In Vino Veritas

By K9


“Ellison,” Jim barked into the telephone.

“Hi, this is Kelly. Is Blair there?” a young woman’s voice asked.

Jim sighed, “No, sorry.”

“Do you know where he is? Or maybe where I can contact him?”

“Sorry, I don’t. But if you’re interested, we are thinking of putting him out to stud this summer. If you’d like me to add your name to the list, I’d be pleased to do so?” Jim said dryly.

There was a momentary silence before the woman’s voice resumed. “Really?” Kelly gasped, “Yeah, you can put my name down.”

Jim pulled the receiver from his ear and stared at it in disbelief. Bringing it back to his ear, he continued, “Well, okay. You just have to obey a few rules. For example, some women just ride him hard and put him away wet, it causes all kinds of trouble….sends his hair frizzy and everything. So you’ve gotta promise to treat him right?”

“Oh, yeah. No problem,” she replied breathlessly.

“Okay then, I’ll let him know,” Jim smiled to himself. Shaking his head he put down the phone with a sigh. “Well, it’s not your mind he loves you for, darlin’,” he muttered.

Suddenly, a familiar bounce entered the bullpen, jacket flying open, curls awry with static electricity. Blair Sandburg swept into Major Crimes like a tornado hitting a small town.

“Well, if it’s not Don Juan,” Jim smiled.

“Hey, Jim!” Blair grinned, “What’s up?” He shrugged off his jacket and threw his backpack onto the chair.

“I’m not your answering service, Chief, “Jim grumbled, slamming a piece of paper with the girl’s name on into Blair's chest, “And the Captain’s looking for you too. He received an email this morning, from Lois. Who wants to know when you’re going to get your ‘cute little butt’ over to see her,” Jim smiled, “Her words…not mine.”

“Is Simon pissed?” Blair enquired.

“Is the sky blue?” Jim answered with a certain gleeful malice.

“Er, I think I have some work to finish at the U,” Blair decided gathering up his bag and recently shed jacket.

“Sandburg?” Simon Banks bellowed.

“Eek!” Blair dodged down behind his partner. The desk and a large Sentinel were surely enough cover for a cowardly anthropologist trying to avoid a confrontation with a pissed-off Captain.

“He’s right here, Captain,” Jim called.

Blair looked up in astonishment, “Judas!” he spat.

“Can’t be,” Jim sniggered, “I didn’t kiss you,” he grabbed Blair by the shoulder and marched him, feet barely skimming the floor, into the Captain’s office.

“Sandburg,” Simon Banks loomed over the young man dangerously, “This is not a dating agency and I object most strongly at getting emails from your harem!”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know how she got this address,” Blair shrugged, gesturing to the computer.

“Sandburg, say: ‘It won’t happen again, Captain,” Simon instructed.

Blair turned on his puppy dog face, it’s apologetic expression now legendary, “It won’t happen again, Captain. I swear.”

“No. Just say what I tell you to say. Now, ‘How can I make amends, Captain?”

Blair glanced suspiciously at Simon then at his partner, “How can I make amends, Captain?” he mumbled.

“Why thank you for the offer, Sandburg. Come with me,” Simon clapped his large hand on Blair’s shoulder and led him from the office. The younger man shot a worried look back at his partner, who was suddenly looking very smug.

Simon led the way into a small side office. Leaning against the far wall was a stack of old reports, which teetered and swayed with air current from the door.

“Old reports…computer,” Simon smiled, “I want all of those reports entered into the computer before you go.”

“But, that could take days!” Blair exclaimed, eyeing the stack with a feeling of dread.

“Yes, it could,” the big man smirked, “Better get going then, Sandburg. I’ll send Rhonda in with a coffee for you later.”



All that evening Jim watched TV clicking through the channels irritably. Glancing at the clock, for the tenth time in an hour, he sighed. He was sure that Blair would be home by now, ‘just a little end of semester celebration’ he’d said. A couple of beers with the guys….and girls, from the U, nothing heavy.

Suddenly there was a noise out in the street and the familiar sound of his partner and guide. He tracked the voices all the way up until he heard someone approach the door. In his head he could hear Blair saying; ‘Man, don’t keep opening the door before people knock, it really freaks ‘em out.’ So he sat back and waited for the key in the door. Instead, there was a tentative knock.

Jim answered it to find one of Blair’s students grinning at him.

“Hey, Detective Ellison,” the young man smiled.

“Hi, Josh,” Jim frowned.

“We’ve just brought Blair back. He’s a little too much to drink,” Josh gave a snigger.

“Great,” Jim sighed as he watched two other students carry Blair from the elevator.

“Jiimmmm!” Blair called loudly.

“Keep it down, Chief. It’s one a.m,” Jim warned.

Totally ignoring his partners warning, Blair turned to the pretty young co-ed, who currently resided under his left arm and giggled, “This is my roomie, Jim. He’s a cop.”

“Yeah, I know,” she smiled, absently running her hand across his chest, “We still on for Saturday?” she purred.

“Oh, yeah,” he grinned, stealing a kiss.

“Come on, Casanova,” Jim sighed. Blair lurched from their arms into his. “Thanks for bringing him back, guys,” Jim called as the students walked away. The young woman shot Blair one last, hungry glance before climbing into the elevator.

Jim half carried his partner in, before depositing him on a chair. “Come on, Chief. You take your jacket off and I’ll go get you a drink of water.”

“Ack, don’t want water, man. A beer would be good though,” Blair swayed in his seat, smiling inanely to himself.

“Nope, no more alcohol. You need water to re-hydrate your system,” Jim warned as he placed a glass in front of his roommate.

“Party pooper,” Blair hiccupped. Clumsily, he pushed the jacket from his shoulders, not quite managing to free one arm from the twisted material. He glanced down in alarm, realizing that he was missing a hand. Giggling suddenly he pulled his arm free and studied the ‘missing’ hand like it was an old friend returning home.

“So, you have a good time?” Jim asked.

“Oh yeah.”

“Who’s the pretty co-ed?” the older man asked, wishing he didn’t feel the need to know.

“Pamela. Cute huh?” the younger man leered, bobbing his eyebrows.

“Very,” Jim replied coldly.

“Oh man, what a night. You should’ve come with us, Jim. We had a blast,” Blair slurped the water down messily.

“Great,” Jim replied, wishing he didn’t feel so…..annoyed. Hell, Blair deserved some down-time, he worked hard and he had invited Jim along. It was just the prospect of spending the evening with kids young enough to be his own, that had put the older man off. These were the times that Jim truly felt the age difference between himself and Blair.

“Oh man, my ass is sore!” Blair said suddenly, as though the thought had just pierced his alcohol soaked brain.

“What have you been doing?” Jim exclaimed.

Blair giggled, “Nothing,” he grinned. Suddenly, the happy expression disappeared. “Jim? Oh man, I don’t feel so good.”

Jim was on his feet and had his partner half way to the bathroom when Blair was violently sick. Jim reeled as the smell caused his senses to jump. Pulling Blair up to the toilet, Jim lowered him down and held back his hair as he threw up repeatedly.

“Oh man,” Blair groaned, his voice echoing in the toilet bowl, “Bad karma.”

Jim smiled to himself as he realized that unknowingly he’d begun rubbing Blair’s back in gentle circles with his free hand. An unconscious gesture designed to make his guide feel safe, to remind him that he, Jim Ellison, his Sentinel and friend, would always be there. Suddenly, the younger man sat up. Jim helped him lean back against the tiled bathroom wall.

“Did I die yet?” Blair asked slowly.

“Not yet, Chief. You’ll know when it happens, you’ll begin to feel better,” Jim grabbed a wet washcloth and wiped Blair’s face over with it, “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up and into bed.”

“Yeah, Jim. In a minute, when the room stops spinning,” he closed his eyes and sighed, “Oh that feels good,” he whispered as the coolness of the cloth washed over him.

Jim allowed himself a smile, as he looked into his partner’s face- still so angelic despite his condition. Putting down the washcloth, he wrapped an arm around Blair’s waist and hauled him to his feet. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”  He helped the younger man from the bathroom, deliberately avoiding the unpleasant mess on the floor.

“Oh man, did I do that?” Blair heaved deeply, “Jim. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’ll come clean it up in a minute, once you’re lying down and comfortable.” Jim carefully sat Blair down on his bed, “Come on, Chief, shed the layers,” he instructed.

“Ooh,” Blair groaned. His face was clammy and his eyes were tightly closed.

Jim sighed. He began by unbuttoning his partner’s shirt, slipping it from his shoulders, then he lifted the tee shirt over Blair’s head, only to find another beneath the first, “Jeezus, Sandburg. It’s like peeling an onion,” he muttered. Pushing his partner gently back on the bed, Jim gingerly unfastening his jeans and slid down the zip. Blair stifled a giggle as Jim’s fingers brushed his groin lightly. Removing sneakers and socks, Jim yanked the jeans off, throwing them onto the chair with the other discarded garments.

“Okay, come on, get under the cover,” he said. Blair merely groaned once more. Grumbling under his breath, Jim rolled the younger man onto his side and slipped the bed cover from beneath him, before pulling it up around his chest. “Better?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” Blair groaned again, “ Jim?”


“Could I have that cold washcloth back? Oh man, my head.” Blair’s hand made a sweeping, swirling motion in the air.

“I’ll go get it.” Jim walked back to the bathroom, quickly cleaning the mess up on the way. On his return he sat on the side of the bed and placed the cooling cloth on Blair’s face.

Before he knew what was happening, Jim found himself sitting on the bed, resting against the wall with his partner’s head in his lap, as he gently bathed the heated brow.

“Oh man, that feels wonderful,” Blair sighed, surrendering a smile.

“Just a pity your little co-ed didn’t stick around for the job,” Jim replied a little more sarcastically than he meant to.

“Oh no, man. You have a talent for this, trust me.” Blair snuggled himself into Jim’s lap.

“And I suppose her ‘talents’ lie elsewhere?” the older man suggested feeling Blair’s body suddenly begin to relax.

“Hell, I dunno,” the young anthropologist muttered.

“Oh, so that’s what you’re going to find out Saturday, huh?”

“No!” Blair giggled.

“No? Don’t try to tell me that you ‘don’t’ on the first date, Sandburg, please,” Jim grinned at the thought.

Blair shifted slightly, adjusting his shoulder placement so that he now pooled in Jim’s lap like a cat, “No man, I just don’t,” he replied sleepily.

“Don’t what?” Jim asked, now intrigued.

“Don’t anything.”

“Chief, I know you’re drunk and probably sprouting more bullshit than usual. But are you really trying to tell me that you don’t sleep with all these women you date?” Jim sat staring, open-mouthed. Unable to believe that this could, even in his wildest dreams, be the truth.


“Nope, what? “

“Nope, I don’t sleep with ‘em.”

The bigger man laughed, “Just ninety nine per cent of ‘em, right?” he teased.

“Nope,” Blair yawned, “Don’t sleep with any of them.”

“Gimme a break here,” Jim laughed, “And it never rains in Cascade,” he hooted. Turning over the cloth, he began once again the hypnotic ritual of stroking and caressing Blair’s face with the damp cloth.

“S’truth,” the younger man slurred.

“You’re kidding me, right?” Jim asked.

“No, none of ‘em. Never have,” Blair began to doze lightly under his partner’s gentle ministrations.

Jim looked down at his roommate’s beautiful face and stared, “Are you telling me that you’ve never had sex with a woman?”


“What about a man?” Jim asked tentatively.

“Nope. Nor a dog, a pony or a marsupial!” Blair giggled drunkenly.

“Get outta here,” Jim gasped as a strangled laugh forced it’s way out, “You’re jerking my chain.”

“No. S’truth,” Blair said finally succumbing to sleep. Leaving his partner for what was left of the night to nurse his own fevered thoughts.



By the time Blair finally made it into the P.D the next day, the working day was half over. Jim had left him a note telling him he needn’t bother, but as usual, he felt he should be there just in case his partner needed him. The previous night had become a blur of conversations and dreams. Blair wasn’t too sure where one had ended and the other had begun.

Walking carefully through the stationhouse, Blair noted how very loud everything was and bright. Way too bright. <This must be how Jim feels sometimes,> he thought as the sound of someone dropping trash in the trashcan registered like an atomic explosion.

“Hey, Chief!” Jim called, “Feeling okay?”

Blair gestured with his hand for Jim to lower the volume, “I think I’ll live. Just keep it down a little, man” he whispered. Sitting down gently at his desk, he shot his partner a glance. Jim seemed unnaturally upbeat.<Must have been bullying suspects all morning,> Blair thought miserably, <That always puts him in a good mood.>

“Hey, Sandburg,” Brown grinned, “You look like shit, man. Must have been one hell of a party!”

Blair managed a weak smile and slight nod, “Oh yeah,” he whispered.

“Oh, by the way, Sandburg,” Jim smiled, “I picked you up some new stationary. I put it in your drawer.”

Blair regarded his partner with suspicion, “Thanks,” he said slowly. Jim always moaned for at least a week before he replaced Blair’s stationary, insisting that the young anthropologist spent entirely too much time scribbling notes and making ‘observations’. Pulling open the drawer he reached in and removed a notepad. Flipping it over he stopped dead in his tracks. On the cover was a painting of a large unicorn racing through the forest.

Blair frowned. This wasn’t PD issue…then the awful realization hit him. The pictures subtle imagery of the mythological unicorn only visible and accessible to those with a pure heart, soul and….body, suddenly leaped out and grabbed him by the throat.

The sign of the virginal and the pure…oh shit.

In that moment, the horrible truth dawned. The conversation he’d dreamed having with Jim last night…..wasn’t a dream.

Blair continued to stare inexorably at the notebook. He could feel the sweat pooling on his top lip, and a river was cascading down his back. His throat tightened and he was becoming short of breath.

<He knows,> Blair thought with horror, <Oh God, he knows.> Like a man about to stare death in the face, he lifted his head slowly to find his partners gaze fastened upon him.

As their eyes met, Jim gave in to a malicious grin, as though until that moment, he hadn’t been sure if it was all just drunken rambling. But, Blair realized, if Jim had had any doubts before, he, transparent, hung-over idiot that he was, had just confirmed the truth with his reaction.

Feeling himself blush ferociously, Blair glanced back down to the tauntingly innocent image on the notebook. Momentarily, he closed his eyes and swallowed hard. Maybe when he opened them again all of this would prove to be a dreadful alcohol induced nightmare. Blinking he looked up, oh yeah…it was a nightmare all right, a waking one.

Jim walked over and pinched Blair’s cheek playfully, “One of the perils of drink, Chief,” he grinned, “I’m going for a coffee, I think I’d better bring you one.”



Jim set out the table at the loft, ready for that evening’s poker session. Blair watched his partner out of the corner of his eye, that smug smile was still playing on his lips. All day he’d winked and grinned every time Blair had glanced his way. It was embarrassing beyond belief and even though he was pretty sure that Jim hadn’t told anyone else, somehow, it felt like they all knew.

Blair stared into the pan as he mixed the sauce for dinner, his mind a whirl of feelings and troubled thoughts. His little indiscretion was very badly timed and just gave Jim a further reason to treat him like a kid. He worked hard to get respect from the older man, putting in time on this Sentinel thing and at the PD that he could ill afford, especially with the stresses being put on him at the university at the moment. It seemed that everyone wanted a piece of Blair Sandburg, except the person that really mattered.

“Come on, Chief. Keep your mind on what you’re doing. Isn’t abstinence supposed to focus the mind?” Jim said suddenly.

“Just gimme a break, Jim,” Blair pleaded, unable to look his partner in the eye, and suddenly noticing that the sauce was beginning to burn, “I’m not amused.”

Jim laughed at his friend’s discomfort and continued to set out the chairs.

Blair stared at him angrily, he always knew Jim could be an insensitive jerk, but he was really excelling himself this time. What? Did he think that because he said these things in private that they hurt any less than public humiliation?

His virginity was important to him. He always felt that it meant he was still ‘special’. He’d spent his childhood in communes watching people give themselves freely and ultimately getting hurt and he just never could see himself behaving that way. It was not like he was never tempted, hell no, he’d come close so many times, but in the end he always knew that they weren’t ‘the one’.

Glancing up, he looked at his partner with a strange feeling of hurt and desire. Yeah, he thought, he’d know ‘the one’ anywhere. Jim Ellison, Sentinel of the great city, bad-ass cop, poster boy for Mr Straight America and the only man he knew who could make him weak at the knees and as hard as rock in thirty seconds flat, with just a smile. Blair always thought it must be some kind of nasty divine joke, that made the oldest male virgin in history willing to drop his shorts for the straightest man in the known universe.

“You okay?” Jim asked, “Sandburg?”

“Wha..Yeah,” Blair muttered, “Just great.”

“Simon’s bound to be early, so I’d better go get the ionizer…that cigar smoke sends my senses crazy!” Jim said rummaging in a cupboard.

“Jim?” Blair said in a small voice.


“You’re not going to say anything to the guys, are you?”

Jim looked up, “About what?” he asked.

Blair slammed down the spoon, “You know damn well what about!” he said angrily.

The big cop grinned, “Why? You’re not shy about it are you?”

“I just don’t want the entire precinct to know my business, that’s all,” Blair said between gritted teeth.

Jim moved in close behind his partner, he rested his hand on Blair’s back gently, “I think it’s admirable that you’ve ‘saved yourself’ for Miss Right, Chief,” he smiled, but the mocking tone in his voice was like a knife through Blair’s heart.

“Jim!” Blair pleaded.

Slapping his guide’s rear sharply, the older man walked away laughing.

Wishing that the last forty-eight hours had never happened, Blair continued miserably with the food preparation and could only wait to see what form of humiliation Jim had in store for him next.



The poker session was going well. As usual Simon was cleaning up, his deep throaty chuckle could be heard echoing through the loft each time the cards fell his way.

Blair pulled back his chair after folding his hand, yet again, “Count me out of the next one, guys, I gotta go finish dinner,” he sighed.

“Hey, Sandburg. What we having?” Brown asked licking his lips appreciatively, Blair’s culinary skills having become legendary among the Cascade PD officers.

“Wait and see,” Blair smiled.

“Which means; he doesn’t know what to call it since he scraped it off the harbor wall,” Jim said with a grin.

“Oh, man. It’s not fungus again, is it?” Brown grimaced.

Blair slapped Jim across the back of the head as he walked past, “No, it is not!” he stated, “It’s a selection of meats and vegetables, wrapped in vine leaves and basted in olive oil…”

Jim looked up suddenly, his eyes shone with mischief, “’Extra Virgin’, I’ll bet,” he sniggered.

Blair’s eyes flew open and his cheeks colored profusely. He stared at Jim with barely disguised horror before shooting glances at the now upturned faces, eyes all watching him, trying to work out what the joke was. Turning away, he hurried into the kitchen without a word.

“Did we miss something there?” Simon asked.

“No,” Jim replied, returning his attention to dealing the cards.

“Then why did Sandburg look like someone just shot his dog?” the Captain enquired.

Jim shifted uncomfortably, “It’s just a private joke….about his cooking…you know how sensitive he is about it,” he shrugged.

Simon glanced over at Rafe who looked equally unconvinced.

“Hey, Jim. I’d give Sandburg house room if he’d come cook for me,” Brown laughed, “You should try living on TV dinners for a month, then you’d appreciate him more.”

“I do appreciate him,” Jim said with a scowl.

“Oh yeah,” Simon grinned, “Jim Ellison, the man without the word ‘thanks’ in his vocabulary!”

Jim gasped, “That’s a goddamned lie!” he said in astonishment, “Hey, Sandburg, do I ever say ‘thank you’ to you?” he shouted.

“Not that I’d noticed,” Blair called back. The other three men laughed out loud, leaving Jim nodding submissively.

Suddenly there was a crash from the street, everyone leaped from their seat. Jim was first to the window to see that two youths had just hit his beloved truck with their car.

“My truck!” he yelled, “Stay right there you little bastards, while I come down there and rip your head off!”

From behind them, the men heard Blair’s voice, “Shit! Er, could someone give me a hand here?”

Turning, Simon was the first to notice the blood, “Sandburg, what happened?” he said grabbing a towel before pressing it into Blair’s hand.

“Oh man! The sound of the crash distracted me, I slipped with the knife…major bummer!” the young man smiled painfully.

“Chief?” Jim ran across the room, pushing Simon out of the way and grabbing Blair’s hand, “You okay?”

“Yeah, just feel a little sick,” Blair replied.

“I’ll get Rafe to take Sandburg at the hospital, Jim. You need to go sort out that mess down there, Brown has gone down to stop them fleeing the scene,” Simon said

“Okay, Simon,” Jim answered. He looked over at his partner,  <It’s not like Rafe isn’t perfectly capable of taking care of Sandburg at the hospital,> he thought, <I just wish I could do it myself.> “You sure you’re okay?” he almost whispered.

“No,” Blair grumbled, before turning on a smile, “Of course I am you jerk!”

Jim touched his face gently, “Gotta keep you fit and healthy, Chief. I’ve been telling your girlfriends that you’re out to stud this summer. Should prove a lucrative business. At least I thought it would,” Jim winked.

Blair glared at his partner, “Bastard!” he mumbled, Sentinel soft.

Jim grinned and slapped his cheek, “Take care of him, Rafe. He hasn’t finished preparing dinner yet,” he joked.



After reducing the life expectancy of two teens by at least ten years, due to fear induced hysteria, Jim hurried to the hospital to check on Blair. Rafe had already informed him that the injury was minor and required only a little cleaning and stitching, but Jim needed to see for himself.  Pacing the hospital waiting room nervously, he couldn’t stop himself from worrying about Sandburg. It had become a part of what they were together, Sentinel and guide, friends, partners. Finally, unable to help himself, he reached out with his hearing, zeroing in on his partner’s familiar tones.

“Okay, Mr Sandburg,” the nurse said, “That’s all done. I see that you’re due for your tetanus shot? I think we should do it now, don’t you? Just drop your shorts.”

“Er..” Blair’s nervous voice began.

“Come along, Mr Sandburg, don’t be shy. Believe me, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”

“Oh hell,” Blair muttered under his breath.

“Oh!” the nurse giggled, “Nice.”

“Please, Nurse. Don’t laugh, “ Blair said with embarrassment, “Is…is there anything that can be done about this?”

“Why? I think it’s kind of nice,” her amused voice drifted out to where Jim sat transfixed.

“Well, it’s sort of embarrassing,” Blair replied shyly.

“You can have treatment, but it would be expensive,” she said.

“Thanks, I’ll think it over.”

“I hope he appreciates you,” she whispered, her voice sultry and teasing.

Jim listened as Blair laughed nervously. Now he was really intrigued. What the hell did Sandburg have down those shorts?



“You okay, Chief?” Jim asked as Blair wandered out of the treatment room.

“Yeah, hand sown up, dignity severely dented…you know how it is,” Blair winced, rubbing his rear painfully.


“No,” Blair said with a smile, “Everything work out with the truck?”

Jim grimaced, “Yeah. Luckily they had insurance. Well the one guys Dad that has the insurance, but at least it means that I don’t have to pay for the damage.”

“How is ‘she’?” Blair asked with concern.

“Man, she’s banged up,” Jim sighed wearily, “Little bastard caved her side in, looks like the front axle’s shot. But, at least I got to scare the shit out of him before I left!” he said giving in to a grin.

Blair threw his arm around his partner, “Well you know where I am if you need me, man. This is a tough time for you, I understand!” he sniggered.

“Always knew you rode along for a reason, Sandburg. My moral support in a crisis.”



The week drew to a close quickly.  Jim grumbled about the fact that he was forced to use a carpool car. He insisted that, if push came to shove, it could never be trusted the way his beloved truck could. She was still in the garage and it was touch and go if she was going to make it. Blair sympathized and nodded in agreement at every moan and complaint, deciding that a guide’s job was to agree with his Sentinel in these times of grief. Despite his current preoccupation with all things mechanical, however,  Jim hadn’t let up with his constant torment concerning Blair’s virginal state. In fact, it seemed to be the only thing that really amused him at the moment.

Jim sat slumped in the chair across the desk from Captain Simon Banks, Blair stood to the side, leaning against the filing cabinet.

“Great job, gentlemen,” Simon grinned, closing the Murphy case. “An’ another one bites the dust!” he laughed.

“Yeah, I think we did good on this one!” Jim added, “Chalk another one up to fine police work!” he said smugly sitting back in the chair.

“Not to mention, of course the mountain of paperwork that a certain anthropologist did on this?” Blair reminded him.

Jim looked astonished, “Were you there too?” he asked, ducking to avoid the ball of screwed up paper heading his way.

“Well whatever it was, I think you gents deserve a drink,” Simon said clapping Jim on the shoulder.

“Hey, great!” Blair enthused.

“I dunno about Sandburg, Simon. He gets a little loose-lipped when he’s been drinking,” Jim sniggered.

“Really? What, is he going to regale us with the tales of how he lost his virginity at the age of twelve to a thirty year old nymphomaniac, or something?” Simon laughed. Blair’s face flushed as he looked nervously towards his partner.

“Oh I think it’s pretty safe to say that, that won’t be what he regales us with!” Jim laughed.

“Really?” Simon said with amazement, “Sandburg, you disappoint me.”

Blair had hit the end of his tether, he swung open the door and stormed out, back to his desk to gather himself. <For God’s sake Jim, why can’t you see that I’m not finding this funny?> he thought angrily. Suddenly he spotted a bowl of cherries sitting on his desk, yet another not so subtle taunt. This had proved to be the last straw, the final insult.

“Chief, where’s your sense of humor?” Jim’s voice said from behind him.

“This isn’t amusing any more, Jim,” Blair replied tersely. He clenched his fists angrily, trying to blot out Jim’s mocking tone.

“Come on,” Jim grinned, punching Blair’s arm.

“So, you think it’s funny, huh?” Blair said biting his lip with anger. Suddenly turning to face his partner, he advanced on him dangerously. “Are you getting off on this or something?” he growled, “So, I’m a virgin, big fucking joke, huh? Just because I don’t screw everything in a skirt and blame it on ‘pheromones’,” he gave a derisive snort.

Faces all around the room turned their way, spellbound by the sight of this normally easy going young anthropologist going Chernobyl.

Blair backed his partner into the desk causing Jim to sit back sharply on the corner of his workstation. Jabbing Jim in the chest with a well-aimed finger, Blair exploded, “And since you’re so goddamned worried about me losing my cherry, why don’t you claim it for yourself?” he raged, “Then you could carve another notch on your well whittled bedpost, huh stud?”

Jim’s mouth fell open and his eyes widened like a kitten whose ping-pong ball just batted back.

“What, nothing to say? Good, then maybe you should just put up or shut up!” he turned on his heels and stormed from the bullpen.

Jim stood rooted to the spot. He glanced around nervously, checking if anyone had actually heard what his partner had said- which of course they had. He could hear the mutterings traveling through the bullpen like wildfire. Speculation and gossip, was at last un-caged and running wild. Feeling his face flush, he raced from the room to catch up with Blair. “Sandburg, wait!” he called.

Blair stood at the elevator, impatiently jabbing the button, “Come on,” he hissed.

“Sandburg,” Jim said as the doors opened and Blair stepped in, nodding to a young uniformed officer who was already resident. “Wait,” Jim managed to grab the doors just as they were closing. Forcing them back open, he stepped in. He glared at the uniform and gestured to the door. The young man nervously edged his way around the big cop and slipped out.

“What are you doing, man,” Blair said angrily, “Where do you get off keep intimidating people?”

“What?” Jim exclaimed, pressing the elevator stop button. The car ground to a halt.

Blair rounded on him again, he backed his partner into the corner, “I am so tired of you bullying people, pulling this macho-cop shit. And I’m sick of your teasing and tormenting, it’s really pissing me off!” Blair yelled.

“Chief, I’m sorry,” Jim said meekly, “I didn’t think.”

“No, you never do,” Blair raged, “You care so little for my feelings that you don’t even credit me with having any.”

“That’s not true,” Jim protested, “I admit, I took this too far, and I’m sorry. What can I say? What can I do?”

“Nothing you can say or do at this moment can make up for the sheer…*cruelty* I’ve had to endure since you found out I was a virgin,” Blair said angrily, “Man, I just can’t believe the way you’ve treated me!”

“What? Cruelty? Oh shit, Blair. I’m sorry, I never meant it to come out that way, please tell me that you know that now?” Jim pleaded.

“Jim, I just need to get away from here…from you, for a while until I calm down. So please, just press the goddamned button and let me out of here.”

“I just want to talk.”

“Yeah, you want. It’s always what you want. Well I don’t want to talk to you. I want to go home and hit something. Preferably something that won’t hit back, because I might be pissed-off but I’m not stupid. So get out of my damned way, before I do something I’m really gonna regret.”

Jim stood against the wall, mouth open in amazement at the fusion reactor that was Blair Sandburg.

“Can we talk tonight? Blair, please?” he asked.

The younger man took deep, relaxing breaths, “Okay, just let me out of here, man.”

Jim pushed the button and the elevator whirred into action again.

Blair looked up as the elevator floor numbers decreased slowly, his anger still barely contained

Jim tried to put a placating hand on Blair’s shoulder, but it was shrugged away. “I’ll see you later, then?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Blair replied as the elevator doors opened into the parking garage, without another word, he hurried away.



Dinner was a silent affair, punctuated only by necessary pleasantries. Jim shot Blair a number of furtive glances, trying to gage the mood of his very angry, and rightly so, partner.

They finished the food and silently cleared away the plates.

“That was nice,” Jim said quietly.

“Good,” Blair replied.

No longer able to cope with his roommate in such an uncharacteristically  ‘quiet mode’ Jim had to bite the bullet and apologize for being a total jerk, “Blair, I’m really sorry about earlier,” he said unable to meet his partners eyes.

“Yeah, well, I didn’t exactly handle it with much maturity, did I?” Blair replied, “Look man, I’m sorry about what I said in the bullpen, it was way out of line.”

“No, I deserved it. You were just hitting back and I know that. Hey, I use my fists when I’m angry, you use words, the effect can be the same,” Jim said with a sad smile. There was an uneasy silence. “Sandburg, you do know that I never meant all the teasing to hurt you, don’t you?”

Blair sighed, “Yeah, I know. It just hurt when you didn’t seem to notice that I found it upsetting,” he said awkwardly.

“Oh Blair, you know what a jerk I can be. But, I need you to understand that I would never deliberately hurt you. I’d die before I caused you any pain…” Jim trailed off almost shyly.

“Look, Jim, about what I said…” Blair began, he cleared his throat nervously.

“Hey, Chief, it’s okay. I know it was just meant to shock me into silence and trust me, it worked,” Jim smiled.

“Yeah, but…” Blair took a breath.

“But what?” the older man said suddenly puzzled by his partner’s manner.


“Look, I know it was a joke, don’t worry. I’m pretty sure I’m not your type. I’m not a thirty six ‘D’ cup and I look like shit in a short skirt,” Jim laughed. Blair did not answer but merely chewed on his lower lip nervously, “Sandburg?”

“I erm, well, er..” Blair struggled to find words, his face flushed red and he began to sweat.

“What?” Jim gasped, “Are you telling me that when you said I should ‘claim your cherry’ you weren’t joking?” he laughed again, but this time his voice cracked nervously.

“Oh shit,” Blair hissed as his breathing became short and ragged, he began to gasp for air. Suddenly he was off the sofa and heading for his bedroom.

Jim leaped from his seat and followed, “Hey, wait,” he called.

“Jim, lets just forget it, huh?” Blair pleaded as the bigger man grasped his arm.

“No, we won’t just forget it. If it has you this worked up, it must be important to you. Tell me?”

“Oh man, I can’t…..really. Please just drop it.”

“Sandburg, your heart rate just doubled. I really don’t relish the prospect of spending this evening in the I.C.U, when you have a cardiac arrest. Now come on, spill it,” Jim looked at his friend with immense concern.

“Shit! Yeah, okay. I’ve thought about having sex with you, okay? Hell, it was just a fantasy, one of many. Even virgins need an outlet,” Blair sneered.

Jim stood open mouthed, staring at his friend and partner of three years in amazement. Thoughts in turmoil, he couldn’t think of anything to say. He merely studied his partner’s face for signs that this was some kind of cruel payback for all the awful things he’d said and done in the past few days.

“Shit, Jim. Don’t zone on me now, this would be like such bad timing!” Blair hissed, shaking Jim’s arm slightly.

“I…I don’t know what to say?” the older man said at last.

“If the sentence includes the words ‘pervert’ and ‘get out’, I really don’t think I want to hear it,” Blair replied with a sadness to his voice.

“I never knew,” Jim said ignoring Blair’s fears and concentrating on the mind numbing reality that his partner was attracted to him.

“Well, I didn’t exactly advertise the fact and it is only a small chapter in my diss!” Blair said sarcastically, “It’s not the kind of thing you tell your straight, male, roommate over a beer while you’re watching the game.”

“Depends what you mean by ‘straight’, Chief,” Jim smiled suddenly. Blair’s eyes widened. “I’ve been bisexual all my life. I’ve had male lovers before, when I was younger.”

“What!” the younger man gasped, “You’re kidding me? Oh man, now all I need to hear is that there’s no tooth fairy, and my life is a lie,” he said with a stunned grin.

Jim laughed. He reached up and stroked his thumb gently down Blair’s face, “Another secret, is the fact that I fell in love with you the minute I walked into your office the first day we met. Well, okay, the first day we ‘officially’ met. I tend to overlook the fact that you accessed private medical files and impersonated a doctor, both of which I should have arrested you for!” he said running his fingers lightly through Blair’s curls.

“Oh man. I did too,” Blair sighed, “I couldn’t believe it, it was like an electrical current running through me when you touched me.”

“You mean when I threw you up the wall?” Jim grinned.

Blair laughed, “Oh yeah. Major turn on! I thought I was going to come in my pants and, like, totally embarrass myself before we even had chance to get to know each other,” he smiled, as he tentatively touched Jim’s face and traced the line of his partners jaw with a fingertip. “We’ve wasted so much time being dishonest with ourselves over this, Jim.”

“I know, but there’s still time to change things….if that’s what you want?” the big cop asked.

Blair felt a lump developing in his throat, his partner was giving him the choice and the lead in this, which for a control freak like Jim Ellison, must have been the ultimate hardship. He stretched up and kissed Jim lightly, feeling strong arms encircle him and pull him close. “You’re all I want from this life, James Ellison, all I’ve ever wanted,” he whispered.

Jim smiled that knee trembling, breathtaking, ‘Ellison’ smile, “That’s more than I deserve,” he said gently, “Especially after my behavior this week.”

“So….you wanna fool around?!” Blair grinned mischievously.

Jim studied his face carefully, “You serious on this?” he asked.

“Deadly serious. Take me,  I’m yours! On the sofa, on the bed, hell, on the kitchen table….name the spot,” the younger man teased.

“Well, the sofa’s just been cleaned, the kitchen table is just plain unhygenic, so it looks like it’s the bed.”

“The bed it is then,” Blair replied, his eyes shining, “Now!”

“Sandburg, you’re so damned bossy.”



Doors locked, lights off, Jim stood looking at his partner, “You’re absolutely sure about this?” he asked as he and Blair stood at the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m sure,” Blair replied, his face an unconvincing mask of confidence.

Jim held out his hand, “Okay, come on,” he said looking into Blair’s eyes.

Staring at the outstretched hand for a moment, Blair slipped his fingers across the palm and tightened his grip, “I love you, man,” he said hurriedly, in a small voice.

Jim leaned in and kissed him lightly, “I know you do,” he whispered, “I love you too.”

As they reached the bedroom, Jim pulled his guide in close. He swept Blair up in a hug, just needing to feel the younger man close. He smiled as Blair’s uncertain gaze met his, “Okay?” Jim asked.

“Mmm, better than okay. So do you whittle the bedpost before or after?” Blair teased.

“Oh after, in case they chicken out!” Jim grinned as he began to kiss along Blair’s cheekbone. He could feel his guide’s body submitting to his touch, his fingers reaching for Blair’s zipper, desperately trying to open the metal button above it. As he released the tension in the denim, the jeans begin to slip down across the younger man’s hips.

Suddenly Blair pulled back, his face flushed, “Er…Jim..” he stuttered.

“What’s wrong? Was I moving too fast? I’m sorry.”

“No, no. It’s not you, man. I er, I need to tell you something,” Blair blushed.

Jim frowned, “Tell me what?” he asked nervously, searching his partners face for clues.

“You know the night I got drunk?”


“Well, telling you I was a virgin wasn’t the only dumb thing I did,” Blair said swallowing hard.

“What you trying to tell me, Chief?” Jim asked.

“I… a tattoo,” Blair replied in a small voice.

“A tattoo?” Jim grinned.


“Well, that’s……different. What’s the big fuss about, lots of guys have tattoos?”

“It’s more a case of what it says,” Blair squirmed.

Jim eyed him with barely concealed amusement, “You gonna tell me you had Albuquerque tattooed on your dick, or something?” he laughed.

Blair blushed further still, “No!” he exclaimed, “It…it’s on my ass.”

“Come on, Blair, this is really ruining the mood here. What is so shocking that you felt the need to stop me in mid smooch?”

“Shit!” Blair tugged his jeans down past his hips, pulling his shorts down to bare his cheek, he turned to show his partner,  “Just take a look, then get the mocking over,” he sighed.

Jim took one look at the beautiful tight ass cheek with a red love heart emblazoned upon it, and the word ‘Jim’ written in the middle, and hooted with laughter, “Jim?” he spluttered, “You had ‘Jim’ tattooed on your ass? Should I take this as a compliment or what?”

“It must have seemed like a good idea at the time,” Blair said with a degree of sarcasm

“Oh Sandburg…this has to be love!” Jim grinned.

Blair sighed, pulling his shorts back up. “Go ahead, mock away,” he mumbled. Suddenly his hands were grabbed.

“I’m very flattered,” Jim said in a whisper, “Since your ass is the place I most want to be,” he laughed lightly.

Blair gave a snigger, “You’re so smooth, Ellison,” he laughed looking into pale eyes, whose passion mirrored his own.

“Now, can we resume our previous activities?” Jim smiled.

Blair nodded, he watched inexorably as his partner stripped off his own shirt and threw it on the chair, then slowly unbuttoned his pants and slipped them down, stepping out of them carefully.

“Come on Sandburg, get with it,” Jim grinned moving back into Blair’s space, letting his jeans fall to the floor, taking his boxers with them, then pushing a tee shirt over his partner’s head, “Goddamned fifteen layers again,” he panted.

Blair giggled, “You really should learn a little patience, you know,” he grinned as Jim hauled the last remaining garments from his body, leaving him naked and trembling slightly.

“Nervous?” Jim whispered, running his hands gently down Blair’s back.

“Try freezing, “ Blair replied with a grin.

Pulling his partner against him, Jim growled, “I’ll warm you up,” he promised hotly, “I’ll have you hot and sweaty in no time.”

Blair slid his hands down the curve of Jim’s back, pushing his fingers beneath the waistband of the black boxers. With slow deliberation, he let them slide to the floor, before allowing his hands to rest on Jim’s taut muscled ass. “Oh man you are….beautiful,” he whispered.

Jim laughed, “That’s what people usually say about you,” he replied, moving down to Blair’s exposed neck, biting and licking the delicate skin.

“No, that’s the only word that comes to mind when I see you this way,” Blair gasped, “God, the fantasies I’ve had about this body.”

“Wanna describe a few?”

Blair sniggered, “My favorite? I’m sitting studying. You open the door, I can see by your face that you’ve had a really bad day. You drop your keys in the basket, throw off your jacket.

In seconds you’ve crossed the floor and you’re standing in front of me. You throw the laptop on the floor and grab me, pulling me into a really hard kiss, no gentleness, just raw passion. You tear off my clothes and tell me to get on my hands and knees, I’m so scared and so turned on, I’m shaking.

I ask what’s wrong, but you tell me not to speak, just do as I’m told and that you’ll make me feel good. You start to peel off your clothes, I see your muscles flex as you pull your tee shirt over your head,” Blair leaned back and looked at Jim, “Man, that always sends my knees weak when you do that, did you know?” he asked. Jim shook his head and continued to lick across his partners adam’s apple gently, in soft, sweeping strokes.

Blair continued, “Then, you pull down your pants and step out of them. Oh man, you are built! My mouth goes dry at the thought that, ‘that’ will be inside me soon.

I watch you getting hard, I know that me watching you, is what’s making you that way and I’m getting shivers. You stroke down your body, just touching yourself enough to wake your senses, which I know are dialed up and aimed at me. You can read me like an open book, my heart-rate, my scent. You must know that I’m like a dog in heat at the moment, that all I want is to shake my ass for you and for you to fuck me into next week.

You growl ‘Turn over’, I do it, without question, I’m on my knees, waiting for you when I feel your hands all over me. Suddenly you push your cock into me, I scream and bite down on my lip, you’re so big it feels like I’m being ripped apart but the waves of pleasure start crashing over me as you fuck me. You tell me I can’t come until you say, I’m going crazy……”

“Go on…” Jim instructed as he investigated Blair’s nipple with his tongue, before biting gently.

“…. I can feel you inside me, every thrust is like electricity through my body. You’re biting down on the back of my neck like a big cat claiming it’s mate, suddenly you howl as you slam into me, I feel you come inside me, my mind explodes as I come too, it’s like a laser show in my head, I see stars…..oh man, it’s so powerful..” Blair gasped.

“So I’m a control freak who doesn’t even take the time to prep his lover huh? What kind of a Neanderthal do you take me for?” Jim smiled working his way back to Blair’s lips, “But I always knew that that imagination of yours would come in handy someday.”

Blair laughed, “My imagination has no limits, man, you should be warned.”

“Oh, this gets better and better!” Jim breathed heavily, “Let’s get into bed.” Jim pulled back, grasping Blair’s hand and enticing him towards the bed with a mischievous smile.

Shooting a nervous glance at the condoms and bottle that Jim had placed on the bedside table, Blair began trying to count the butterflies in his stomach.

Suddenly he started to laugh as Jim turned Casanova, tempting his unspoilt, virginal lover, into the pleasures of the flesh. Glancing down, his eyes widened, “Oh man,” he gasped as he took in the sight of his partner naked and aroused for the first time, “No way is that gonna fit,” he sniggered nervously.

Jim laughed, “It’ll fit,” he said with a growl as he tugged on Blair’s hand, “We just take it slow. There’s no prize for speed here.”

“Glad to hear it,” Blair groaned as Jim pushed him back onto the soft sheets, slowly lowering his body down on top of his guides.

Jim bit Blair hard on the neck causing him to squeal with pain and laughter, “You can still change your mind, you know, anytime you want,” Jim reminded him gently.

“No way. I’m in this for the duration. I think I’ve procrastinated long enough,” the younger man smiled.

“Is that what they call it now? It was called jerking-off when I was a youth,” Jim laughed.

“You bastard,” Blair giggled, “Oh, man, do that some more….”

“I’ll do this as much as you want me to,” Jim swept his fingers across the hard nipples, gently tugging on the silver ring threaded through one of them, causing his partner to draw in a sharp breath.

“Shit!” Blair let out a gasp.

“Is that good or bad?” his partner teased.

“Oh, good…good…no stop…” Blair said slowly. He closed his eyes as his partner began to kiss and lick at his neck, gently working his way down the younger man’s body. Pausing only to caress the taut stomach, deliberately avoiding the quivering cock now beginning to stir into life.

“Mmm, you taste good,” Jim murmured

Blair could feel Jim’s erection pressing into his thigh, hands caressing him, Jim’s mouth hotly seeking out untouched regions of his body trying to devour him molecule by molecule.

Jim’s hands swept across Blair’s chest, tweaking the hair, reading the texture between his fingertips, he could feel his young guide’s body shivering at his touch “Open your eyes,” he whispered softly.

Blair whimpered, but his blue eyes flickered open, now almost inky black with passion, “Jim?”

“I want to see the fire in your eyes while I’m loving you,” Jim smiled as his talented fingers began to bring his guide to hardness so easily. Blair thrust against Jim’s hand, silently pleading for satisfaction. “No, no, not yet,” the older man chided.

“Soon?” Blair gasped, reduced to words of one syllable, his usual eloquence deserting him as his body clawed and craved for completion.

“Yes, soon,” Jim smiled as he continued to touch and tease the now erect and straining cock. Without warning he took it into his mouth.

“Oh shit!” Blair yelled, his eyes flying open as he grasped for Jim’s head, “Shit!”

The older man laughed, the vibrations echoing through Blair’s body. Blair arched back into the pillow, his curls spreading like a halo on the soft cotton cover, he bit down on his lip, failing to prevent a sob escaping. Blair’s fingers raked through Jim’s close cut hair as the Sentinel began to gently suck and tease at the swollen cock, causing his young guide to thrust with abandon.

“Jim…I’m…oh!” Blair tried to form words but the intensity of the sensation swept all reason from his mind as he came quickly, “Jim..sorry..I couldn’t….” he mumbled.


Jim looked up into Blair’s eyes, a smile playing on his lips, “Shhh, it’s okay,” he said gently stroking his fingers across Blair’s chest before claiming a kiss, “We’re not finished yet. Turn over,” Jim instructed.

Blair managed a nod and scrambled onto his stomach, his body trembling with a mixture of fear and desire, he was so pumped with adrenaline and leaking pheromones, that Jim had to dial down his senses to reduce the risk of zoning on his guide at an inopportune moment.

“You know I’d never hurt you, don’t you?” Jim whispered, stroking his fingers down the younger man’s back.

“Yes,” Blair replied, gulping in a breath.

“And you know that I love you?”


Jim followed the strokes with soft kisses across the broad expanse Of Blair’s shoulders and down the gentle arc of his back, “I want you to try to relax a little for me,” he said so softly that the words flowed like a summer breeze across Blair’s mind.

Pulling in a couple of deep breaths, Blair tried to concentrate on the sound of his own heartbeat crashing in his ears, the moments between Jim’s last touch and the new, more intimate caress seemed like an eternity.

“If you want to change your mind, this is a good time to tell me,” Jim’s voice whispered across his shoulder.

“T…the ..hell!” Blair choked out the words.

Jim laughed softly, “Good,” he replied

Blair closed his eyes tightly as he felt Jim’s fingers run down the cleft of his ass, his cock was aching again and he trembled uncontrollably.

“You ready?” the older man asked.

Blair nodded his head, his tawny curls flying in all directions. Already wet with sweat, the hair clung to his face. He gripped the bed sheet like a man hanging on desperately to a lifeline, as the sensation crashed over him like a tsunami. The first pressure made Blair gasp, as he felt a slippery finger slide into him. Steeling himself, he pushed back, trying to hurry the process before his body imploded with the need that screamed in every nerve.

“You never have had much patience, have you?” Jim said lightly.

“Hurry…Jim…” Blair groaned.

“No, we take it slow, or we stop.”

“NO!…no stop…slow...yeah,” the younger man shook his head violently, the very thought of  this stopping was torturous. Moments later the finger became two then three, stretching the muscles, teasing, until Blair could no longer reason. Suddenly a jolt of pure pleasure almost caused Blair to bounce off the bed, “Shit!….What….shit!” he gasped, his cock quivered and he tried to resist the urge to satisfy its need there and then.

Jim’s humor filled voice came from close behind Blair’s right ear, “That’s your prostate, fun packed little critter, huh?” he teased.

“Oh God!” the younger man gasped.

“Okay, here goes,” Jim whispered.

Blair tensed as Jim’s cock slid slowly into his body, he stopped momentarily to allow the younger man to accept the fullness. Blair bit down on his lip painfully and his fingernails dug into his palms as the sensation exploded along his nerve endings.

“Are you okay?” Jim asked

“Oh yeah…” Blair hissed through gritted teeth.

Jim held onto Blair’s hips tightly, he was buried deeply in his guide, the tension of keeping things so slow was taking its toll, “Hurting?” he asked with concern.

Blair shook his head once more, sweat dripping from his chin, “Now, please,” he grunted.

Jim slowly pulled out and then pushed himself back in. Blair was so tight and…untouched, it made Jim shiver with pleasure at the thought, that he was the only one to have shared this with his guide. A low moan from his partner caused him to stop.

“You okay? I’ll keep still until you tell me otherwise. Unless you want me to pull out?”

“Are you joking?” the younger man panted, “After all the …..effort it took…to get it in there in the first place…Oh my God,”

Jim grinned, this was so very much a part of what he loved about Blair. His strength and his humor, “I really do love you, you know?” he said quietly.

“I know you do,” Blair whispered, “So go ahead and show me how much.”

“Tell me I’m not hurting you.”

“You’re…*not* hurting me….just fuck me man…hurry…” Blair growled. He felt Jim start to move again, working up a rhythm, beginning to push harder. Blair knew he was close to orgasm, the aching need in his cock becoming unbearable again so soon. Almost as though reading his thoughts, Jim’s hand snaked around to grasp the straining erection, the touch almost made Blair scream out loud. From another reality he could hear voices, pleading for satisfaction, low moans and grunts mingled with the sounds of breathless promises. He wasn’t sure if one of those voices was his own or even if they belonged to this world. The pressure of Jim’s thrusts forced Blair forward into the bigger mans hand, which teased and stroked his cock, pushing him to the edge. If heaven and hell could be in the same place then this was it, a torment so wonderful he could die from it and never regret a moment.

“Jim, I’m,” Blair groaned as he felt the pleasure build to an almost unimaginable level.

“I know, it’s okay, Jim said through gritted teeth, he was himself dangerously close, “Blair!” he yelled as the intensity of his own orgasm took away his breath.

Blair gasped, “Jim!” he hissed, his seed spilling out into Jim’s hand with urgency.

Blair fell forward. The sheer weight of his lover still clinging to him, finally too much for his passion drenched body. He could feel Jim, still inside him, holding on, trying to catch a breath. He could not move or speak, but merely lie there like a puppet with severed strings in Jim’s arms, waiting for reality to insidiously creep it’s way through the spent desire and need.

“You okay?” Jim asked huskily.

“Yeah, you?” Blair replied.

Oh yeah,” Jim said sleepily, “Blair I’m going to pull out, this might be uncomfortable.”

“You mean more uncomfortable than having two hundred pounds of Sentinel lying on top of me?” Blair teased.

Jim laughed gently and began to pull away, finally flopping back on the bed.

“Oh man!” Blair squirmed.

Jim grabbed his arm and hauled him over to settle beside him, “Some people are always complaining!” he grinned.

In silence the two men lay together, totally wrapped up in each other’s presence. Their bodies, lives and destinies now forever intertwined.

“So,” Blair said snuggling into Jim’s arms, “Do I get a balloon or candy or something?”

“What?” Jim glanced down at his lover with puzzlement.

“Well, when I was a kid, the first time my mom took me to the dentist, he said that if I didn’t cry or scream, he’d give me a balloon or candy. So I just wondered?” Blair grinned.

“Sorry, Sandburg, you screamed.”

“I did?”

“Oh yeah, on a couple of occasions.”

“You sure?” Blair pushed himself up onto his elbow, his face creased into a frown.

Jim sighed, “Definitely. I think at one point it went something like ‘aarrgghh, oh fuck me harder, please,’” he said looking up at his partner with a grin.


“So, no candy,” Jim pulled Blair close, “But I could offer the ‘Ellison surprise’?”

“Which is?” the younger man asked intrigued.

Jim growled, rolling Blair onto his back, pinning him to the bed, scrambling to hold down flailing arms and legs amidst paroxysms of giggles, “Oh, Sandburg, that was the perfect answer….” he laughed.