Demon Hand Job

By K9


He wasn't sure that he wanted to do this, but he'd really run out of options. This...'condition' was getting out of control, and he just couldn't think who else to turn to.

Lindsey McDonald stood outside of the 'Angel Investigations' office, and tried not to grind his teeth.

There were few things that stuck in his craw as much as having to ask *Angel* for help, but who else could *possibly* understand his predicament?

His hand rubbed nervously across his crotch, causing his cock to twitch expectantly.

"Will you *cut* that *out*?" he hissed, trying not to let his face flush before he walked through the door.

This was going to be humiliating enough as it was.

It wasn't unusual for conversation to stop when he walked into a room. His years working at Wolfram and Hart had taught him that secrets, and whispers were a way of life.

No, it was the *looks* that really did it for him. Cordelia Chase did one of those cartoon double takes, looking on disbelievingly as he closed the door behind him. Wesley Wyndham-Price merely glared suspiciously in his direction, and Angel? Oh, Angel gave him that look that made his skin prickle, and his heart thud in his chest. It was a heady mixture of hate, and lust, and it pissed Lindsey off immensely.

"Oh look," Cordy half smiled, "Someone's been kicking over rocks again. Isn't it incredible what crawls out when you do that?"

"Well, hello, Lindsey," Angel straightened up to his full height, something he did almost subconsciously whenever Lindsey was near. Maybe it made him feel superior, being so much taller. Like the fangs weren't enough?

"Angel," Lindsey glanced from Angel, to his human companions, and back again.

"What can we do for you, Mr McDonald?" Wesley fairly bristled as he spoke.

"I need to speak to Angel."

Puffing out his chest, in a blatant display of arrogant superiority, Wesley sneered, "I run Angel investigations now, you can talk to me in the first instance."

Lindsey felt his hackles rise. How could so many annoying people all manage to work together without killing each other?

"It's a private matter," he mumbled.

"Maybe Lindsey wants to ask me out on a date," Angel sniggered.

The flush began working its way up Lindsey's neck, as his hand gripped the now thudding erection through his expensive Armani slacks. The only thing stopping him from shooting himself through the head at that moment, was the shocked look on Angel's face, which almost made Lindsey laugh out loud.

"Oh.....eeewwww!" Cordelia's face twisted into a mask of pure horror,  "And I thought those visions were the most disgusting visuals I could experience!"

"Er...Wes, maybe I *should* talk to Lindsey in private?" Angel suggested.

Swallowing hard, Wesley nodded, and quickly sat down, trying hard not to share Cordelia's disturbing visualization of the distasteful tryst.

"In here," Angel pointed to a small back room, and Lindsey followed him through the decorative art deco doors, into a cozy office.

Grabbing his right hand with his left, and clutching it close to his body, Lindsey rolled his shoulders, and tried to relax, as he followed the vampire into the room.

"Sit down," Angel pointed to a chair, before slipping effortlessly behind the desk. "Now, what have I done to earn this unexpected pleasure?" The sarcasm dripped from the vampire's lips, as he took every chance to taunt the errant lawyer.

"I have this hand," Lindsey began.

"No shit?" Angel laughed.

"I had fucking two of them before you cut one off!" Lindsey snarled like a cornered dog.

"You were being a bad boy, Lindsey. You weren't playing nice."

"You attacked me..."

"You were trying to fulfil a prophecy that was destined to kill me, not to mention bringing Darla back!"

Once again, Lindsey heard his own teeth grinding, "Look, Angel, I didn't come here to discuss our sordid past."

"Why did you come here then? It seems to me, that you only come to me when you want something. You *never* just swing by and say 'hi'."

"Wolfram and Hart gave me a new hand."

"Aw, was it your birthday?" Angel chuckled.

"Fuck you, Angel, I knew I shouldn't have come here," Lindsey leapt to his feet, and headed for the door. Before he could reach it, Angel was in front of him.

"Okay, I...I'm sorry, I'll listen."

It took a few moments for Lindsey to calm himself, and retake his seat. In the confusion, and anger, his hand had slipped inside of his pants, and was now stroking lovingly at a very attentive cock.

Unable to remain politely oblivious any longer, Angel struggled with a smile.

" really *that* pleased to see me, Lindsey?" he smirked at last.

"This is why I'm here," the young lawyer hissed, "It's this fucking hand, it's possessed. I don't know when it's doing stuff, it jerks me off on public transport, in the office, I was in the fucking *bank* the other day, cashing a check."

Suddenly, he stopped when a strange sound interrupted his rage. It sounded like a cat choking, but instead, it turned out to be a hysterical vampire.

"What you laughing at, you fanged freak?" he snapped.

"You have a *possessed* hand?" Angel hooted, "Oh boy, now *that* is what I call retribution."

"Look, I didn't ask for this hand, it was just 'given' to me. You know how things work at Wolfram and Hart, you don't say 'no' to anything they offer you."

"Is that how you got where you are today, Lindsey, by never saying 'no'?" the vampire's dark eyes twinkled, as his barbed words visibly stung their victim.

"You don't know shit about what really happens at Wolfram and Hart, but you can sit here, and be all holier than thou? How many times have you 'put out', just to get by, *Angelus*?"

Still watching the hand rub Lindsey ever harder, Angel cleared his throat, "A few times. I don't deny what I've done in the past. My excuse was, that I had no soul back then, what's yours?"

A sly smirk twisted Lindsey's lips into a mocking smile, "Oh yeah. No soul huh? You mean like a little while back when you locked the doors on Drusilla, and Darla, and let them feed on the innocent men, and women in that room...including me?"

Angel twitched slightly at the memory, "They weren't 'innocent victims' Lindsey, they were Wolfram and Hart lawyers."

"They were still humans, and what you did was still murder, so cut the bullshit, Angel."

Inexorably drawn to the tented bulge in the expensive pants, Angel sighed, "Okay, I'll have to concede that one," he agreed. "It does that *all* the time?" he gestured to the rhythmic stroking going on inside Lindsey's pants.

"A lot of the time, yeah," the young lawyer's face flushed again, "It's getting *really* tiring, as well as embarrassing.  I need someone to 'exorcise' it, or something."

"You need a priest, not a vampire."

"I tried that, I got thrown out of the Roman Catholic Church on Main Street, after I shot my load on holy ground. I think they got laws against that, or something..."

Biting his lip, Angel nodded, "Probably, yeah."

"So, what do you suggest?" Lindsey's voice hitched as his hand picked up the pace, pulling long, hard strokes from base to tip.

"I suggest you unzip those expensive pants before you make a mess in them."

"Look, if you're not going to help.."

"I'm serious. You really want to leave this office with come stains all over your pants?" Angel's mouth twisted into a slight smile, "What *would* the neighbors say?"

Jaw twitching, and face becoming even hotter, Lindsey unzipped the pants, popping the button at last, to give his hand space to move. His cock sprang free, arcing upwards towards his belly. Already hard, it pulsed, and ached as the fingers danced lightly across the head, before sliding down the shaft tenderly.

"Aw shit," he exclaimed, as a droplet of pre-cum, oozed from tip, and the familiar prickle of nerve endings, all firing at once, began to crawl across his body. "You gotta help me, Angel," he gasped, unbuttoning his shirt, so that he could touch his own skin.

Unconsciously licking his lips, Angel's eyes widened, "What, right *now*?" he asked.

Momentarily shocked by what he thought the vampire was offering, Lindsey stared into the usually impenetrable face, and saw genuine lust in those dark, sultry eyes.

"I mean, help me find someone to exorcise this hand!"

"Oh...yeah..." Angel was mesmerized by the rhythmic stroking, the way Lindsey's cock grew even longer, and harder, bouncing against his belly with an audible 'slap.'

"Oh man..." Lindsey closed his eyes. The sensation was building to almost painful proportions. He tried desperately to think of anything that might deflate his interest, but already his body was way past that point.

"Don't fight it, Lindsey. Just let go. After two hundred years of jerking off, you learn a thing or two," Angel smiled.

Faster the hand moved, fingers now kneading the rigid length, breath hitching, turning into a strangled cross between a laugh and a groan. Trying not to cry out too loudly, Lindsey came, long and hard, shooting onto his own chest, panting heavily, until finally he'd wrung out the last milky white droplet.

"Holy Christ," his breath was still coming in gasps, and he flopped back into the chair with a sigh.

Opening his eyes, he found Angel suddenly at his side, eyes glazed with lust, sniffing at him like a dog.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

Emitting a low growl, Angel began to lick across the come spattered chest.

"Can know...get it up...properly?" he tried to keep his voice level, and calm, and hopefully distract this very dangerous vampire from his throat.

"Mmmm." Angel replied, taking another swipe of his tongue across Lindsey's left nipple.

" You don't have a heartbeat, no blood pumping?"

In the blink of an eye, Angel's face changed. The telltale vampire ridges formed, and his eyes became yellow. The playful grin that was once Angel, became the predatory leer that was always part Angelus.

He slowly dragged his tongue along Lindsey's breastbone, up into the hollow of his throat, pausing to suck lightly on the soft skin there. "Hard-ons just take blood, Lindsey," he grinned, "Don't have to be 'ours.' We just have to feed a little," he chuckled, as the slender fangs broke the surface of the skin......

The End?