Crash (1996)



A group of people are drawn together by their fascination, and sexual arousal heightened by watching, or being involved in car crashes.



I'm not quite sure if I should have even included this movie, but it *does* have a very hot m/m scene, so I suppose it qualifies.

I knew all about the 'shock' element in this movie before I watched it, so I can't say I found it terribly shocking...a little twisted, yes, but not 'shocking' as such.

It revolves around 'James' played by James Spader, and his growing obsession with car wrecks, and sex. When he and his wife meet Vaughn, played by Elias Koteas, they find themselves being further sucked into this bizarre world of physical injury fetishism, and voyeurism.

Let me just say that Elias Koteas plays Vaughn with just the right amount of weirdness to still be unnervingly sexy, despite the fact that you really wouldn't want to meet the guy on a dark night!

There is a scene where James and Vaughn, both just having had a tattoo, have sex in Vaughn's car. The film has hinted that this was coming from the start, so you're not exactly 'surprised', but still a little amazed:)

Crash is very thinly veiled porn, with minimal plot, and weird characters, none of whom you actually ever *like*, and you get the impression that the filmmakers know their characters aren't likeable, and make no apology for it.

I wanted to hate this movie, but quite honestly, I didn't. I wanted to write it off as 'schlock' but I really believe the writer and director was trying to make an intelligent portrayal of some the more extreme members of society. I don't think they entirely succeeded on many levels, but it *was* a brave attempt.

Watch if you have a strong stomach for weirdness, and het sex, there's lots of both. But my recommendation is that you watch for a scary, sexy performance by Elias Koteas!


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