The Great Outdoors

By K9



Blair studied the luggage with a smile. He had everything he was going to need for the perfect week away with Jim. He grinned at the tent rolled innocently into its pack, and mentally practiced the shocked expression he was going to need when they unrolled the canvas.

Oh no, Jim! I bought the wrong tent. This is the one that we ripped last time. Shit, what am I going to do now? Blair thought with a grin.

In his mind his partner smiled that wonderful Ellison smile and purred, No problem, Chief. You can share mine. It'll be a tight squeeze, but I'm sure we'll manage.

"Oh, I'm sure we will," Blair muttered to himself, as he eyed his backpack and the wicked secret stash of lube that he had hidden within it.

Oh yes. Blair Sandburg was a man with a plan.

"You sure you have everything, Sandburg?" Jim called.

Blair smirked, "Oh yeah!" he answered. Suddenly as he turned, he saw Jim standing in the doorway, arms folded across his chest and a curious expression on his face.

"Did I miss something here?" Jim asked.

"No, I'm just happy. You know happy? That state you get into when you beat a confession out of someone?" Blair said cheekily, knowing that he was possibly the only person alive who could get away with something like that when it came to Jim Ellison.

Jim shot his partner a long suffering look, "Yeah, I seem to remember it. Like peace and quiet, I seem to remember that too," he sighed.

"So, Jim. What time do we leave?" Blair enthused.

"You know, when you say it like that? You look like a five year old who was promised a trip to the zoo," the older man teased, "Excitement overload imminent," Jim waved his hands in the air in a childishly excited gesture," You haven't been drinking that orange juice with all the additives have you?"

"Hey, unlike you I have emotions to get overloaded. So don't think you can rain on my parade, man." Blair bounced from the room, squeezing past his partner with slow deliberation.

The sound of the telephone stopped the playful argument in its tracks.

"Ellison," Jim growled into the receiver, "Hey, Simon."

Blair listened with a feeling of dread. If this was Simon Banks canceling their vacation just because someone had been selfish enough to get themselves murdered, he was going get homicidal himself.

He had plans for this vacation. Very carefully laid plans. 'Laid' being the operative word.

Blair had 'The Seduction of James Ellison' written out in his head like a well-planned novel. Alone in the wilderness, one tent mysteriously unusable, he would be forced to share close physical contact with his best friend and partner. Who, after a little of the old Sandburg seduction technique, would fall into his arms, proclaim undying love then screw him into the middle of next week.

Well, okay, that was the shortened version for those who liked to skip the plotty parts.

Blair glanced heavenwards, "Please, please, please take pity on a horny little anthropologist, please!" he begged.

"Sure, Simon. I'll see you later," Jim said finally, as he replaced the handset.

Blair groaned, "Don't tell me, it's cancelled," he said miserably, throwing down the backpack and slumping onto the sofa.

Jim smacked him lightly around the head, "No it's not," he grinned, "That was just Simon saying that he managed to get a last minute replacement so he can come with us!"

Blair's eyes widened, "Simon's coming with us?" he almost whispered.

"Yeah. If you remember, that was the original idea," Jim said puzzled at his partner's reaction.

"Well, I know, but…he said he couldn't get the time off," Blair pouted.

"He just pulled in a few favors," Jim grinned, "Good news huh?"

Blair dropped back against the sofa cushion like a deflated balloon, "Great!"




Okay, all is not lost, don't despair, Blair assured himself as they packed the supplies into the back of the truck. Simon will have his own tent and I'll make sure that it's a discreet distance from Jim's so that Simon doesn't have to listen to me screaming 'Oh yes, harder, YES! he grinned. He eyed Jim as the older man innocently hurled the last bag into the vehicle. Oh, Jim Ellison, if only you knew what I had in store for you! he sighed.

"You sure you haven't forgotten anything, Chief?" Jim said glancing at his partner, "Sandburg?"

Blair blinked, "Wh…no. I have everything I've ever needed right here," he smiled.

Jim frowned, "Sandburg, you sure you're feeling okay?"

"Just great," Blair grinned inanely.

"You know, Chief. Sometimes, you seem weird even to me," Jim replied a little bemused.

The younger man smiled a wickedly seductive smile, "Come on, Jim. Who wants to be predictable and boring?" he said.

"Is that a dig at me?" Jim asked.

"No!" Blair gasped, "Man, you are so not boring," he insisted. You're gorgeous, sexy and possibly the most desirable man on earth, but *definitely* not boring.

"So you're saying I'm predictable then?" Jim teased.

Blair laughed, "I knew you'd say that!"



The truck cruised along the highway. Blair looked out of the window and mentally waved goodbye to civilization as the buildings became fewer and the trees more abundant.

They had a long drive ahead, but Blair wasn't too bothered. The only fly in the ointment was Simon Banks who was now seated in between him and Jim, engaging Jim in conversation about someone screwing up police procedure in another department.

Blair shot them a furtive glance. The only 'screwing' Jim should be concerned about should include him, his guide, a large bottle of lube and an obscene amount of grunting, threshing and sweating.

Life's a bitch, Blair thought angrily, And I'm it's favorite victim!

"You're quiet," Simon said suddenly.

"Thinking," Blair said with a pout.

"He does that a lot, I guess?" the big man smiled at Jim.

Jim Ellison grinned, "Entirely too much if you ask me. Can't be healthy," he joked, "What's up Chief? Forget your blankee?"

"Screw you," Blair grumbled.

"Don't tell me," Simon chuckled, "He wanted to go to Disneyland instead?"

"What is this? Pick on Sandburg day?" Blair protested, turning to see the other two men, sniggering in a huddle.

"Well you're the one who looks like he just got fired and dumped by his girlfriend on the same day," Simon answered, "Cheer up, kid. It might never happen."

Blair answered with a snort and a grunt Yeah, that's the goddamned problem, with you here, it might not, he thought with a groan and continued to watch the trees whizz past.



The truck-stop café was just this side of dingy, but everyone was starved, so Jim swung the truck in and pulled up.

"Whoa," Blair whistled, "Welcome to botulism bay café," he said with a wrinkle of the nose.

"If you don't want to eat, Sandburg, you don't have to," Simon said with a grin, "But this lumbering old dinosaur needs to refuel."

"You want me try the food for you, Chief?" Jim sniggered, "Just to make sure you don't put anything dirty in your mouth," he shot Blair a sly look.

Not quite knowing how to answer, without giving himself away, Blair just pulled a face and walked on in.

As he opened the door, the aroma of leather and machine oil assaulted his nose. Oh fuck, a biker hangout. Great, he thought with a sigh, I can be hors d'oeuves.

"Wow, I think we found us a pretty rough eatery here," Simon whispered.

Blair snorted derisively, "You think you got problems? They'll probably turn *me* into a key-ring adornment!"

"Just relax, Chief," Jim smiled, "We won't let the big boys beat up on ya."

"Why don't you go f.." Blair began, as Jim pushed him further in.

Blair could feel each and every eye in the place trained on him.

This was the point at which he was wishing that he hadn't washed his hair with that soft, unscented shampoo that makes it go kinda fluffy and wild, and that he hadn't left it loose, the curls corkscrewing to frame his pretty face. He was also wishing that he wasn't wearing that pink and lilac shirt or the tight jeans, that he knew Jim always liked, but that right now screamed 'Fuck my ass' to all these Neanderthals sitting around openly ogling him.

Man, when it comes to making truly shitty choices, I am a master, he thought with a deep sigh.

Sliding into a booth and being eternally grateful when Jim slid in beside him and Simon opposite, Blair allowed himself to relax slightly.

"What do you want, Chief?" Jim asked, picking up the menu.

"A shotgun would be nice," Blair whispered, noticing a very large man with very few teeth watching him intently.

Jim sniggered, "Just relax, Sandburg, and have something to eat."

"Couldn't we use some of our supplies and eat in the truck?" Blair whispered again.

"No," Jim replied, "We need them for when we get to the campsite. Just take it easy, nothings going to happen."

"You'll have an ulcer by the time you're thirty, Sandburg," Simon grinned.

"No I won't," Blair said nervously, "Because right now, I'd say my chances of making it to thirty are dropping sharply as we speak!"

Jim laughed and glanced around. With a wicked glint in his eye, he shot Simon a smile, "The Cascade babe magnet seems a little edgy around these gentlemen, I wonder why?" he asked.

Simon grinned, "I have no idea. But I get the idea that the phrase, 'I'll cover your ass' takes on a whole new meaning around here!" he chuckled. Jim laughed.

"Man, you two are so damned amusing," Blair sneered.

The waitress approached with a half leer on her face, "Hey, gents. What can I get ya?" she eyed the men appreciatively.

"I'll have a burger, fries and a large portion of apple pie," Jim smiled, "Oh and a large soda…I'm driving."

Simon 'hmm-ed' "I think I'll have the steak surprise and any and all vegetables. Plus a very large beer," he decided.

The woman looked over at Blair and licked her lips, "What about you, sweetie?" she asked.

"Do you have any mineral water?" Blair replied. Jim tried not to laugh and Simon coughed helplessly.

"Mineral water?" the woman said wide-eyed, "We got the stuff that comes out of the pipes?"

Blair grimaced, "That'll do," he decided.



Simon tucked into his meal heartily, Blair watched in horror. "What?" the big man asked finally, his irritation at being viewed like a zoo specimen finally getting the better of him.

"Wonder what that is?" Blair said.

"Steak surprise," Simon replied.

"Yeah man, the surprise was when they sneaked up on the horse and shot it!" Blair pulled a face.

"You enjoying your 'water', Sandburg?" Jim said, his mouth half full of apple pie.

"Yes," the younger man said with a pout, "Look, *one* of us is going to have to be germ free, to drive the other two to the hospital to get their stomach pumped!"

"You are such a wuss, Chief," Jim grinned, "Don't tell me, 'your body is a temple'?"

"So what does that make yours? The local garbage dump?" Blair replied with a growl, "Oh man, I need to use the bathroom!" he hissed.

"Just a minute, I'll let you out, "Jim began to shuffle away.

"No..wait..I don't really want to 'go' here," Blair blushed slightly as he glanced around the room.

Simon guffawed, "He wants someone to go hold his hand, I think," he laughed.

Blair glared at the big man menacingly, " I do not!" he snarled, "Let me out of here."

Biting down on his lip, Blair pushed open the men's room door. It creaked and groaned. Jim's parting words were still ringing in his ears….'For Gods sake, don't drop anything and bend down to pick it up.'

That man was such a smart ass son-of-a-bitch, if Blair hadn't been so pathetically in love with him, he could really of hated the guy at times like this.

Moving quickly to the stall, Blair unzipped and waited impatiently. Oh shit! He hated it when this happened. You really need to go bad, but you're so wound up, that it just won't come.

Come on, God…gimme a break, he thought with a sigh.

Suddenly, he heard the door creak behind him. Swallowing hard, and unconsciously tightening his grip on his dick, he prayed that the next sound he would hear would be

'You okay, Chief?' and not; 'Bend over, sonny!'

A shadow fell across the stall, as the giant with the dental problems came to stand next to him. Blair considered fainting now, so that he wouldn't have to handle the pain while he was conscious, but decided against it, when he glimpsed the size of the anatomical anomaly that the giant had just pulled from his pants.

Holy fuck! You wouldn't get the leg of my jeans up that thing, he thought with horror, Imagine what it's like when he wants to party! He must need a heavy load license to carry that thing around!

In that moment, Blair realized that he was standing, staring at the cock of a man big enough to crush him like a bug and whose dick could be registered as a lethal weapon.

Slowly, he glanced up at the big mans face, a toothless smile was spreading across the face of the ogre, and a hungry look twinkled in his eyes.

In a split second, Blair had zipped and almost broken the land speed record, getting out of the men's room and back to the relative safety of Jim and Simon.

"Can we go yet?" he hissed, "While I still have the recommended number of body parts, all still in the recommended places?"

Jim laughed, it was suddenly obvious to Blair that his partner had been listening to him at all times, to make sure that he was safe, "Yeah, we paid the bill, I just need the men's room then we can go." He stood up, still grinning, and wandered into the dingy room.

"Sandburg, the look on your face could keep me amused for hours," Simon laughed, "What the hell happened in there anyway?"

"Nothing," Blair shrugged.

"So you bolting out of there like a cat with its tail on fire was just a coincidence?"

Blair snorted and pulled a face. Both men looked up as Jim headed back to the table. His face was stormy and slightly flushed, "You two ready?" he asked.

"What's up, Jim?" Blair said, puzzled.

At that moment, the giant ambled from the men's room, as he passed the three men, he stroked his hand briefly cross Jim's ass, and whispered, "Think it over, gorgeous?"

Jim snatched up his jacket and pushed Blair towards to the door.

The younger man was sniggering and had developed and silly grin. "Jim, man. If you'd said, I could have come with you…hold your hand," he grinned.

"Fuck you, Sandburg!" Jim growled.

Yeah, that's the plan! Blair sighed as they all climbed back into the truck.



Simon breathed in deeply, sucking in the fresh air, "Oh, just smell that air, makes you feel really alive, doesn't it?" he said with a sigh.

The truck had been parked at the ranger station and the backpacks unloaded. The idea had been to hike up to Bailey's Pass and camp up there a few days, take in a little fishing, do a little walking.

Fuck Jim Ellison senseless, Blair mentally added.

Then move on over to the town of Brandhall, and maybe have a night in the motel there.

To fuck Jim Ellison senseless Blair added again.

Before making their way back to the ranger station and the truck.

By which time Jim Ellison will be so weak from too much sex, he'll need to nap in the truck all the way home, while I'm driving, Blair had decided.

Despite all of that sex, Blair had come to the conclusion that he would still be strong enough to drive. He'd already made his mind up that Jim was going to be topping.

Absolutely, he thought.  He definitely wanted to be bottom, wanted everything that Jim had to give and wanted it in his ass now.

Sandburg, you are so damned good at all of this planning stuff, when it comes to the practical, you'll probably chicken out and blubber like a baby, he smiled to himself.

Over the past few months, Blair had crammed up on every gay sex manual he could get. He'd almost overloaded his hard drive on his PC with bookmarks for 'instructive' gay sites and had even been reading literature on the net, written mostly by women, that had re-curled his hair for him.

How the fuck do women know all that stuff anyway? he pondered, hell, maybe I don't want to know.

Blair had never really thought about other guys sexually, what a crock of shit; yes he had…always, but just thought.

You see, the main problem was, the only guys he ever got hot for, were the big, buff, muscular studly types; the kind of guys big enough to rip off his head and then spit down his neck, should he mistakenly come on to one who was alarmingly straight.

Until James Ellison fell into his life.

Oh man, kiss God's feet, I'm dreaming he'd thought, the first time he'd set eyes on Jim in that hospital room. Will you look at that body? You think they sell those blow up dolls in that model? had been his initial reaction, sad though it was to admit it.

In fact, he'd attached himself to Jim Ellison that day, like a Garfield on a car windshield, and just never let go.

You'd think he'd notice me humping his leg occasionally, wouldn't you? Blair smiled to himself as he watched Jim sorting out the backpacks and the tents. But no, Mr Jim Can't-See-The-Woods-For-The-Trees Ellison, blindly stumbles on, unaware that I'm getting through an unnatural amount of bed sheets, and that even *I* don't take all that time in the bathroom washing my hair!

"You ready, Chief?" Jim shouted.

"Been ready for three years, man!" Blair replied with a smile.

Jim's face took on that adorable, 'did I miss something?' look that it frequently wore whenever Blair Sandburg was around. Blair wandered over and took his backpack from Jim's fingers, shrugging it onto his shoulders.

"Hang on, Chief," Jim said, suddenly fastening something else onto the pack, then another something, then another….

"What the hell?" Blair exclaimed as he almost fell backwards.

"You just got designated, tent bearer," Simon smirked, "Jim and me made the decision for you, since you were off day dreaming about nubile young women again. We figured that you were enjoying yourself too much!"

"You gotta be kidding me?" Blair said trying to find his balance.

"Come on, Sandburg, don't be so wussy. We have the supplies, the sleeping bags," Jim began

"The beer," Simon finished.

Blair pouted viciously. No way was he giving these big apes the satisfaction of knowing that he couldn't actually breathe with all of this weight on his back. "Fine!" he said sharply and staggered away.



The incline to the pass rose sharply after the third bend in the track. Blair was beginning to breathe heavily and his legs were turning to lead. I know I was planning to end up exhausted after this vacation, but this was not the cause I had in mind! he thought gritting his teeth against the pull of the weight on his back.

"You okay there, Sandburg?" Jim asked, grabbing Blair's shoulder.

"I'm just great," Blair replied with a snarl.

Jim smiled, "Let me take one of those," he sighed, pulling his partner to a halt, and loosening the straps.

Blair pulled back sharply, "No, I'm not completely useless, man. I can handle it!" he said irritably.

Suddenly, the momentum of the jerk backwards, rocked Blair on his heels and the weight from the pack hurled him backwards. Frantically trying to regain his footing, he stumbled several steps until the ground disappeared from beneath his feet and he began to slide.

"Jim!" he yelled as he tried to grab foliage or anything to stop the steady descent. He could hear water rushing beneath him, and he just knew he didn't want to look down. "Jim, help me!" he began to panic.

Jim's hand slid down and grabbed Blair's jacket, the younger man scrabbled for the arm that was pulling him to a halt.

"Blair, calm down," Jim instructed, "I've got you, it's all right, I won't let you fall," he began to slowly pull Blair back up the slope, but the packs on his back were caught on a branch. With one almighty heave, Jim dragged Blair to safety, but two of the tent rolls plummeted into the river below.

Jim pulled Blair back up onto the path, well away from the crumbling side of the track.

The younger man shook and a sick feeling uncoiled in his belly.

"You okay?" Jim asked, brushing the hair from Blair's face.

Unusually speechless, Blair nodded. He pulled his backpack off and studied the contents, "Two of the tents are gone," he said with a still shaky voice.

"Oh that's just great," Jim sighed.

Blair rubbed at a sudden pain in his knee, "I'm sorry, okay?" he said angrily, "But I'm not a goddamned packhorse. Why did you give me the tents to carry?"

"Because we thought we could trust you enough to get them from the truck to the campsite, that's why!" Simon sighed.

"Okay, guys. It's done now, lets just calm down. Everyone's okay and we still have one tent, we'll just have to share it for tonight and tomorrow we'll head back to the truck, drive to the nearest town and buy a couple of new ones," Jim said.

Man, this is so not what I had planned! Blair thought miserably, Sharing a tent with Jim, yes. But not with Simon too. I am not into threesomes. "I'm sorry Jim," he whispered.

"Hey," Jim punched him on the arm, "I was the one messing with the pack, I caused you to stumble. Stop beating yourself up about it," he said softly.

Blair nodded and climbed painfully to his feet.



Darkness had begun to close in and Blair grew more miserable with the fading of the light. His leg throbbed and he was developing a headache. They had made it to the intended campsite, but Blair was looking and feeling more than a little ragged.

"You okay, Chief?" Jim's voice asked suddenly.

"Yeah," Blair mumbled.

Jim smiled and kneeled down in front of his guide, "I think I'd better take a look at that leg. It seems to be swelling," he said gently touching Blair's knee.

"Doesn't matter," the younger man said petulantly.

"Sandburg, take your pants down, now. That's an order!" Jim instructed.

Blair's eyes flew open and he stared open-mouthed at his friend. How many years had he waited to hear those words? "Wha.."

"Come on, not shy are you?" Jim teased.

Blair 'humphed' and stood up to undo his jeans, painfully pushing them down his swelling leg.

"I do hope I'm not interrupting anything, gentlemen?" Simon said suddenly with a cackle.

Jim grinned widely as Blair blushed, noticeable even in the failing light, "No it's okay, Simon. Sandburg hurt his leg earlier and I think he's hanging out for a martyrdom."

"Very funny," Blair pouted. He drew a pained breath as Jim grabbed the knee and manipulated it, "Shit, why not just shoot me like a wounded deer and put me out of my misery?" he snapped as the pain shot through his body.

"Don't be such a cry-baby, Sandburg," Simon teased.

"Oh I guess macho cops would just gnaw off the wounded limb and carry on regardless," Blair spat.

"Feisty little devil isn't he?" Simon grinned, ruffling Blair's curls as though petting his favorite spaniel.

Jim nodded and laughed, flexing Blair's knee again.

"Fuck!" Blair squealed suddenly, "What you doing to me, man?"

"Sandburg, just relax. I'll put some cold towels on it, try to take down the swelling. Just swallow a couple of painkillers, you'll live," Jim said with almost cruel glee.

"Oh wow, a real Mr Care-and-concern aren't we?" the younger man grunted miserably.

"Oh Sandburg, you can be such a baby," Jim sighed.

"Well, I know I haven't been in special ops and I haven't single-handedly saved the world yet, but I think I've earned the right to whine a little if I want to!" Blair ranted as Jim sniggered and reached for the bucket of water Simon had just fetched from the stream.

Thoroughly wetting the towel, Jim wrung out the excess water and placed it across the throbbing knee gently. Blair jumped as the cold hit the heat of the injury. "Oh…uh…man. That hurts..ah..ah, oh Jim!"

"What's up with him?" Simon called over suddenly.

Jim grinned mischievously, "Orgasm," he replied.

Blair shot his partner an evil glare, he could feel his face flushing.  "Very funny," he muttered, as he noted that Jim was staring, obviously waiting for a reaction.

"Well that's what it sounded like to me, Chief," Jim said innocently.

"Oh like you'd know?" Blair spat, his face glowing.

"You think I don't listen at night, huh?" Jim laughed.

Blair's jaw dropped and he stared in amazement. Was Jim admitting that he listened to his partner jerk off at night? Or was he just blindly pushing a few more buttons to see what happened?

"You are so full of shit," Blair muttered, gritting his teeth as the pain seemed to flow out from the knee and settle in every cell of his body.

Jim laughed as he stood up and playfully swatted Blair's head, "And you are such an easy target, Chief," he said as he wandered back to the tent, leaving Blair sitting with his pants around his ankles and his dignity severely dented.

Oh man, what a truly shitty day Blair thought with a desperately sinking feeling, I wish we'd never come. I'd rather be home, at least I could be happily jerking my dick in the privacy of my own room now. Instead I'm sitting in the middle of nowhere with my pants around my ankles being the butt of Jim and Simons jokes.

"Beautiful night isn't it, Sandburg?" Simon said suddenly.

"Is it?" Blair pouted, self pity well and truly settling into the Sandburg psyche.

"What's up, Blair?" Simon asked, sitting down beside the younger man.

Blair sighed and shook his head, "I just wanted this vacation to be good, Simon, and I'm really screwing it up."

"No you're not. It wasn't your fault that we lost the tents, Jim and I should have been helping you out. Don't sweat it, Sandburg, you do okay," Simon squeezed Blair's arm. He hesitated for a moment, "Blair, cut Jim a little slack, huh? He worries about you, but he's just not good at showing it."

Blair looked up into the bigger mans eyes, "Yeah, I know, I just feel like I can't cut it when I let him down this way."

"Sandburg, you didn't let anybody down, you had an accident. You're human, it happens," he smiled, "Anyway, I hope you gentlemen don't mind, but I'm sleeping out beneath the stars tonight."

"You are?" Blair said with a smile, then quickly hid it, "Oh, you are?" he repeated.

Simon fought off a smile, "Yeah, call me a fool, but the thought of the gentle breeze wafting over my face as I sleep is infinitely preferable to the smell of three sweaty bodies trying to fit into a one man tent," he chuckled.

Blair laughed, "I see your point," he said, his heart flipping at the thought that maybe he and Jim would be alone after all.

"Well, I'm going to say goodnight," Simon stood and slapped Blair on the shoulder, "I'm putting my bag over there, I don't want you guys…snoring, keeping me awake," he smiled widely.

Blair's heart leaped into his mouth, "Okay, thanks Simon. Goodnight." He watched as Simon wandered across and laid his bag in the clearing by the stream. As he tried to climb to his feet, the pain in his knee made him gasp and he gave a strangled yelp.

In a matter of seconds, Jim was at his side. "Chief, you okay?" he said with concern.

"Yeah, my leg has gone stiff, I can't stand up," Blair grimaced.

Jim smiled and slid his arm around Blair's waist, "Come on, Chief, let's get you lying down and then I'll put another cold towel on that." He lifted the hapless anthropologist onto his feet and helped him to the tent.

As he gently lowered Blair to the ground, Jim's face brushed Blair's cheek. A shudder ran through the younger man, turning his good leg to jello.

"You okay, Chief? You cold?" Jim asked, noting the shiver with concern.

Blair's eyes flew wide open, "I..I'm okay, I just…I'm okay," he stumbled over the words nervously.

Jim's face dissolved into a devastating smile, "So, you're okay?" he teased.

Blair looked away and nodded, pulling himself onto his sleeping bag.

Jim followed him into the cramped tent and held his sore leg gently. Removing Blair's shoes, he slipped off the restricting jeans to ensure that the leg was unhindered by tight denim, "Looks like the swelling is going down," he said lightly poking the swollen knee, "Did you take painkillers?"

"No," Blair replied.

"Well you should, you won't feel it so badly until you relax, then it will ache like hell. Here," Jim reached into the pack and took out a bottle of water and some tablets, "Take a couple of these," he instructed.

"Oh man, I hate drugs, you know that," Blair complained.

Jim sighed, "And I'm not keen on having to listen to you whine all night because you're in pain, take 'em"

"I could sleep outside, Simon is…" Blair began, suddenly feeling guilty.

"Sandburg, you are not sleeping outside, you'll freeze to death, and I'm not sleeping outside, because someone has to watch over you," Jim grinned.

Blair pouted, "I'm not a kid, Jim. I can sleep alone without a night light," he said sarcastically.

Jim smiled and stroked his hand down Blair's hair briefly, before pulling away, "I know you're not a kid, Blair, trust me…I know," he said as he ducked back out of the tent.

Blair sat, open mouthed in amazement at the sound of his given name and the soft reassurances that had just spilled from the lips of Jim Ellison.

Suddenly, feelings of immense guilt began to surface. It was his fault that the tents had gotten lost and even if they hadn't, he had deliberately brought the faulty one so that he'd end up right here….in a tent with Jim.

Blair began to feel incredibly immature and unhappy with his behavior. He'd just reminded Jim that he wasn't a kid, but he'd sure as hell been acting like one since they'd left Cascade. He'd pouted and complained, in fact, done everything but stamp his foot.

Down in the deepest recesses of his soul, Blair was beginning to feel the need to confess.

Maybe if he admitted to Jim what a total jerk he'd been, Jim wouldn't drive off tomorrow and just leave him here, to limp home alone.

Lifting the tablets to his mouth, Blair swilled them down with some water. Jim was right, the ache from the knee was creeping like a plague, insinuating itself into every fiber of his being, once he lay down and relaxed, he'd feel like hell.

He shuffled off the edge of the sleeping bag and into the inner cover. Lying back, he sank into the softness of the fleece and his head met the downy comfort of the pillow. Blair let out a sigh, it felt so good to relax.

Moments later, Jim crawled back in the tent. The light outside was failing and Blair could barely see his partner's features, but he knew that Jim could see as well as in daylight.

"You okay, Chief?" Jim asked, reaching over and pulling the sleeping back firmly around his young friend.

"Yeah, man. I'm fine," Blair sighed as Jim fussed around him, pulling up the zip and tucking him in. "Jim?" Blair said, finally unable to contain the guilty feelings any longer.


"Jim, I'm really sorry about the tents," the miserable young anthropologist bit his lip, "And about everything else too. I've been real immature about everything this trip, I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Chief. I know this didn't work out quite as you expected it to," Jim replied.

Blair was silent for a moment, "What do you mean?" he asked finally.

Jim sighed and sat back on his own sleeping bag, "I know you wanted this trip to be just the two of us," he began, "And you were disappointed when Simon got the time off to come with us."

"No, man. I love Simon, he's our friend," Blair began to protest.

"Hear me out, Chief," Jim cleared his throat, "I also think I know why you wanted us to come alone."

Blair's voice cracked, "What?"

"Now, I know you'll tell me if I'm way off here, but I think you had more than a vacation planned for this trip, Chief. I think you had a seduction planned."

There was utter and total silence.

"Sandburg," Jim's voice barked suddenly, "Breathe!"

The sound of Blair rapidly sucking in air made Jim smile.

"I..I don't..I.." the younger man spluttered.

"Let me finish. I know that you deliberately brought the wrong tent, the one of ours you lost was the ripped one we threw away. I also know that you have a stash of KY in your backpack and condoms in your personal stuff. Now, call me a fool, but when you're going camping with another guy, miles from civilization, with not a woman in sight, and you carry that stuff, you only have one thing on your mind."

Blair knew that his face was radiating enough heat to light up the campsite. His heart was pounding so fast, it almost broke through his ribcage and escaped and his dick was so hard, that it was aching and throbbing worse than his knee. "Oh God," was the only thing he could utter. He'd really and truly screwed up big time.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his arm, "Sandburg, calm down. I'm not going to remove any body parts or anything," Jim's amused voice whispered, "It's okay, I'm not offended."

"But Jim?"

"Blair," Jim whispered the name so tenderly that Blair almost lost control at that very moment, "If I'd been worried about it, you really think I'd have let you bring the wrong tent?"

"Oh shit."

"I know you've always been attracted to me."

"Oh shit."

"And I'm okay with that. I've always been attracted to you. I never thought I'd made much secret of the fact," Jim laughed lightly, "Considering that I spend more time with you than I ever did with Carolyn when we were married."


"Is that a comment, a suggestion or an offer?" Jim asked with a grin, "Anyway, I never pursued anything because you never mentioned it and I didn't want to push for something that I guessed you weren't interested in."

"Oh my God, Jim," Blair choked, "How? How did you know about everything?"

"Sandburg, you are a fine friend, an excellent guide but subtlety isn't your strong point. I've watched you watching me. The stunt with the tent was pretty obvious, since I bought the damn thing, I don't see how you think I'd not recognize it. And when you're lusting, you have a beacon over your head that reads 'Sandburg's horny'" Jim laughed.

"Oh shit."

"Sandburg, if you'd just *told* me you were interested in having a physical relationship," Jim sighed.

"Well, what about you?" Blair said suddenly annoyed, "Why didn't you say 'let's get physical'?"

"Because I felt that I was in the 'dominant position', you lived in my home, studied my sentinel senses, that could have been seen as taking advantage!" Jim replied.

"What? You thought I'd stoop to pity fucks so I could go on living in the loft until I published my diss?" Blair's voice was angry and growing louder.

"Why don't you shout that a little louder, Chief? I don't think Simon heard all the stuff about 'pity fucks'" Jim hissed, "And no, that is not what I meant," he drew in a calming breath, "I thought that if you weren't interested, back in the beginning, you might feel uncomfortable knowing that I had sexual feelings for you. Of course, as I got to know you, and worked out that you are possibly the most cantankerous, awkward, pig-headed, manipulative little shit I ever met and I realized that 'pity fuck' was not the Sandburg way!" Jim finished up with a growl.

Through the darkness, the sound of sniggering was growing louder. Jim listened as Blair tried to strangle back the attack of giggles that was threatening to overcome this argument. "I am not little!" Blair stated at last, before succumbing to the laughter.

Joining in the laughter, Jim stretched out on his own sleeping bag, tucking his hands behind his head, he let his body relax.

"So, Sandburg, you er…you know how to use all that stuff you brought with you?" he asked.

"Hell, yeah," Blair replied confidently.

"Something of an expert in the realms of gay sex then?"

Blair cleared his throat, "I know what goes where," he said with a degree of smugness.

"But you've put all of this vast knowledge into practice, I presume?" Jim said.

"Erm…not exactly," Blair coughed and shuffled.

Jim sniggered, "You mean you're a virgin?" he laughed.

Blair blushed again, the darkness thankfully covering the delicate shade of crimson he'd turned, which was currently clashing painfully with his blue sleeping bag. "Yes, I am actually, you smug bastard."

"Oh," Jim went strangely quiet, "So how did you gain all of this knowledge?"

"I can read."

"Should have guessed!"

"So, what about you?" Blair asked.

This time it was Jim's turn to cough and shuffle, "I know what goes where," he replied.

"Fuck, you haven't done it either!" Blair exclaimed, falling into a snigger.

"I never said I had," Jim's mildly snitty reply made Blair grin. "So what were you planning to do exactly? Once we were alone in the tent?"

"Have you fuck me blind all week, that's what."

Jim leaned up on his elbow, his superior sight allowing him to see the self satisfied expression on his partners face, "Oh, I get to fuck you? So this burgeoning relationship isn't a democracy? I don't get the choice of catcher or pitcher?" he said with a gasp.

"Well," Blair thought for a moment, "I had it all planned. You fuck me, you grunt and sweat and flex those beautiful muscles of yours and I get fucked, I scream, thresh around, beg, pant and lie there looking cute. Simple."

Jim dropped back heavily onto the sleeping bag, "I don't believe it, he has it choreographed!" he said with a disbelieving sigh, "Only you, Sandburg, could have a seduction planned even to where and when we orgasm!"

"Hey, man. I like to be prepared, okay?" Blair said with a smile, "But you went and brought Simon, so now, I'm going to have to control my screams," he continued with slight annoyance, "I guess it wouldn't do for Simon to know…"

Throat clearing was heard from the area of Jim's sleeping bag, "He already knows, Chief," he said quietly.

"What? Is he psychic or something? We haven't done anything for him to know about yet!"

"No, he knows how I feel about you," Jim explained, "He told me months ago that he'd seen the 'Ellison's up for it' beacon flashing on my head every time you walk in the room. Looks like we're both pretty shit in that area."

Blair began to laugh, "Oh man, what kind of sad fuck ups are we?" he sniggered. Reaching out in the darkness, he found Jim's arm, "Hey," he whispered, "Wanna fool around?"

"Sure," Jim said ironically, "That would have you screaming all right, just not from passion. You do have an injured leg, remember?" he caught Blair's hand and simply held it in his own.

"Oh yeah," Blair groaned, "Bummer."

"We have time, Chief. I don't plan on leaving you any time soon," Jim said softly, his words designed to nudge Blair I'm-outta-here Sandburg into some kind of statement about commitment.

"Hey, man. You're never getting rid of me. If the house rules and the perpetual moaning haven't done it yet, then I can't think of anything that will," Blair teased.

Jim's face broke out into a smile, "Good to hear, Chief," he said.

"So, don't I even get a quick grope or something?" Blair asked, "I have a hard on that wouldn't shame a horse at the moment," he moaned, as he ran his fingers across the erection that was threatening to poke through the top of the tent.

Jim laughed and rolled over. Pushing back the sleeping bag, he slid his hand down Blair's chest slowly, until he reached the cotton boxers. Gently, he lifted the waistband, and let his fingers trickle down until they met pubic hair. Blair's breathing was becoming rapid, his heart was beating like jungle drums.

Jim leaned over and lightly touched Blair's lips with his own, at the same time, he let a finger slide along the length of Blair's shaft, tracing the vein, feeling the blood coursing through, filling the cock.

"Oh.My.God," Blair ground out the words. His hand reaching up and pulling Jim to him, desperately trying to tempt that glorious body closer.

"Careful, Chief. I don't want to hit your leg," Jim warned.

"Fuck the leg, man," Blair gasped.

Jim snickered, "Now that wouldn't be much fun would it?" he whispered.

"Hell man, don't just play with it… something," Blair groaned.

Jim pulled away, "You always this impatient when you're having sex?" he asked.

"Do you always stop for a conversation in the middle?" Blair replied, trying to control his breathing.

Jim laughed and, began to kiss his way down Blair's chest, gentle, delicate kisses, all the time crooning soft words of love and devotion. Blair clung to Jim's shoulders like a drowning man, trying to nonchalantly nudge that tender mouth closer to his aching cock. Suddenly Jim stopped.

"What the fuck is it now?" Blair gasped, he could feel his orgasm hurtling towards him.

Jim made a spluttering noise, "Ugh, first time I ever got chest hair caught in my teeth," he grimaced.

Blair gave a snort and then began to shake as the laughter bubbled up within him, "Well, I'm not shaving it, not even for you," he laughed.

Suddenly and without warning, Jim swallowed the straining cock, causing Blair to yell and grab desperately at the older mans head. He was trying to thrust his hips, wanting to go deeper into that wet warmth, but Jim held fast to Blair's thighs. In a shout of ecstasy, Blair came. His fingers dug into Jim's flesh and his head thrashed on the pillow. Time seemed to stand still as the intensity of the orgasm slipped away.

"Holy shit," Blair slurred the words slightly.

"Finesse will come with practice, Chief," Jim said with a smile, "But, for my first time, I don't think I did a bad job there."

"Oh man, oh man," the sated younger man sniggered, "I'll give that a seven out of ten."

Jim crawled back up and licked across Blair's lips, giving him a taste of his own semen before plundering his partners mouth in a searing kiss. When they came up for air, Jim sighed, "Only a seven huh?"

"Hey, I need to give you a good enough reason to practice. Wouldn't want you getting too complacent here," Blair reached up in the darkness and traced his finger across the planes of his partners face. "I do love you, James Ellison," he whispered.

Jim stroked back the long curls from Blair's face. He was beaming and trembling slightly, "I know you do, Blair Sandburg, but no more than I love you."

Suddenly, Blair stopped, "Hey, what about you? Did you?" he asked.

"Oh yes," Jim replied, "I just hope I can find my clean underwear in that backpack."

Blair began to laugh and tried to grope his way into Jim's pants, but as he rolled over, his injured knee twisted, sending him into spasms of pain.

"Arrggh!" he yelled, "Fuck! Ouch, oh, jeezus, Oh!" he sobbed, angry at himself for ruining the moment.

Jim was at his side, touching and stroking, "Hell Sandburg, I told you to be careful. Can't you chain that libido of yours up for a while?"

"Oh man," Blair sucked in air painfully, "I can't help it, Jim. It's the hormones."

Jim grinned and pulled Blair closer. Shuffling, he dragged the two sleeping bags together, and settled his partner into his arms, "Come on, Chief, try to get some rest," he whispered as he petted Blair's curls gently, "We'll have to worry about the hormones some other time."

"Easy for you to say, yours aren't banging on your dick again," Blair chuckled as he snuggled into Jim's arms, at long last resting his head on that wide, muscular chest.

Jim yawned, "Just tell them there's no one home," he said.

"Uh, 'he's' always home," Blair sighed.

Peace at last descended and both men relaxed into their newly acquired roles of snuggler and snugglee.

Blair finally began to think that all was well with the world and that maybe fate hadn't kicked him in the balls after all, when there was a rustling noise outside the tent.

Blair felt Jim immediately tense, in a split second, Jim was up and had pulled the flap open, leaving Blair's head to unceremoniously crash to the floor. 

"Simon!" Jim exclaimed.

The big cop scrabbled into the tent, "Sorry gentlemen, but I think we have a storm coming," he grumbled as he dragged his sleeping bag in and tried to fasten the tent flaps behind him.

"A what?" Blair gasped in disbelief.

"He's right, I can hear the thunder in the distance," Jim replied, he pulled the flaps down tight and zipped up the tent.

The three men struggled to find space and tried to lie down, "I'm sorry if I 'disturbed' anything, gents," Simon said smugly, "I know that you were…..discussing Sandburg's injury….I heard the screams."

Blair was feeling deeply grateful that the darkness was covering his blushes, when Simon slid along side him.

"So Sandburg," Simon whispered, "What did he grab this time to make you scream like that?" he chuckled.

"Funny!" Blair snarled. Thwarted again, he thought angrily, I wonder which deity I pissed off this time?

"He er, he's just in pain, I was um, trying to manipulate him, er I mean, make him comfortable," Jim tried to bluff unsuccessfully.

Blair inwardly groaned.

If there was one thing he'd noticed about his partner it was his innate inability to lie well. And right now he was screaming 'we were at it, Simon. I finally got my hands on his dick!' Man, if he'd been that bad a liar he would never have gotten out of enrolling for that sex change operation that time in college, when some of the seniors got him drunk and convinced the school councilor that he wanted to be a woman.

Shit, that was a close thing.

"Can we try to get some sleep?" Blair sighed irritably, "Since it's you guys who almost got me killed today, treat me like a beast of burden and strand me in a men's room with a genetic mutant, whose dick was bigger than my left leg, I think you owe me a little quiet?"

An uneasy silence descended. Blair could almost feel the words on the tip of Jim's tongue…..Jim's tongue, licking it's way across his chest, down his belly and wrapping itself around his dick…oh man.

"How do you know?" Jim said finally, unable to contain his curiosity any longer.

"How do I know what?" Blair replied, shaking himself from his messy little fantasy.

"How do you know he had a dick bigger than your left leg?"

"Because I looked," Blair stated.

"Oh Sandburg!" Jim gasped.

"Jeezus, Jim. You never told me he was a pervert!" Simon groaned.

"Hell, Simon, all of this is new to me too. Should we be looking closer to home for that peeper we've been trying to catch for the last six weeks, Chief?" Jim chuckled.

Blair grunted, "Hey, if I was going to die, I wanted to see what he was going to use to do it," he replied indignantly, "Now can we please get some sleep?"

Jim and Simon finished off their chuckle session and the three men finally slipped into sleep, but not before Blair had searched out Jim's hand and entwined their fingers.



The rain beat mercilessly down on the small tent. Thunder crashed over head and the lightning lit the sky like daylight.

Jim lay listening to the maelstrom swirling just the other side of that thin sheet of canvas. Both Simon and Blair had drifted off to sleep, but for Jim, the storm was a more tangible entity.

When the air was charged with positive ions during a thunderstorm, it made Jim's skin tingle, and though he'd never admitted it to anyone, not even Sandburg….particularly not Sandburg, it was a hugely erotic sensation.

He glanced over at his sleeping partner, their hands still entwined, and smiled. If this trip was memorable for nothing else, it should be forever marked as the moment they both woke up and smelled the daisies.

Jim grinned now, when he remembered back the couple of months, when in Simon's office, he'd let his guard down……



"No, Sir. I need Sandburg with me," Jim insisted.

"I thought you said that you had your senses under control?" Simon frowned.

Jim sighed, "To a degree I do. But I still need Sandburg."

Simon sat back and eyed his best detective. He took a deep breath, "I think you might have just hit the nail on the head there, Jim," he said quietly.


"That it's Sandburg you need, not his ability to help you control your senses, nor even his 'devastating wit and personality'," Simon said with a sarcastic grin, "But the kid himself," he finished off quietly.

Jim bristled, "What the hell do you mean by that?" he said through tight lips.

"Jim, " Simon straightened himself in his chair, as though tensing for an explosion of atomic proportions from the man sitting opposite him, "Did you ever consider the possibility that what you feel for Sandburg goes deeper than the buddy-buddy relationship? Even deeper than this Sentinel-Guide thing?"

Instead of the denial Simon was expecting, the bluster and jaw clenching anger at such a suggestion, Jim merely rubbed his fingers across his temple, "Yeah, I have considered it," he whispered.


"And what can I say, Simon? That I love him? Yeah, I do. That I want him?" Jim paused. Simon's face was passive, he was listening but never judging, "Yes, I do."

"Does he know?"


"You sure about that?"

"I haven't said anything to him. Simon, he's a babe magnet, what the fuck would he find sexually attractive about an ageing, balding, neurotic cop?" Jim said sadly.

Simon smiled, "Jim, firstly, I think you're being a little hard on yourself, I know a lot of guys who'd give body parts to look like you, 'ageing and balding' or not!" he chuckled, "And I think you should give the kid a little more credit, he's bright and intuitive. And he knows you a whole lot better than you do!"

"Simon, Blair means the world to me. I think he has..feelings…'that way'. But what if I'm wrong? What if I'm seeing what I want to see? No, I'm not messing this up by pushing him into anything."

Simon Banks laughed out loud, "Jim, if I'm any judge of character, he won't need much of a push…."


Jim tightened his grip on Blair's hand and smiled. Simon was right, he didn't need much of a push. In fact, he didn't need any push, he just leaped in with both feet; the Sandburg way.

Suddenly, in his sleep, Blair began to shuffle, Jim's body heat acting like a beacon. Before he knew it, Blair's head had insinuated itself under his arm and onto his shoulder. With a gentle smile, Jim wrapped his arm around Blair's shoulder and pulled him close.



Blair's eyes flickered open. He could hear tribal drums? It took a few moments to realize that the steady beating was Jim's heartbeat and that he was lying along side his partner with his head resting on a big muscular shoulder.

Oh man! I died in the night and went to heaven, Blair thought with a grin, as he tightened the grip on the hunk of beefcake beside him. As he was drifting back into his lust-induced reverie, an earth-shattering snore erupted from the back of him, almost making him lose bowel control

"Shit!" he exclaimed in a panic. It took a few moments for him to realize that Simon was in the tent with them. Thank you God, I thought we had a bear, he thought with a sigh.

Suddenly a hand reached out and petted his face gently, "It's okay, it's just Simon," Jim whispered.

"Yeah well, I'd kind of worked that out. Just for a minute I was trying to recall what it said on that warning leaflet they give you, about if you're attacked by a bear? Of course, they don't mention what to do if you wake up in the morning and there's one in the sleeping bag next to you, do they? Oh no, forest rangers fall short on that kind of information!" Blair began to ramble.

"Sandburg?" Jim said softly, "You're running off at the mouth again."

"I know, okay?" Blair grunted, "I was a little spooked for a second, but I'm okay now."

"Y'won't be 'n a minute, if you don' shut up.." Simon's voice slurred.

"Oh, complaints from the guy who just woke up the entire forest?" Blair grumbled.

"I never knew a vacation with you guys could be so much fun," Jim sighed.

"Oh hell, Jim. I gotta 'go'," Blair hissed.


"I gotta go 'strangle the polecat', come on man, I need help to get out of here," Blair gritted his teeth as what felt like Niagra Falls beat on his bladder. "My leg's stiff, I need you to help me out…quick"

"Told you to bring his clean diapers, didn't I Jim?" Simon chuckled.

"Yeah, can't take him anywhere," Jim grinned as he pushed himself up and took hold of Blair's hands, "Come on, Sandburg, time to go wee-wee."

Blair snorted, "You guys are too damned funny for words," he grunted as his leg creaked and a pain shot up his thigh. He snatched up his jeans and tried to struggle into them.

Jim pulled him up and slid his arm around the younger mans waist, "Okay?" he enquired.

"I need my backpack," Blair groaned. Once outside the tent, Blair tried to straighten the offending leg, it was like trying to loosen a rusty connection, "Holy shit," he gasped.

"Is it worse than last night?" Jim asked with concern.

"No, it's not so painful, it's just so damned stiff."

Jim sniggered.

"Oh man, not smutty innuendo, please," Blair implored with a grin.

"There's nothing wrong with smutty innuendo, Chief," the bigger man laughed as he took Blair's weight and they began to walk towards the trees.

"This will do man, I gotta go now," Blair gasped as they reached the nearest available tree.

"I'…I'll wait over here.." Jim said slightly shyly.

"Why?" Blair asked, "You had the damned thing in your mouth last night, it's not like you're not acquainted."

Jim laughed aloud, once again impressed with Blair's open approach to most things.

Blair sighed as the steady stream released the pressure on his desperate bladder. Was there a more satisfying feeling than this?

Oh yeah, he thought with a chuckle, Big Sentinel hands or soft Sentinel lips around said appendage, he decided, was definitely as satisfying .

Tucking himself safely away, he turned back to see Jim watching him. The big cop had a curious look on his face, an almost animalistic….erm……lust?

Oh man, oh man! Blair drew in a breath. Jim was strolling towards him, like a cat stalking a mouse, his eyes were dark with unspoken passion and Blair realized that he's just lost the ability to enunciate words, even little words.

"Hey, beautiful?" Jim whispered seductively as he slid his hands around Blair's waist and pulled him close, "Looking for a good time?"

Blair nodded.

"Wanna get hot and heavy?" Jim growled into his ear.

Blair nodded more vigorously.

"Wanna get fucked?" Jim asked grabbing Blair's right ear between his teeth and pulling lightly.

"Ungh," Blair replied. It had actually meant to be 'Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, any position, you sex god, you.' But it kinda came out as 'Ungh'.

Jim fingered the button on Blair's jeans and let them slide down, then he pushed the pale cotton boxers after them. Blair's cock leaped out like a jack-in-the-box, bouncing to attention. Jim smiled and kissed Blair roughly on the mouth.

Hurling his arms around Jim's neck, Blair met the kiss with equal force, and began to grind his erection into Jim's thigh urgently.

Jim broke the kiss and leaned back, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the bottle of lube and the condoms that Blair had squirreled away at the beginning of the trip.

"You ready to try this or not?" he asked, "It's your call. If you want to wait until we're home and your legs better…"

"Fuck that" Blair said breaking into Jim's speech, "Now, here."

"Right here?" Jim said with surprise, "Up against a tree?"

Blair shuddered at the thought, "Yeah, I can lean over this tree stump here, it'll take the strain off my leg."


"Jim? It was your idea. Come on man, don't spoil the moment, live a little," Blair turned around and positioned himself across the old tree stump, "Jim!" he insisted.

The older man watched as his young partner turned and offered him his ass. Any doubts he might have had were quickly forgotten as he gently laid his hands on that round softness and slid his fingers down the crevice, brushing lightly across Blair's opening. The action was met with a moan and a wiggle.

Jim opened the tube and squeezed out some of the slippery liquid.

"You'll let me know if I do this wrong?" he whispered.

"Better believe it!" Blair answered breathlessly.

Blair felt Jim carefully insert a finger and gently wiggle it until it was about knuckle deep. He closed his eyes and bit down on his lip, he wanted to scream and beg, but he guessed that it was probably not the best idea. Though they were out of sight of the camp, Simon was still within hearing distance, and he so didn't want Simon Banks racing to their rescue right now.

Jim was still working fingers in and out and Blair hoped that he realized there was more to it than that, when suddenly, he felt the fingers disappear.

Jim leaned across his back and whispered in his ear, "You ready for the real thing?"

"Uh….'es," Blair spluttered. Just those words growled in his ear had almost made him dump his load there and then. He felt a pressure against his ass, then a sharp 'jab'. He drew in his breath and held it for a moment, as the pressure continued to push against him.

"You okay?" Jim asked, his voice tight and strained.

Blair merely nodded his head. He could feel Jim resting against him, both stilled for a moment letting the feeling settle.

"…please,' Blair begged. He felt the big body behind him rock back and begin to pump. The sensation was beyond description, it bore no resemblance to sex with a woman. The sheer intensity of this was mind blowing. Suddenly Jim's hand snaked around and grabbed Blair's cock, which he'd failed to realize was rubbing against the harsh bark of the tree stump.

Jim pulled a couple of times and Blair felt the orgasm rushing at him like stampeding elephants. The assault on his cock, and Jim slamming into his ass made sure that Blair came quickly, splattering the tree with semen. He heard Jim gasp and give out a strangled 'Uh!' before slowing and finally pulling free.

Blair still supported himself against the tree while Jim's arms encircled his waist. The fact that they could both still stand was a minor miracle in itself.

"That was incredible," Blair gasped at last.

"You'll get no argument from me there," Jim said, slightly slurring the words.

"You are a damned fine fuck, James Ellison," Blair teased.

"And you are one very fine piece of ass, Blair Sandburg," Jim replied, pulling Blair upright and into his arms. They settled into each others embrace for a moment, gently kissing and stroking until the giggles had slowed down and they felt able to stand unaided.

"Oh man, Blair sniggered, "Do I look like a dick or what? Standing here with my pants around my ankles," he struggled and tried to hop backwards, "I gotta get my pants up."

As he leaned back against the tree and bent to retrieve his fallen clothing, his naked ass met a thorn bush almost obscured by fallen tree foliage, with an almighty yelp he leaped forward. "Oh fuck!" he shouted, "My ass!"

Jim folded against another tree, laughter tearing into him, "I just did!" he snickered, then fell back into his choking laughter, totally amused by his own quip.

"You…you….bastard, Ellison," Blair swore, rubbing his rear painfully, "I hope your dick drops off."

This ill thought out curse only proved to amuse Jim even further, the tears streamed down his cheeks and his body was wracked with mirth.

After a few moments, Simon's voice drifted through the air, "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, Sandburg just backed his naked ass into a thorn bush," Jim snickered.

Simon's hearty chuckle could be heard echoing through the forest, "Told you watch him, didn't I?" he sniggered, "Did you kiss it better for him, Jim?"

Blair grinned and bobbed out his tongue as Jim blushed at Simon's obvious innuendo. After taking a moment to compose themselves, Jim helped his partner back to the camp, to pack.




They had only walked a short way, but Blair was already tiring. The strain of his stiff, painful knee added to the 'after sex weariness' was making this journey hard going.

Simon had found a large sturdy branch, which Blair used as a makeshift crutch, taking at least a little of the strain.

Oh man, what I wouldn't give for a nice soft bed and a nice hot Sentinel right now, Blair sighed to himself, then giggled, Well, I was thinking of a 'hot bath' but no, on second thought, a 'hot Sentinel' would do me more good! He was sure that he could still 'feel' Jim. There was a delicious soreness that kept reminding him of their earlier encounter. That thought also led to a less pleasant one,

"God, my ass is sore!" Blair said aloud before realizing. He heard Jim cough and trip, before swearing to himself, "That damned bush, I swear it leaped out and bit me," he added.

"Maybe it was the one you just pissed up?" Simon suggested with a grin, "Getting it's own back. This forest could be enchanted, all the foliage bites back."

"Man, If that's the case, I am not going back near that tree stump," Blair whispered, knowing that Jim would be listening.

When Jim finally stopped, wracked with coughs and tears streaming down his face, Simon beating on his back, Blair tried to hide the smirk at his predicament.

"You okay, Jim?" Simon asked.

Nodding he sucked in a breath, "Yeah, something just tickled my throat, that's all," he spluttered, shooting his partner a wicked glare.

"Should be more careful what you put in your mouth, man," Blair said innocently.

Shaking his head ruefully, Simon Banks strolled ahead, "I knew that vacationing with you two was a mistake. You're weird enough at home," he groaned.



When the ranger station finally hove into view, Blair breathed a sigh of relief, now he was aching, sore and itching. Jim helped him to the truck, taking his backpack and tossing it in the back, before helping his hapless partner into the cab.

"Hey, thought you guys would be away a bit longer than this?" the ranger grinned.

Jim sighed, "Yeah, we had a couple of problems, lost some tents and my partner here had an accident. Don't suppose you have a doctor around here do you? I'd just like someone to give him the once over."

The ranger thought for a moment, "Well, there's Clara, over in Piermont, she's the nearest."



"A what?" Blair exclaimed as they pulled up outside the clinic in Piermont.

"So, she's a veterinarian?" Jim shrugged, "The ranger said that she knows her stuff and often treats injuries in humans," he said as though explaining to a five year old.

"I am not being treated by a fucking veterinarian!" Blair ranted, "Is my total humiliation not complete enough for you yet?"

"Chief, you just need that knee checking out. If she thinks you need to go to hospital, then we'll have to abandon the vacation and head for home," Jim explained, playing skillfully on Blair's sense of guilt.

"Man, I swear, either one of you ever mention this at the PD and you are going to have one hell of a pissed of anthropologist on your hands," Blair grumbled as they helped him from the cab.

Jim and Simon exchanged sly grins and ushered him inside.


Clara Stewart was a cheerful lady in her mid forties. Tall and elegant, the laughter lines around her eyes belied a woman with a serious sense of humor.

"Hi, gentlemen, I'm Clara. Charlie from the ranger station just let me know you were on your way. Now, how can I help?"

"Sandburg here had an accident, he slipped and hurt his knee," Simon explained.

"Yeah, we need to know if you can do anything for him, or if we're going to have to have him put to sleep," Jim sniggered.

"He's a little feisty, but he'll respond to kindness and a doggy biscuit," Simon smirked.

Clara grinned, "So, Mr Sandburg. If you'd like to sit down," she motioned to the chair.

Painfully, Blair lowered himself down, wincing as his ass made contact with the seat.

"Did you hurt your back as well?" she asked with concern.

"No," Blair began.

"No, doc. He shoved his naked ass into a thorn bush this morning," Jim chuckled.

Blair pulled a face as Jim and Simon sniggered over his mishap. Clara nodded and looked at Blair's flushing face, "Okay, gentlemen. If you two would like to wait in the room out there while I take a look at Mr Sandburgs injuries, I'll have my sister bring you some coffee and I think she just finished baking some cake."

Simon and Jim happily wandered away to feed their faces while Blair suffered.

"By the way, the name's Blair," the depressed young man held out his hand.

Clara smiled and shook it, "Okay Blair, let me take a look at that knee, I do have X-ray capabilities here if I think it's necessary. I should also take a look at whatever stung your rear, some of the bushes around here are mildly poisonous."

Blair flushed bright red. If she looked at his ass, it wouldn't take a genius to work out that backing into bushes wasn't all he'd been doing this morning. He already felt like he had a beacon over his head, which read 'Jim fucked Blair'.

"No, it's okay!" he mumbled.

"Believe it or not, it's a very common injury out here. People don't always look to see what's around in their outdoor 'bathroom'," she grinned, "But, if you have an allergy rash, I have some pills that might help that too."

Blair merely groaned and covered his face with his hands, "I don't believe this vacation," he said in a muffled voice.

Suddenly, the door opened and a younger woman entered, "Hey, Clara, who's the stud with the killer smile out in the waiting room? Jim is it? Wonder if he's married?" she gushed.

Blair's head shot up, "No, he's not. But he is involved with someone," he said rather more sharply than intended.

"Seriously involved?" the younger woman groaned.

"Very," Blair replied.

"Bummer." The young woman sighed and exited just as quickly.

When Blair looked up, Clara was smiling at him, one of those annoying, 'knowing' smiles. He did something that he didn't think possible, he blushed a little redder.

"So, you guys up here for the fishing?" she asked.

"Yeah, and the scenery, hopefully a little peace and quiet."

"You work together?"

"Jim and Simon are cops with the Cascade PD, but I'm just a part time observer. I'm an anthropologist at Rainier, 'closed societies' like the police are part of my field of study," Blair explained.

Clara listened and manipulated Blair's leg, "I don't think there's any serious damage here, maybe a couple of days rest, sleeping in a proper bed instead of a sleeping bag and taking it easy, and it should be fine. You're showing a few signs of slight rash, possibly the reaction from the bush, so I'll give you a short course of anti-histamine. Do you have any known allergies?"

"No, just to cops right at this moment!" Blair grinned.

Clara grinned, "Men are not the most sympathetic of creatures when it comes to others pain," she sighed, "I'm going to suggest to your friends that you all spend a couple of days in town at the motel until your knees is better. Would that be okay with you?"

"Absolutely," Blair said with relief.



The motel was very homely and inviting. Jim had not-so-subtly ordered a twin and a single room, making sure that Simon's room was not next to theirs.

Blair lay back on the bed and every muscle in his body relaxed. The drugs that Clara had given him, while completely safe for humans, did not have the anti-drowsy formulation that was now so usual, so he'd descended into a cozy, sleepy haze. He vaguely heard Jim enter the room and speak to him.

"Hey, Chief, you okay?" Jim asked.

Blair lay stretched out on the bed, his hair spread across the pillow, clothes twisted around his body, the button on his jeans open and cotton boxers peeping over the top. He had managed to push off his shoes and one sock. He had a dreamy, far away smile on his face and he was just beginning to snore softly.

Jim smiled. There lay a wet dream come true. A vision of pure loveliness, wrapped up to look like an explosion at Woodstock.

Pulling off the other sock and rearranging his tee shirt so that it didn't strangle him in his sleep, Jim brushed Blair's lips with a kiss, before covering him over and leaving him to rest.

"You recharge your batteries, Chief," he whispered, "What I have planned for you, you're going to need them."



It was dusk when Blair awoke. Languidly, he stretched and yawned. He felt so relaxed after that nap. Glancing at the clock on the bedside table, he realized that the 'nap' had been about six hours long.

He looked around the room, Wonder where Jim is? he thought, shortly before the urge to pee overtook brain function. Levering himself from the bed, he tentatively tested his leg. Surprisingly, the pain had decreased to a niggling ache and the swelling was down.

He had just closed the bathroom door, when he heard Jim enter the room.

"Sandburg? You okay?" Jim's voice called.

"Yeah man, I'm feeling much better…..aarrggh!" Blair gasped suddenly.

"What's wrong? Blair?" Jim hurried to the bathroom door.

"Oh man, I'm peeing bright orange," the younger man exclaimed, "Shit, I look like I went rusty."

Jim's face creased into a grin, "It's probably the tablet, just a side effect."

"I hope so. I feel like something off Star Trek. Oh man," Blair's disgusted tones made Jim laugh, "Oh well, at least my rash is gone."

"What rash?" Jim asked, wondering if he really wanted to know the answer.

Blair sniggered, "Oh yeah, I guess I should have warned you about that, huh? Nothing that antibiotics won't cure," he teased.

"Not funny, short-stuff," Jim grumbled, dropping down on the bed.

The bathroom door opened and a disheveled Blair wandered out.

Jim was transfixed.

"Hey, stud, what you been doing today, without me?" Blair said in a sultry voice, stopping in front of Jim, smiling down on him with undisguised lust.

"Oh, me and Simon picked up a couple of women, had ourselves a foursome on the flatbed of the truck, just a boring old day!" Jim teased.

Blair slid his hand along Jim's thigh and across his groin, cupping his genitals through the heavy denim and squeezing gently, "Well, I hope there's some left for me?" he whispered.

Jim swallowed hard, he grabbed his young lover, pulling him in close, "Everything I have is yours, you know that," he smiled, "Heart, body, soul."

Licking across Jim's lips before grabbing them in a hard, demanding kiss, Blair took his time, devouring the man before answering.

Beaming, he stroked a finger across that chiseled jaw, "Tonight, I'll just settle for the 'body', okay?"

"It's a deal."



'So, I begged, screamed, thrashed, panted, scratched, humped, sobbed and sighed.

Jim grunted, moaned, groaned, thrust, grabbed and yelled.

Jim fucked Blair…..again….and again…..and again…..and again…..

The End

The Seduction of James Ellison

By Blair Sandburg'