What is Slash?


In simple terms, 'slash' is the pairing of two or more characters of the same gender in a sexual relationship witin the confines of a story.


The name 'slash' comes from the placing of a slash symbol '/' between the character names to show that these are the characters within the story who are involved in a relationship of some kind.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot 'slash' a male and female character, that is 'het' or 'adult', but can be rated within a story in the same way, most commonly on the net by using the U.S rating system of 'G' to NC-17 depending upon the severity of the violence/language/sex contained within the story.

If you are under the age of consent in your part of the world, you are breaking the law by accessing *any* slash or adult site. If the region of the world you live in has a law against homosexuality or the 'promotion' of homosexuality, once again, you are breaking the law by reading such material

Please don't do it.


If you are over the age of consent, but do not approve of, or do not like same sex relationships, then please leave now, there are plenty of sites that will accommodate your tastes.