The Serpent's Tears

By K9


The pain in his shoulder kept Jack conscious, the huge Jaffa guard made sure of that. Gritting his teeth he tried not to wince each time the muscle screamed in protest.

Suddenly the door of the chamber slid open.

"Well, Colonel O'Neill, what a pleasant surprise," the Goa'uld voice reverberated around the room.

"Klorel I presume?" Jack hissed, "What kind of a name is that anyway? Sounds like a mouthwash."

The Jaffa twisted Jack's arm a little further causing the words to choke away into a yell.

"Ever the one with something clever to say, Colonel O'Neill?" Klorel walked around the soldier who was now slumped to his knees, "How small you look like this. I cannot understand what my host sees in you. Such a tiny, insignificant creature."

"Hey, I'm 'ample' where it counts, okay?"

Klorel smiled...Skaara's smile, "Yes, I'm sure you are."

For the first time, Jack felt uncomfortable in a Goa'uld's presence. This monster wrapped up in a boy's body was just watching him.

But, why hadn't the bug just killed him?


Dressed in the finest robes, hair braided with spun gold, Klorel/Skaara was a picture of androgynous beauty like so many of the young men of Abydos. Smiling, he looked Jack over like an ancient slave master assessing his newest acquisition.


"My host is very fond of you, I can feel his emotion. So strong when he saw you there, on your knees in front of us." An eerie laugh echoed around the chamber, " I understand...he *desires* you!" Klorel threw his head back and laughed hard.

Jack clenched his jaw and glared. He hated watching while this parasite used Skaara's body that way.

"So amusing," Klorel shook his head, "The emotions run so very deeply within him I can *feel* what he feels for you. How interesting."

"You don't feel jack-shit, you slimy little bug. You're a fucking parasite, what would you know about feelings?" Jack spat the words; angry at the Goa'uld for using the boys body and opening his heart for ridicule.

"Hmmm?" Klorel ran a slender finger across Jack's cheek. "Unless I am mistaken you have some emotional bond with this host?"

"He was...he *is* my friend."

"And so much more I fear," Klorel's eyes shone with the eerie glow of the Goa'uld presence and the glee of seeing Jack squirm. "It might be interesting to find out for myself what it is he finds so...'attractive' about you?"

Suddenly the light in his eyes flickered and a look of pain flitted across his face. Staggering slightly he stumbled. A Jaffa rushed to his aide, but Klorel snarled something and the man backed away.

Jack grinned, "Skaara? Fight this son-of-a-bitch, kid!"

"Do not encourage this foolish boy to indulge in something that can cause him only pain, O'Neill," Klorel blazed with anger.

It had always been assumed that the Goa'uld completely enveloped the hosts personality, but Jack could *see* Skaara fighting this intruder.

"'Foolish boy' or not, he's still kicking your scaly little ass!"

Seething and still fighting for control, Klorel straightened to his full height, "Jaffa! Take the human to my chamber," he glared at Jack, finally allowing his mouth to twist into a smile, "Have him readied for my pleasure."


Jack O'Neill was a fit and powerfully built man, muscular through years of training. But even he was no match for two Jaffa as they shredded his khaki pants and tore away his shirt before holding him under the water while two handmaidens washed him. No amount of struggling made any difference, except to add a few more bruises to his already battered body.

When finally he was dragged from the bathing room and set down in the bed-chamber, naked and with his arms bound tightly behind his back, he allowed himself to relax a little, trying to conserve his strength for whatever was to come.

By the time Klorel swept into the room, Jack had caught his breath and his anger was building again.

"Ah, my pet awaits I see? How delightful and so very masculine," Klorel ran his hand across Jack's shoulders and down his chest, "You shall make fine sport!"

"Oh yeah, like I'm gonna 'play' with you? Get real..."

"It's quite simple, Colonel O'Neill. If you do not do as I say, I will merely seek out another host and have this one killed!" Klorel smiled, as he licked across Jack's nipple, watching the soldier try not to react to the sensation.

The blood ran cold in Jack's veins. He knew that this was no empty threat, the Goa'uld would do that out of spite and malice and make him watch.

"Maybe *you* would make a good host?" the Goa'uld purred and stroked his hand across Jack's abdomen.

"Why don't you go fuck yourself?"

Klorel laughed, "Just remember O'Neill. Whatever you do hurts the host body, not I!" he stretched up and gently kissed Jack on the lips, "Just enjoy. You have yearnings for this hosts body, how unpleasant can this be for you?"

"Fuck you!"

"Yes, O'Neill, that *was* my plan."

Pushing Jack back onto the bed, Klorel smiled as he slipped the decorative robes from his shoulders, letting them fall to the floor.

Jack shuddered. He knew this was a Goa'uld before him, but it was still Skaara. Still the beautiful youth who was so brave in the defeat of Ra, still the same boy who followed him like a puppy on Abydos, love-struck and adoring. Still the same scintillating young man he'd imagined a thousand times in his arms and in his bed.

Still Skaara.

"I see you enjoy looking at this body, O'Neill?" Klorel whispered.

The sound of the Goa'uld voice jolted Jack back to his senses and his now burgeoning erection began to fade.

"If it still belonged to Skaara alone, I'd be more than pleased to look at it. And when he rids it of you, a scum sucking parasite, I'll be right beside him...stamping you into the dirt with my boot!" Jack smiled humourlessly.

"Do not anger me, you will regret it!"

"Whatcha gonna do? Play hard to get?"

A brief flash of anger played over Klorel's face, but the smile returned, "You are very clever, O'Neill, but your pitiful little plan will not work." He gestured to the Jaffa left standing as guard.

Without a word, the man grabbed Jack, untying his arms and reattaching the bonds to the bed frame, leaving Jack lying on his back with his arms stretched wide.

Climbing onto the bed, Klorel crawled across Jack, straddling his legs. Gently he fondled the limp, uninterested cock before him.

Jack bit down on his lip painfully.

This was *Klorel* not Skaara.

Those brown pools gazing from beneath half lowered lashes were the eyes of a monster, not of his beloved boy.

As Klorel's head lowered and he began to softly kiss the tender flesh at Jack's groin, the soldier desperately tried to keep in mind that this wasn't what *Skaara* wanted. This was a deliberate violation of both him and the host body by a parasite hell bent on making them both suffer.

When Klorel took Jack into his mouth and began to suck, the Goa'ulds chest reverberated in a laugh at the man's reaction.

Jack arched into the sensation. His fingernails dug into the bonds as he not only fought his imprisonment but the feelings that were clouding his sanity. He'd imagined this moment a thousand times in wet, heated dreams. Skaara's soft, honey coloured skin almost begging for his touch. His beautiful full, sweet lips giving pleasure and those tender, but callused, young hands exciting him towards orgasm.

"No!" Jack snarled out the word, knowing it was a futile plea.

Klorel slid his hands beneath the squirming body, cupping Jack's ass, fingers probing and teasing while his mouth worked the hardening flesh with growing delight.

The long plaited locks of hair bound so decoratively about Klorel's head fell forward, brushing softly against Jack's belly and the soft body rubbed temptingly against the older man's legs, brushing against his skin, wriggling and pushing against him.

"No, please," Jack's plea was deep and heartfelt, "Skaara! Fight him, damn you this is *not* how it should be...*fight* him."

Klorel's head jerked up, the long, arched erection slipping from his mouth. Suddenly, the light in his eyes dimmed.

"Oh...O'nell!" Skaara's voice forced its way through the barrier, the sound so pained, crying out for help.


"O'nell, I am so sorry.." tears began to fall from the young man's eyes, the torment and shame written so clearly on his youthful features.

"Skaara, it's not your fault."

"Forgive me, O'nell?"

"Always...always.." Jack felt his eyes sting as the suffering in those few words tore at his heart.

In a moment, those soulful brown eyes flashed white again and the soft features hardened into a snarl.

"You will pay for this, *both* of you!" Klorel raged.

"He's still there you mother fucking son-of-a-bitch and if it takes me the rest of my life I'll get him back from you!"

With a slap, Klorel sent Jack's head spinning. Followed by another, then another and a command barked out to the Jaffa guard. Before he knew what was happening, Jack had been turned roughly onto his stomach and tied down again.

The pain was swift and harsh, like a heavy blow to the base of the spine then the most horrendous burning agony imaginable.

Klorel had forced himself into Jack, dry and with frightening ferocity. He was pounding mercilessly at the older man's ass. Jack could feel coldness and wetness on his legs, which he guessed was blood gushing from the torn membranes.

"I will take you then kill you," Klorel growled into his ear.

Gripping the bonds so tightly that his hands bled, Jack shut out the sound of that cursed voice, trying to remember only the soft sound of Skaara and picture only the gentle eyes of the excited and curious Abydosian boy he once knew.

Klorel roared his release and pulled away, idly wiping the blood from his genitals. "Such feeble creatures, humans."

"You cut these bonds, I'll show you how fucking feeble we are," Jack slurred the words, the pain acting like a drug, clouding his mind.

"Kill him!" Klorel ordered the Jaffa guard.

Jack was roughly unbound and dragged from the bed, the pain in his back and ass made him stumble to his knees. With his last ounce of strength he grabbed at the weapon slung at the Jaffa's side, shooting the man dead and turning it on Klorel.

The Goa'uld snapped out a curse, eyes glowing in fury.

"I'm sorry Skaara," Jack aimed at the young man's shoulder and fired sending him screaming to the floor, the wound painful and disabling but not fatal.

Rushing over to the fallen figure, Jack watched the features twist with pain before a tiny voice broke through again.

"O'nell, please forgive me for what I did?"

"Oh Skaara, that wasn't you," Jack stroked the boys face gently, "I'll come back for you, I promise. I'll never let them have you, I won't rest until I get you back." He leaned forward and tenderly kissed the young man, "I love you, Skaara. Just remember that?"

Face breaking into a pained smile, Skaara nodded, his hands holding tightly to Jack's shoulder, "I love you also, O'nell. I will fight until you come back for me..." His head slumped back as unconsciousness claimed him and Jack felt his stomach roll as he watched the blood ooze from the wound he'd just inflicted.

Moving over to the fallen guard, Jack stripped away the clothing he wore and dressed himself.

Casting a final glance down at Skaara, Jack slipped from the room and hopefully freedom.

The End