In And Out (1997)

Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck


Schoolteacher Howard Brackett is terribly proud of ex student; Cameron Drake who has been nominated for an Oscar. When Cameron wins, he announces that he owes everything to Howard...and he's gay.

Soon to be married Howard is shocked when everyone suddenly starts to question his sexuality, including himself.

Tom Selleck plays the hack journalist looking for a good story who falls for Howard.



I thought this was going to be a typical cheesy Hollywood treatment of gay characters, but it is in fact a very funny movie. It's not ground breaking or thought provoking, but it tickles the funny bone and makes you hoot.

Howards 'How To Be A Man' scene is incredibly funny and I can no longer listed to 'I Will Survive' without thinking of that movie.

If you just want to be entertained then give this a try, it won't fail to amuse.