A Shaggy Hammock Story

by Sigrina

 This was just ridiculous, Shaggy thought. The Scooby gang were visiting Velma's Uncle Ned Dinkley when rumours of a haunting in the old Museum of Hammocks had reached them. Seemingly the ghost had already stolen two of the rarest hammocks. Fred decided that they were going to 'stake out' the Museum. Daphne, for some reason best known to herself, declared that she had always wanted to sleep in a hammock: she considered it to be 'romantic'. Fred laughed gently, helped her get into the hammock and then sent everyone to different areas of the museum to lay in wait for the ghost.

 Daphne's view that hammocks were 'romantic' didn't survived her first tumble out of one. Shaggy, hiding just a few feet away, was greeted by the sight of Daphne splayed out over the floor. He rushed over to help her up.

'You can have the hammock, Shaggy,' Daphne insisted.

Shaggy realised that Daphne wanted him to look a fool in front of her so that she'd feel better about falling out of the hammock in front of him. He shrugged. He didn't mind, if it kept the peace.

 Unfortunately, Shaggy discovered that the hammock was quite comfortable. And not even *he* was masochistic enough to fall out deliberately. He'd probably break an arm or something. Daphne flipped her hair back over her shoulders and flounced off. Shaggy promptly settled down for a little snooze.

He awoke to the feeling of something heavy moving on top of him. The ghost, was his first thought. But then a familiar fragrance assaulted his nostrils: Fred's aftershave! It was *Fred* on top of him. Fred must think that Daphne was still in the hammock!

 He had to let Fred know, to stop this before it went any further.

 But Shaggy's body had other ideas. It liked the feel of Fred as he sinuously writhed on top of it, and sabotaged Shaggy's vocal chords. Unaffected by any embarrassment that Shaggy's brain might be encountering, his body lay back and enjoyed the ride. Amazing what could be achieved in a hammock if you put your...er...*mind*...to it! And Daphne couldn't even stay *still* in one!

 Daphne! Shaggy's mind tried desperately to break the stranglehold his libido had on it. He *had* to let Fred know that he wasn't Daphne before this got very, very, *very* embarrassing.

 He stifled a moan as Fred's hands opened his flies and Fred's mouth nibbled seductively on his chin.

 Wait a minute! Fred surely couldn't be so far gone that he hadn't noticed that 'Daphne' was a skinny as a rake and wearing pants besides? And how could he miss the stubble?

'Fred?' he managed, only whimpering slightly as Fred's incredibly talented hands caressed his rock-hard erection. Now how in *heaven's* name could Fred miss that?



'Quiet, Norville, don't distract me. We don't want to end up on the floor, do we?'

Norville. Fred had called him by his *name*. He thought that everyone had forgotten that he was ever called anything but 'Shaggy'.

Wait. If Fred had used his name...

Shaggy's body rallied valiantly and managed to beat up, tie up and shut up his mind, just before said body exploded with pleasure.

'Oh, wow...'

Well, the vocal chords were still working, even if the mind was stuffed in a closet somewhere whimpering piteously.

'Glad you enjoyed it.'

'But I'm not Daphne,' he managed weakly.

'Oh, like I hadn't already worked that out, stoopid.'


'Don't think too much, Norville, it doesn't suit you. Anyway, gotta go. Velma should have...comforted...Daphne enough by now. She couldn't have had *that* many bruises to 'kiss better'. Now why don't you go back to sleep. I'll check up on this 'ghost'.'

'Yeah, sounds like a good idea. Fred?'


'Am I dreaming this?'

'Of course you are, Norville.'

'Oh. Nice dream.'

'Yeah, I though so, too. We must do it more often.'



Shaggy woke up with a start and fell out of the hammock. Daphne, who'd been walking past, snorted with laughter and helped him to his feet good-naturedly. Oh, well, at least falling flat on his face had achieved something.

He rubbed his face.

Despite the fact that he was going to have bruises, he was feeling wonderfully, incredibly...

 Oh, my, what a dream!

 At that moment, Fred, Scooby and Velma came rushing by, chasing a man in an ill-fitting sheet.

 Shaggy blushed. He hastily shifted his eyes away from Fred's retreating ass...only to catch Daphne, face as red as a tomato, eyeing Velma as if she was a four-course meal...

Later, when everything was sorted out, the Scooby Gang took their leave of Uncle Ned and began to bundle their stuff into the Mystery Machine. Fred was carrying something under his arm.

 'What have you got there?' Shaggy heard Velma ask Fred.

'Oh, nothing, just a hammock. Tried one once. Really enjoyed the experience. Thought I might give it another go some time.'

 Oh, my....