movie that leaves the viewer with a nice, 'feel good' reaction. Some have said that the characters are a little stereotyped, and in some ways I suppose they are. This doesn't make the movie bad, however, and as long as you're looking for pure entertainment, not social comment, then this should make you happy.

The actors are all nice looking and appear comfortable in their roles. John Mahoney is excellent as the ageing Jack, and Dean Cain plays the gorgeous but slightly dim actor, Cole, beautifully and with a real sense of humour. But, it has to be said, Timothy Olyphant  is both attractive and sympathetic as Dennis, he truly makes the audience see his point of view, and it's his character that sticks in the mind.

I'd recommend this movie heartily!