Chuck And Buck


'When Buck, an immature 27-year-old, is reunited with his best friend, Chuck, a successful music industry executive, his resulting infatuation threatens to ruin Chuck's previously stable existence. CHUCK & BUCK successfully blends comedy, drama, and stalker films and is made all the more immediate by Miguel Arteta's decision to shoot on digital video. This, coupled with the striking performances by the two leads--both nonprofessional actors (Mike White and Chris Weitz are successful screenwriters)--results in a highly original film that can't easily be categorized.' Bigstar Video'



Quite possibly one of the most revolting movies I've ever seen. Please ignore the part where they mention 'comedy', there isn't any! It's a nasty mix of sneering social comment, and juvenile sniggering at the mentally handicapped.

Buck is played as a young man with a real mental problem, who 'stalks' his old best friend. I'm assuming that we're supposed to find this funny, but it really isn't, it's just sad, and slightly 'nasty'. The movie drags on through this behaviour, until we're given one of the most repulsive endings I've seen in a movie.

I don't even want to think about this travesty again!

Rating: -2 bones!