An Innocent Man

by alyjude


It began in all innocence. Really, it did. Very innocent, in fact. And *I* was completely innocent. I will maintain my innocence right up to the gallows and beyond. Blair, on the other hand, was completely guilty. All his fault. I am the innocent one here, I just came home. After a hard day, a day without him.

<See? His fault>

I walk in and there he sat, on the couch, cross-legged, book in his lap, <damn> hair down <See? He should have had it tied back. Guilty!> glasses perched precariously on the end of his cute nose, TV blaring some "animal in danger" show, so I grab a beer and join him. On the couch. The same couch. And why not? My home, my couch, my guide. Why shouldn't I sit with him? On the same couch?

<See? I'm completely innocent>

He looks over at me, a little surprised, <Ha! I don't think so> then he smiles.

<He definitely shouldn't have done that. His fault>

And it's "that" smile, the beautiful, so glad to see you smile, and he says, "Hi, didn't hear you come in."

<Now I ask you, how innocent is *that*?>

I say, "Hi, missed you today." <A totally innocent remark if there ever was one> and I added, "Whatcha watchin?" And I settle back, beer in one hand and my arm resting on the back of the couch. *My* couch. <And why not?>

He says that it's some endangered animal special, well, okay, he didn't say *that* exactly, what he *did* say the exact name of the animal, it's genus, exactly how many were left in the wild, exactly *where* in some remote jungle, in some remote third world country, in some remote endangered tree this animal resides and exactly *why* it's endangered and exactly by *whom*, and well, see? I'm innocent here. I mean, he's talking, that beautiful voice, not even boring, I mean, that whole endangered thing should have been boring. Nod off, fall asleep, deadly, suicidal, eat my gun kind of boring, and if he'd been innocent it would have been, but no-o-o-o, it was thrilling, exciting, greatest thing since sliced bread and the invention of flavored lube. I was hanging on every word coming out of that mouth. Couldn't wait for what came next.

<See? His fault. Completely>

And did I mention his hair? Moving, swaying, flowing with every word, every gesture of his hands, every nod of his head. No man should have such think I haven't heard the women at work? "It's a crime," that's what they say, hell, that's whay *I* say. The man should be arrested.

<See? He's guilty, I'm innocent?>

So anyway, he's talking, head going up from his book, over to me, back to the television screen and those curls are bobbing, floating.....and my hand just couldn't help it, my fingers were just a few inches away, can you blame me? So after he finishes and goes back to his book, well, my fingers just kind of ~ moved, and well, he wasn't talking anymore and *now* I was bored....

<His fault! All his fault>

So, I started playing....with his hair.

<See? Completely innocent. Honest>

Innocent playing, rolling the curls around my fingers, and it felt so gooood. Of course, every few minutes his body would freeze, his eyes would stop moving across the pages, and I'd have to let go, my hand resting back in place, behind him, completely, totally innocent. He'd look at me, from the side, a strange look <But I say it was a guilty look> on his face, then he'd shrug and go back to his book, his hand absently stroking his thigh, <STROKING! Stroking his thigh! How innocent is that, I ask you, how innocent?> then my fingers would go back to, stop, play, stop.

Finally he says, "Jim, you're playing with my hair."

<Talk about guilt here. I'm a cop, I *know* guilt when I hear it. Could he have sounded more guilty?>

I say, "Is there a problem?"

<Could I have been more innocent? I think not>

He says, "Why would there be a problem? I'm sitting here and my MALE roommate, got that Jim? MALE roommate? Is playing with *his* MALE roommates hair. Now why would that be a problem?"

<Okay, for a guilty man he sounded very sarcastic>

"Jim," he says, "No one plays with my hair."

"No one?" I ask innocently. <I'm *so* not guilty here. Oh, God, I'm starting to sound like him. And who's fault is *that*? His. See? Guilty>

And he says, "No one except a lover."

<Now I personally take that as an invitation. Wouldn't you? I'm totally innocent. *He* said it. Lover>

So I let my fingers do the walking again. And this time? I let a knuckle just brush against his neck.

<Well, he invited me, didn't he? You heard him, he said, "Lover">

So then he stops everything. Freezes up totally. And says, "You're stroking my neck, Jim."

<Is that an invitation, or what?>

I say, "Uh, uh."

<I'm so verbose ~ and innocent>

And when he doesn't say anything right away, <Because he's guilty> I naturally lean in and lift some of that silky, springy "alive" hair off that incredible neck and ~ lick him.

<Hey, maybe it's God's fault. She created him>

He shivered. I swear, he shivered!

<Talk about another invitation>

So I licked him again. And, okay, I nibbled too. A harmless, innocent nibble ~ and lick. A harmless, innocent nibble and lick. Lick, nibble. And he moaned. Low. Throaty. Irresistible. And definitely guilty. So I licked his earlobe. And he jerked. And said, "Jim?" So I say, "Blair?" So he says, "J-i-m," but more insistant.

<I swear, he's guilty *and* insatiable!>

So I licked his lobe again, and tugged those little loops and this time he jumped and screamed my name, "JIM!"

<See? No question about it, he's guilty and demanding>

And then he says,"Jim, do you <lick and nibble> know what <moan ~ his> you are <moan ~ mine> doing?"

And I say, in all innocence, "Yeah."

<Am I a silver-tongued devil, or what? And innocent too!>

And he says, "Okay." And moans. So I take that as another invitation to let my tongue explore his ear, inside and out, and he starts jerking, jumping, shivering, moaning, gasping and finally ~ *finally*, he pounces.

<For a genius, he sure is slow>

His mouth latches onto mine, his tongue plundering like there's a million dollars hidden somewhere down my throat, and his hands are ripping my shirt open....

<Isn't it about time? And my god, he's a junior Hercules>

......then I get a hold of his tongue.....

<Hot damn, it's as energetic as he is!>

.......and I start sucking like crazy, and I'm tasting, biting, nibbling those juicy lips, then back to sucking.....

<Nothing - ever - in - my - life, has ever tasted like this, nothing, ever. And I've found a whole new food group, top of the pyramid, Blairfood>

Suddenly I'm thinking ~ Caveman. Jungle. Mine.

<But totally innocent and very politically correct, because, well, he has the hair for it....dragging, I mean, right? For dragging into my cave? And devouring? And besides, he's doing a damn fine job of devouring me and it's a toss up as to who gets dragged where....except my hair is too short>

But still ~ MINE. So I flip us over, and I'm looking down at him, he's looking up at me, and he's smiling, and I've never seen *that* smile before, like a little kid who just opened the best Christmas present ever, in his life, and *I'm* that I smile back, like the very innocent cat who swallowed the very guilty canary.

<It *was* the canary's fault. The cat was totally innocent, just following it's instincts, right? See? Innocent. Completely. Just following my instincts>

I go back to plundering his mouth, because I know there *is* a million dollars there....and don't you just love the word, "plundering"? And it's so innocent too. My hands are wrapped around his hair, holding his still, and I'm really into this plundering now, and he starts wiggling and I think he's really getting hot now, but his breathing changes and I realize I'm suffocating him, so I release his mouth, push up a bit and he takes a deep, shuddering breath and smiles up at me and says, "You planned this." And I say, "Who, me?" And he says, "Yeah, you," followed by, "Who knew?" And I say, "I knew."

And he says, "Yeah, you did," and he adds so quietly, and so ~ fucking beautifully, "And now, so do I, Jim."

Well, I have to say the words now. Those innocent words, so I do.

"I love you, Blair." And he can't help it, he has to say it back, "I love you too, Jim." And it hits me then, hard. And it's like the last big drop, on the biggest rollercoaster ride in the world because Blair loves me. And I know I have this silly grin on my face because I can see it reflected back at me, in his eyes, and I love that too.

I'm still grinning and Blair says, "This was quite a seduction." And I say, "Yeah, you're pretty good at this seduction scene, you have me right where you want me." And his eyes get all big and round and he laughs and says, "Yeah, that's me, Sandburg, Seducer of Big Innocent Cops." And I say, "Right," and attack his ear again and whisper, "it worked, didn't it?" And he moans again, so, like the completely innocent man that I am, I take this seduction, that I've planned for the last two weeks, to it's natural and inevitable conclusion.

<But I will maintain, to my dying day, that it was his fault. But damn, I'm good>

WAIT. What was that? Did Blair just wink?

<Damn, that boy is good>

//Damn right, I am. Ah, the art of getting someone to do what you and they have wanted to do all along....I am good ~ and guilty as hell//


The End.