By K9

As his naked skin brushed mine, I shivered. His weight pressed down onto my body, and I just wanted him to melt into me. His hands slid through my long hair, gently tugging it, until I gasped. The heat between us was almost unbearable, as he held me down, forcing my hands above my head. I wanted him so badly, that it hurt. My body ached with need, and he smiled, knowing that his deliberations were causing such exquisite torture.

I yearned to slide my tongue over him, to taste his skin, so damp with sweat. I could almost hear the blood, coursing through him, pounding at his brain, filling his cock to full hardness, but I remained still, allowing him control.

He entered me roughly. No apologies, no need for words, just raw passion unleashed between two men.

His face, usually so impassive, was now a picture of lust, and desire. 

Oh, how I love to see him this way; the real man behind the mask.

We climaxed together. The world stopped turning, and I'm sure I heard every man's god whisper my name.

I soon realized that my back was raw; the stone floor of the Batcave was not the most comfortable place for sex.

Lying beside me, Bruce gasped for breath.

"Nice greeting, Bruce," I chuckled, "Most people just say 'Hi'."

"Arthur, are you complaining?" he asked.

"Not at all, old friend." I sighed with satisfaction, "So, how about you take me to bed now?"


The End