Promises And Lies: A Husbands Betrayal


A woman who has everything, a great career, successful husband that she loves, and two wonderful children, suddenly finds her world falling apart when her husbands affair is made public. An affair with another man.....



 This was a 'made for TV' movie, and from the blurb, I figured it was going to suck big time. How wrong I was.

This is an intelligent, and well made movie, that really attempts to understand what happens when great relationships fall apart because one partner has hidden a part of themselves away for years.

Jim is the husband who has everything a man could want, but he knows in his heart that he's gay. This doesn't mean that he doesn't love his wife, he still does, but his need to be with a man becomes overwhelming.

It's a frightening scenario, as the family's world crumbles, when work colleagues turn against them, and the children have to face the fact that their dad is gay. The latter, leading to the son 'gay bashing' a young school friend, who he has always openly like, despite knowing about his sexuality.

We see the son fall into a depression, wondering if he's 'like his father' (and we're given the impression that he probably is gay) and the daughter getting embarrassed to be seen with her father in a restaurant, because 'everyone knows'.


I would seriously recommend this movie, it's a really intelligent piece of work, written from the wife's POV, it doesn't make the 'bad guy' out of anyone, neither the husband, nor his boyfriend. It doesn't fall into the 'straight man seduced into a gay relationship' trap, nor does it turn the wife into a bitch to compensate.