Lilies is an emotionally intense tale of love, betrayal and revenge in which one man's past comes back to haunt him. When the Bishop Bilodeau arrives to hear the confession of an ageing convict, Simon Doucet, the inmates lock him in their prison chapel while they become a richly-diverse cast acting out scenes from Simon's tragic past. It soon becomes clear that the story of Simon's love for a boy who died forty years earlier is also a disturbing chapter from the Bishop's youth. As the fantastic story is detailed, the Bishop begins to fear for his life...


Lilies is a beautifully filmed, and sensitively handled story. It's also strange and compelling, in the way it's told. I'm sure this movie isn't for everyone, with the way they use the prisoners as actors, and change between the 'real' setting of the prison, and the 'fantasy' setting of the boyhood home of Bilodeau. I can see that this would possibly annoy many people, but I enjoyed the movie as a whole.

The actors are delightful to look at, and the story is compelling..... you really want to know what's happening every step of the way.

It's fairly typical of the Canadian genre of gay movie, along with things like 'Being At Home With Claude', and Love And Human Remains. If you like those movies, you'll probably like Lilies!