The Object Of My Affection

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd


Nina, a social worker, shares a cozy flat with her dear friend George, who happens to be gay. When Nina becomes pregnant by her overbearing boyfriend, she begs George to step into the breach - but is he ready to be a surrogate dad? A romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston.


Review has Jennifer Aniston in it. That fact for me was a serious negative to begin with.

I can't honestly say that this is a *bad* movie, it's just unbelievably twee and cute. If you can stand that kind of thing, or if you're a fan of Ms Aniston, then I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Paul Rudd is very nice as George, and when he realises that as much as he loves Nina as a friend, he needs *more* than that to make his life complete, he does a fine job in the angst department, when he struggles with his conscience over sleeping with another man 'behind her back'. just has Jennifer Aniston in it <gulp>