Green Eyed Monsters

By K9


Hearing Alan Grant's cell phone trill, Billy Brennan poked his head inside the tent and looked around, trying to pinpoint where the noise was coming from. Alan had warned him a few weeks earlier, that if he 'changed the cell phone ringing tone to one of those ridiculous jingles'...he was fired. Of course, Alan was joking, but Billy had left well alone, and now, the only person with a 'boring' trill was Alan. He was also the only person who left his cell anywhere but on his person, hence, the insistent sound echoing around the tent.

Finally discovering it buried among the blankets on Alan's bunk, Billy lifted it up, and pressed the button.

"Er, hi, this is Dr Alan Grant's phone, he's busy at the moment, can I take a message?" Billy asked.

"Oh, yeah," a young man's voice replied a little unsurely, and breathless with excitement, or nerves, or *something*, "Could you ask him to call Tim, please?"

Billy felt an uncharacteristic stab of jealousy as the voice continued.

".....he knows my number."

"Yeah, sure."

"Thanks, bye!"

Folding the cell phone up, and placing it in his pocket, he tried not to let the feeling of envy towards a stranger eat away at him.

It was becoming ridiculous, the way he was reacting to Alan Grant these days. Their relationship had quickly developed past student/mentor, or even employer/employee, and they'd become good friends over this past year.

Alan was everything Billy wanted to be, and everything Billy 'wanted'. He was only too aware of how familiar he was becoming with Alan, when he found himself ordering meals for them both, and organizing 'R & R' for the older man. He was either turning into Alan's mother, or his spouse.

Billy suppressed a chill of excitement that coursed through him at that last idea. The only thing he didn't share with Alan these days, was his bed, and he'd come close to crawling into that a couple of times, when the need began to outweigh his common sense.

It wasn't even that he thought Alan would turn him away, he always seemed so comfortable with Billy's closeness, but he just couldn't take the risk that sex would screw up the best job, and the best friendship, he'd ever had.

Was it really worth it, just to get his rocks off? He could go into town, pick up a guy in a bar, and get laid. No strings, no morning after.

No love, no tenderness, no real passion.

'William Brennan: Last of the romantics' it would read on his tombstone, 'Died: Horny as hell.'




When he finally found Alan, the older man was sitting in a crater, surrounded by students, waxing lyrical about 'vertebrate macroevolution.' Alan Grant never seemed to lose his devotion, and enthusiasm for his chosen subject, and that was what Billy truly loved about him.

"Ah, Mr Brennan, just the man. This young lady was just asking about 'resonance scanners,' and I explained that anything as modern as that, was your field, not mine." Alan peered up from the crater, his eyes screwed up tightly, shielding them against the blazing sun, but still clearly so devastatingly blue.

"Yeah, they don't call him 'dinosaur man' for nothing," Billy teased.

Alan climbed to his feet, "Well, this 'old dinosaur' will go finish his paperwork, while his 'young pup' of an assistant, finishes the lecture," he took Billy's outstretched hand, to help him out of the crater, and winked playfully.

"Hmm, pass the buck time, huh?" Billy grinned, as Alan pulled himself up, coming to rest close beside him.

"When they start talking computers, I leave it to you, you know that."

"Oh, Alan, you had a call. I heard your cell phone ringing, and answered it, hope you don't mind?"

Shaking his head, Alan said, "No, not at all. Who was it?"

"He said his name was 'Tim', and asked if you'd call him?" Billy tried not to grit his teeth as he delivered the message, but just saying the words made his skin prickle.

Suddenly, Alan's face lit up, "Tim? I wondered when he'd get off his ass, and call. I'll go call him back now."

Fishing in his pocket, Billy pulled out the phone, "Here, I thought I'd better give this to you personally. You're supposed to keep cell phones with you!"

"Yeah, yeah," Alan grinned, "What would I do without you, Billy?" He slapped Billy's shoulder playfully, and headed back for tents.

Watching him go, Billy chewed on his lip, and sighed, "Yeah, what would you do without me?"





It had been a hell of a long day. It wasn't like Billy didn't enjoy the days that he, and Alan had students at the dig, he did, they were just so demanding sometimes. So full of questions and wonder, just the way he'd been when he first met the 'legendary Dr Grant.'

Billy lay back on the bunk in his tent, and smiled to himself. He'd been so in awe of Alan back then, that he'd been unable to speak. Now of course, he was just in love with him.

Life was funny like that.

He was trying not to think about the fact that Alan had left the dig site a few hours ago, to visit 'Tim' who was coming to town. Alan hadn't enlightened him on who 'Tim' was, and he hadn't asked, so he was quickly formulating his own ideas, which for a man with such a vivid imagination, wasn't such a good thing.

'Tim' was probably some smooth skinned young stud, with bulging biceps, and big blue eyes. He most likely had more inches to his dick, than brain cells in his head, but Billy wasn't *jealous*, oh no.

No...Alan would choose brains over brawn any day. He liked Billy because he was smart, not because he was hung like a horse.

'Billy Brennan, you're now so paranoid, that you are getting hung up on *penis* size for God's sake.' Billy groaned to himself, 'Get a grip! You don't even know who Tim is? *Or* how big his penis is?' the voice of reason in his head argued.

Billy shook his head to clear away the vision of a Renaissance god with a dick you needed a heavy load license for, and tried to regain his slender grip on reality.

He really needed to get laid.....*bad.*



Taking a final look in the mirror, Billy ran his fingers through his hair one last time. He hated the way it curled up in the heat; it made him look like a Cupie doll. Not to mention the fact that the sun was bleaching blonde highlights into it, which might be terribly fashionable, but it made him look so damned *young*.

He checked out the figure looking back at him. Slim, but with just enough muscle to not classify as 'skinny', not overly tall, but definitely not 'short,' okay looking, in a geeky kinda way, and currently looking like he urgently needed sex.

At that thought, Billy began to laugh at himself. See, he didn't look so scary when he smiled, maybe he should do it more often?

He smiled a lot when Alan was around......oh get a *life*.

Billy tugged his black tee shirt down, tucking the stray ends into his jeans, and slipped his leather jacket on.

He was *not* going to think about Alan again tonight. He was going into town, find a nice guy, take him to a hotel room, and fuck him senseless.





Despite the daytime temperatures, which regularly soared into the hundreds, the evening air was cool enough to be considered chilly. Billy pulled his jacket around him as he slid out of the truck, taking a moment to look around.

These were the times that he missed the city, and the relative anonymity it allowed. As meeting places went, Rochester was a bit of a 'one horse town,' and even that horse wasn't a decent looking stallion.

He headed over to the only bar where men who weren't looking to find a pretty girl, hung out. You didn't exactly use the word 'gay' in this place, but everyone knew that 'Mario's' catered for gay, and bisexual men.

Now he was here, Billy was having second thoughts. It wasn't the first time he'd frequented Mario's, but the appeal of random sex was becoming less, and less appealing, as his obsession with Alan grew.

He wanted more, he wanted a 'relationship'. There had been a time when Billy had sneered at a friend for saying that, insisting that 'relationship' was just sex, but having to constantly say 'sorry' afterwards.

He was a jerk then, he was a jerk now.

Wasn't it amazing how some things never changed? Billy Brennan: The universal constant.



Swallowing his second beer, Billy made a mental note not to order another. He was driving back to the dig site tonight, and he couldn't afford to get picked up for drunk driving, or Alan would kick his ass from here to Vegas, and back.

He glanced out the corner of his eye; the young blonde guy who'd made a play for him the minute he'd walked in, was still watching him. He couldn't believe that it was his own voice, when he'd heard himself say 'no thanks'. He came here to get laid, and he was already turning guys down.

The little voice in his head was sneering, 'Ah, but he's not Alan though, is he, Billy?'

Looking around, Billy noted a slightly older guy watching him from across the bar. Maybe thirty five to forty years old, he was tanned, and ruggedly good- looking. He looked like he worked out of doors, maybe a construction worker, because he was nicely muscled for his age.

The man smiled as their eyes met, and Billy returned the smile weakly. A part of him was still crying out, 'don't rush into anything, wait and see...' but wait for what, for someone who looks more like Alan Grant to walk in the door?

Suddenly, the man was gone from his seat, and Billy hadn't even noticed him leave.

'Shit!' he thought to himself, 'Oh well, maybe next time.'

Peering into his almost empty glass, Billy began to wish he hadn't bothered this evening. He wouldn't be feeling so troubled if he'd just stayed back at the site, and jerked off in the shower, the way he usually did.

At that moment, someone sat down next to him.

"Hi," a deep, sultry voice purred.

Slightly startled, Billy jumped, and found himself looking into the face of the guy from across the bar.

"Oh, hi!"

"Sorry, didn't mean to make you jump. I'm Daniel." The man held out his hand, and slightly reluctantly, Billy shook it.

"Billy," he said at last.

"You looked a little lonely, Billy. I hope you don't mind me coming over here?" Daniel moved in close, resting his elbow on the bar, and looking Billy squarely in the eyes.

"No, that's okay," Billy shifted slightly restlessly, his inner demons still warring with his frustration.

"You want another drink?"

"No, thanks. I'm driving, I've had all I can afford to tonight," Billy shot the man an apologetic smile.

"I'm staying in town, you want to come back to my place for coffee?" Daniel asked hotly, his fingers skimming Billy's arm.

Taking a deep breath, Billy swallowed his last mouthful of beer, "Yeah, sure...why not?" he replied through a tight throat. He kept telling himself that he came here to get picked up, so what was the big deal?

"Great! I just need to use the bathroom, then I'll be with you, okay?" Daniel stood up, and briefly brushed Billy's cheek with his thumb.

"Yeah, okay."

As he watched the guy walk away, Billy felt a chill run down his spine. Was it the anticipation of sex, or was it something else? Why did he feel so... guilty?

It wasn't like he was *cheating* on anyone.

At that moment, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he came face to face with....Alan.

"Alan, what are you doing here?" he gasped.

Sitting down on the recently vacated stool, Alan smiled, "I was just heading back to the site, and I saw your truck parked across the way. I guessed you'd be in here."

"Oh yeah, why here?" Billy laughed a little nervously.

"Because this is where all the good looking young guys go on a Friday night," Alan replied with a soft smile.

"W...what's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, just that you're a good looking young guy, and it's Friday night, it didn't take many I.Q points to work out where you were. You okay, Billy?" Alan frowned at the younger man's unusually defensive attitude.

"Yeah, I'm fine. How was *Tim*?" Billy tried hard not to spit out the name, but the alcohol had broken down his defenses, and he was beginning to allow the jealousy to bubble up inside of him.

"He was fine. Look, Billy, I'm sorry I interrupted you on your night out, I didn't think. I'll be on my way, see you tomorrow."

As Alan climbed to his feet, and walked away, Billy lunged out, and grabbed his arm, "Alan, I'm sorry. Please don't go!" he pleaded.

Clapping his hand on Billy's shoulder, Alan smiled, "It's okay, Billy, you have a good time, and I'll catch up with you tomorrow."

"No, Alan, really. I don't want you to leave..."

Suddenly, there was someone standing beside Billy.

"You ready to leave?" Daniel asked, pointedly glaring at both men.

"!" Billy mumbled, "Alan, please...?"

"Is this old guy bothering you?" Daniel eyed Alan coldly, and tried to step between him, and Billy.

"No, 'this old guy' isn't bothering him," Alan suddenly shot back a little angrily, "Who the hell are you?"

"Who the hell are *you*?" Daniel squared up to Alan, and they soon found themselves face to face.

"Oh no, wait....oh god," Billy put a hand on both men, "Please, erm....Daniel, this is my friend...Alan, this"

Alan glared at Daniel, then back to Billy, "This is?" he asked finally, eyeing Billy coldly.

"The guy he's going home with," Daniel answered.

Billy's face flushed hotly, "Oh fuck," he mumbled under his breath.

"Oh really?" Alan bristled, "Who decided that, you or him?"

Feeling true panic setting in, Billy tried to pull Alan away, "Daniel, forget it, okay? Alan, let's go home, huh?" he pleaded.

"Home? You live with this guy?" Daniel snarled, outraged at being shoved aside for a man probably ten years his senior,  "What, is Friday night your 'fucking around' night?"

"You don't understand!" Billy implored.

"No, I fucking don't," Daniel poked Billy with his finger sharply, "You come in here, looking to get laid. Fuck with guys all night, wiggling your ass in their faces, then you get all virginal when your sugar daddy shows up to take you home!"

Suddenly, Daniel was flung backwards, hitting the bar with a thud, before sliding to the floor. Billy looked on in amazement as Alan rubbed his fist.

"You should mind your manners." Alan growled down at the dazed younger man, "Come on Billy," he grabbed Billy's arm, steering him out of the bar, into the darkened street.

"God damnit, I'd forgotten how much that *hurt*," he hissed when eventually they cleared the noise, and confusion of the bar. He forced his throbbing hand under his arm until the pain subsided.

" you hurt?" Billy asked weakly.

"I'm okay. Are you going back to the site, or staying in town?"

"'m going home."

"Fine," Alan didn't look at Billy. "I'll see you back there."

"Alan?" Billy pleaded, as the older man walked away towards his car, but Alan didn't answer.

Feeling more desperate, and more despondent than he ever had, Billy stumbled back to his truck. Pulling out blindly, he followed Alan's taillights all the way back to the site, dreading the moment that they arrived.

What had he done? Other than act like a complete jerk, of course.

Mixed emotions wrestled in his belly as the dig site lights came into view. It felt good to be away from the town, but now he had to face Alan alone.

It was Friday night, and all other personnel had left for the weekend, so at least there wouldn't be anyone to hear the fight.

Alan parked in his usual place, taking his bag from the trunk, and slipping into his tent.

Knowing that he couldn't leave things this way, Billy decided to face the music now, rather than let it gather resentment all night. He also still had a little Dutch courage in his system; by morning he'd be stone cold sober, and feeling even worse.

"Alan, can I come in?" he called from outside the tent.

"What is it, Billy, I'm pretty tired?"

"I need to explain about what just happened."

The flap of the tent opened, and Alan looked out. "Billy, you don't have to explain *anything* to me. I'm not your father, I don't control your actions."

"Please, Alan?" the upset in Billy's voice was evident, and Alan held the tent open, gesturing for him to enter.

"Want some coffee?"


"Sit down Billy."

"I'm so sorry, Alan...."

Alan Grant held up his hand, stopping the words tumbling from Billy's lips, "If this is just going to be endless apologies, save your breath. I told you, you don't have to apologize to me for anything you do in your private life."

"Please just hear me out?"

Handing the younger man a cup of microwaved coffee, Alan sat down. He shrugged his shoulders, and listened.

"I'm sorry about my reaction in that bar, when you mentioned 'Tim'," Billy couldn't look Alan in the eyes as he spoke, so he stared at the steaming coffee. "I was just being a jerk, I....I..." he took a breath, maybe it was time for the truth? "I was...jealous."

"Jealous?" Alan gasped, "Of what?"

"Of 'Tim' spending time with you."


"Because I'm an idiot?" Billy offered with a half smile.

"Yes, you are." Alan waited for the startled reaction from Billy before continuing, "Do you know who 'Tim' is?"

Sipping his coffee, Billy shook his head, "No, I guess I just used my imagination," he laughed coldly, "Which was half the problem."

"Good God, Billy. 'Tim' is Timmy Murphy, John Hammond's grandson. You know, the same boy that I survived 'Jurassic Park' with? We've stayed in touch ever since then, and he just got accepted into Harvard a year early. He called to let me know, so that we could celebrate together. He's like a ...son to me, and I was thrilled for him."

"Oh shit," Billy covered his face with his hand, hoping that the heat radiating from it wouldn't ignite the tent.

"If you'd just asked, I'd have told you who he was."

"It was none of my business."

"Then why are you so upset?"

"I.." Billy so badly wanted to tell Alan the truth, but the words caught in his throat, "I thought maybe you were looking for a new assistant?" he tried to joke.

"Why would I need one? I have you, and you're the best there is."

"Oh...thanks." Feeling more embarrassed by the second, Billy decided that he needed to clear things up about the other little matter. "About the bar..."


"I went there looking for a little company, because I was feeling sorry for myself."

"And you unearthed that Neanderthal? Congratulation Billy, that just proves what an excellent paleontologist you are."

Looking up, Billy noticed that Alan was smiling. "You're not upset that I was considering going home with a guy?"

"Why should I be, you're gay aren't you?"

The bottom dropped out of Billy's world, and left him dangling over a chasm. "Well...uh...yeah," he mumbled.

"I have to say this, Billy, you could have done a lot better than him. There was a nice looking young blonde guy in the corner who I'm sure was more than interested."



"How long have you known?" Billy asked.

"You mean it was ever a secret?" Alan replied with a soft smile.

"Well...yeah, I guess so."

"Oh. Shall we start this conversation again, and I can pretend to be surprised?"

Draining his coffee cup, Billy placed it down with a shaking hand. "This doesn't bother you? It doesn't shock you?"

"Once a dinosaur that should have been extinct for three million years, has almost eaten you, nothing shocks you anymore."

"Oh really?" Billy said with growing amazement, "How about 'I'm in love with you, and I went to that bar tonight to get laid by some stranger, even though I'd be thinking of you.' Does that shock you?"

A wide smile spread across Alan's face, "No. I know you're in love with me. I knew you had a crush when I hired you, but I thought it would pass once you found out what a grumpy, mean tempered, son-of-a-bitch I was," he laughed.

Now stunned beyond reason, Billy simply stared, "It didn't pass," he muttered absently.


"How...erm, how do you feel about it?" Billy asked, needing to know.


"But not interested?"

"You said that, not me," Alan smiled.

"You mean you *are* interested?" Billy managed to choke out the words.

"What exactly are you asking me, Billy? Are you propositioning me?" the older man teased.

"Stop playing with me, Alan, I'm serious."

"Okay, yes I'm interested, if that's what you want. I wasn't prepared to proposition a student, then an assistant, who *might* feel obliged to say 'yes' just to keep his job," Alan's face was now deadly serious, "No matter how lovely he was." His voice softened, and he suddenly couldn't meet Billy's eyes.

"You think I'm 'lovely'?" Billy gasped the words out loud before he'd realized it.

"Oh yes," Alan drank the last of his coffee, and deliberately looked away. "So you see, you weren't the only one suffering from the green eyed monster this evening."


"I know, it's very juvenile, but I really *enjoyed* hitting that man. I've never been the violent type, but I wanted to *hurt* him, when I thought about him touching you."

"Shit, really?" Billy could no longer hold the grin that was spreading across his face.

"Stop grinning at once, Mr Brennan. It's not funny, in fact it's very childish." Alan found himself smiling back.

"It's kinda sexy, actually," Billy growled, "You were ready to 'fight for me,' that's seriously hot stuff."

"It's seriously stupid, my hand hurts like *hell*." Alan lifted his hand, and for the first time, Billy noticed that the fingers were swelling, and the knuckles were still bleeding slightly.

"Holy shit, Alan, let me put something on that?" Billy slipped from the tent, and headed over to the trailer. Once he'd grabbed the med kit, he went back to Alan's tent, to find the older man swallowing another cup of coffee.

Kneeling down in front of Alan, Billy proceeded to swab and clean the knuckles, before carefully dressing them. He'd picked up an ice pack from the fridge, and he gently placed it on Alan's hand, before settling a kiss on the back of the bruised limb.

"I'm sorry you got hurt," he whispered, "That was the last thing I wanted."

Alan reached out with his good hand, and cupped Billy's face tenderly, "Maybe it was for the best. If I hadn't, we might not be having this conversation, and I might not be about to kiss you."

Shivering with anticipation, Billy leaned in, and touched his lips to Alan's. They tasted of coffee, mingled with the scent, and taste, of wine that he must have had with Tim. Alan's cheeks were rough on Billy's face, and the sensation of his tongue, sliding over Billy's lips, made the younger man hungry in all kinds of wonderful ways.

With one hand, Alan pulled Billy close, forcing their bodies together.

Billy's blood turned to warm honey as the heat of the kiss reduced him to a rag doll.

"No one is due back into camp tonight, right?" he asked slightly breathlessly, as they broke the kiss.

"Not that I know of."

"Good," Billy's fingers began to fumble with Alan's shirt buttons.

One by one the buttons fell open, unwrapping a tanned chest, peppered with hair. Billy pushed open the shirt, and softly kissed Alan's breastbone, letting his lips linger at the hollow of Alan's throat.

"Oh Billy," Alan's voice was just a whisper, as he slid his fingers through Billy's curly hair lovingly.

Still laving Alan's throat with his tongue, Billy began to fumble with the older man's belt, letting it fall open, lowering the zipper on the khaki pants slowly.

Unable to restrain his eagerness a moment longer, Billy slipped his hand inside. Hard flesh pulsated against his fingers. Warm, wetness already pooling at the head, Alan's cock strained against the cloth restraints, desperate to be released.

Billy pulled back; his breath was rasping in his throat, and he was trembling. Alan smiled at him, silently giving him permission to continue, and suddenly his knees felt weak.

"I...I'll get undressed...." he mumbled.

Alan nodded, shaking the shirt from his shoulders, and standing, to allow his pants to fall to the ground. Hooking his thumb under the waistband of his boxers, he quickly slid them off, and tossed them aside, leaving him naked in the dim light.

Distracted, Billy struggled with his own zipper, trying to concentrate on simple things like breathing, and how to stand up.

Everything was happening so quickly. It was like being on a carousel, getting dizzier by the moment, but unable, and unwilling to get off.

Alan began to laugh, as Billy hopped, trying to shake the tight jeans from his feet.

"Here, let me help," he offered, sliding his hands down Billy's legs, and pulling the denim off each foot, before letting his fingers slowly slide back up, until they caressed a soft, downy thigh.

Pausing for a moment, Alan placed a few random kisses on Billy's inner thighs, letting his face brush against Billy's cock, but giving it no special attention.....just yet.

He closed his eyes, savoring the smell and taste of the younger man's skin. Blindly, he kissed his way up Billy's stomach, across his chest, reveling in the hair, brushing against his face. Teasing a nipple with a delicate bite, he moved on, tasting the skin of Billy's throat, tracing a delicate jaw line until at last, he arrived back at the Billy's partially opened lips.

"You okay?" he asked

Billy nodded, and reached for the discarded jeans. Fishing his hand into the pocket he pulled out a condom, and smiled. Tentatively, he rolled it around in his fingers, not quite sure what to say, knowing that his cheeks were flushing wildly.

"You okay with this?" he asked finally.

"Fine," Alan smiled, as he pulled Billy into his arms, and kissed him again. This time the kiss was hard, and passionate. The tentative softness had been replaced by a needy urgency.

They stumbled back onto the bed, landing with an 'oof' and a chuckle. Bodies already slick with sweat, hands slipping across damp skin, mouths tasting, licking, *biting*.

This wasn't destined to be a quiet, romantic interlude; both men had waited too long for this moment. Emotions were raw, as the lust outweighed the tenderness this time.

Billy turned onto his stomach, raising his ass slightly, surrendering to Alan in a show of trust that made the older man's heart miss a beat. Slightly nervously, Alan began placing kisses down Billy's back, starting at the shoulders, sliding down the gentle curve of his spine, spreading out across the muscular roundness of his upturned ass.

Closing his eyes, Billy tried to block out everything but Alan's touch. The sensual assault of Alan's fingers was as much as he could handle right now. He didn't want to come too soon; he'd waited so long for this moment.

When Alan's tongue invaded the crack in Billy's cheeks, the breath was forced from Billy's lungs, and he gasped. Involuntarily, he gripped the crumpled bed-sheet, needing something to cling onto, hoping that his heart wouldn't beat its way out of his chest.

"Oh my God, Billy," Alan panted suddenly, "You are so beautiful..."

Billy shuddered. He couldn't believe that *he* was doing this to Alan Grant, making him breathless with desire. That it was Alan's hands, the same hands that so tenderly unearthed fossilized bones, mapping his skin, touching him, sliding between his legs....

"I...if you're trying to kill me, let me're succeeding!" Billy choked out the words.

Alan's laugh sent shock waves through Billy's body, making him whimper with pleasure.

Deciding that Billy was ready, Alan began to use his fingers. He slid them gently inside, pausing when Billy tensed, waiting for him to relax again before carefully stretching and preparing him. Neither man wanted to rush things, they so badly wanted to savor each other, but nature was ahead of them; taking their time wasn't an option right now.

At last, Alan slid his cock inside slowly. He rocked his hips, gently at first, while he still had at least a slender grip on his need, but the deep, resonating groans from Billy quickly shattered his resolve to take his time. Alan began to thrust harder, elevating himself slightly so that he hit Billy's prostate with each stroke.

Billy arched back into Alan's chest, trying to drive him deeper inside. Words tumbled from his lips, pleading, wanting more.

Alan's hand snaked around Billy's hip, fumbling for the hot, heavy cock beneath. As his fingers met the heated flesh, sliding several times along its length, Billy cried out, pumping into Alan's hand. Almost reaching his own limit, Alan began to thrust harder. The thrill of having Billy come in his hand, tipped him over the edge, and he came with a shout, his body rocked by the sheer intensity of the orgasm.


Slumped together in a sticky heap, they attempted to find a comfortable position, which required little movement, or the unnecessary parting of hot bodies. Billy eventually settled down against Alan's chest, half heartedly wiping himself clean with his hastily abandoned tee shirt, and began to let sleep overtake him.

"Alan?" he mumbled, almost lost in his delirious post orgasmic haze.


"Next time?"

Alan Grant opened his eyes, glancing down at the dozing form lying across his body. "Mmmm?" he replied.

"Wear your hat?"


  The End