Hunter and Prey

by Sigrina


He ran faster and faster, his lungs burning with the increasing need for oxygen, his heart-rate rocketing as realisation hit him. He felt the unyielding hardness of concrete under his bare feet, saw the impossibly high walls in front of him, and came to a crashing halt in front of the only door in the wall of this dead end street.


Of course the door was locked. And far too sturdy to be broken down. He was stronger than he looked, but this was solid oak. Impenetrable, unforgiving.

 This was it then. He had run for so long, but he could run no longer. He heard the panting breath of his eternal pursuer behind him. Slowly, he turned to regard the hunter. He was not the bravest of beings, but he would not break. He had survived for so long. Dignity was not a word he recognised. Nor honour. But he was unchanging; he was strong. He would not go gently to his fate.

 He would survive: it was what he was best at. The alternative was unthinkable.

 Moonlight glinted off the weapon held in the hunter's hand. He watched as his bitterest foe approached. Watched the weapon draw nearer. Panted softly as the hunter spoke:

 'Now I've got you, you wascally wabbit. You can't escape now. I've got you, I've got you.'

 Bugs Bunny held on tightly to his carrot and tried unsuccessfully to retreat further into the unyielding doorway. The hour he had dreaded for so long was upon him. But he *would* survive. Becoming rabbit pie was not an option he cared to explore!

 Drawing in a deep breath, he came to a decision.

 All at once the tenseness seemed to drain out of him. He leaned languidly against the door frame.

 'Yeah, Doc, you got me. So, what you gonna do with me, huh?'

 He watched as Elmer Fudd's eyes widened at his husky tones, widened further as they took in his changed body language.

 One hand holding his carrot in a death-grip, he extended the other hand towards the suddenly frozen creature in front of him.

 With fingers that trembled only slightly he caressed the hard gunbarrel that menaced him, moving his hand up and down seductively. He felt the beginnings of a triumphant smile try to break out as he heard the gasps and saw Elmer swallow convulsively.

 He laughed teasingly as Elmer moved unconsciously closer. All at once the roles had been reversed: hunter had become prey; prey had become hunter. And Bugs knew he could do this. Knew he could win. Snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, like every other time he had faced this particular foe.

 Except this was not like every other time.

 His physical form was, to all extents and purposes, unchanging. But everything changes. And Bugs had grown tired of always running. He needed rest. He needed peace. He needed...

 A small podgy pink hand reached out, tremblingly, to gently stroke his carrot. Bugs smiled encouragingly and moved closer. He raised a hand to touch the round, pink, oh-so-familiar face in front of him.

 He needed someone. Nobody new: he hadn't the patience to learn someone's habits, likes and dislikes. But here was someone he knew. Someone he knew so well. Here was someone he could feel......comfortable with.

 No explosions of passion, just something familiar, comfortable.

 A change of relationship, yes. But life was all about change. And love is after all just the other side of the coin from hate. And he could flip coins with the best of 'em.

 He smiled again at Elmer. Saw an answering smile levelled at him by the hunter: tentative at first, but soon growing stronger.

 'Time to put away the tricks, Doc. We're too old for all this chasing around. I fancy getting caught for a change.'

 And putting up no resistance whatsoever he captured the hunter and let Elmer take him prisoner.'s all folks!