Gods And Monsters (1998)



Ian McKellen delivers an incredible performance as Hollywood horror director James Whale. Long after directing "Frankenstein," Whale has retired into seclusion, haunted by his past. "Gods and Monsters" explores his new fascination with a young gardener, Clayton Boone (Brendan Fraser). Lynn Redgrave rounds out the all-star cast  as Hannah, the dour housekeeper.



This is a strange and compelling tale, that we are told is based on 'fact'. Ian McKellen is wonderful as James Whale, he allows the man to be almost seedy at times, but never quite strays across the line that forces the audience to dislike the character. Brendan Fraser is also surprisingly complex as Boone, an uneducated man, who is never quite sure about how he feels towards Whale. He clearly *likes* and admires him, but he's uncomfortable with the older man's clearly sexual attraction to him. Eventually, even this seems less distasteful to him, however, and it leaves you wondering if Boone did in fact, question his own sexuality for a short time, or if he was purely humouring an old man?

I like this movie, it's not 'easy' to watch, it's very sad and almost depressing in parts, but it's well made, with an excellent cast.