Queer As Folk (U.K)


Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly and Charlie Hunam



The day to day life of three gay men in Manchester. Stuart is an advertising exec, he's brash, confident, arrogant and sexy as hell, and he knows it. Vince is the dependable type, he has a job in retail, a family who depend on him and he's Stuart's best friend. Nathan is a fifteen year old schoolboy who has just realised that he's gay, and he wants to live his dream.



This show has become almost legend now. It was the first time that gay men were shown on TV as unashamedly gay, and in such detail! Stuart is an inspired creation, he has an animal magnetism that has nothing to do with looks, or money. He's not a gym body, but he *is* incredibly sexy. I know that the author as pointed out that this was the whole point of casting the enigmatic Aidan Gillen, he isn't a classic hunk, but to make the point that sexual magnetism is about *so* much more than looks!

Vince is the 'us' in this whole thing. He's so 'normal' and run of the mill, every one of us, male or female, watching him, can relate. He's the ultimate loser; an anorak, devoted to Dr Who and always unlucky in love.

Nathan is an irritant, I know he's supposed to be young, and carefree, but he annoys the hell out of me. In fairness to Charlie Hunam, I think Nathan was *supposed* to be irritating....at least, I hope he was:)

There is no doubt that this is a wonderfully written show, it's funny and sad, sometimes all at the same time. There is tragedy alongside almost slapstick humour, but it's so well handled, that it gels perfectly. I cannot praise the series enough, but it has to be said, that this is no more 'the typical gay man's life' than Coronation Street is the 'typical Northerners life' or Eastenders the 'typical Londoners life.' Taken as it was meant, as entertainment, this is unbeatable value!