David Searching



David, is an idealistic New York documentary filmmaker who shares his longing for men with his outspoken brash roommate, Gwen. Serious dating eludes them both - but drunken strangers, one-night-stands and seedy goings-on in sex clubs don't. Not to mention the 'comings and goings' in the low-rent apartment they share, where sex is just one of the life issues that gets worked out, practically from scratch.

Along David's romantic highway; on his journey to find Mr Right, lies a veritable litter of dates from Hell ... well, like the guy who wants sex after three words of small talk, or the stud who only has hummus on the mind.



Hmmm. Not a *bad* movie, just...well...rather dull. It had all the making of a fun, feel good romantic comedy, but I'm not sure if it was lack of budget, or miscasting that just made it constantly fall flat?

It's really hard to be any more specific than that, I can't even pick out areas that failed, it just didn't gel as a whole.