This Life



The exploits of Miles, Anna, Egg, Milly and Warren became a huge hit in 1996.

The series follows the burgeoning careers of five newly qualified solicitors, who share a house in South London. Anna and Miles can't ignore the attraction between them but the problem is neither will admit to it and seem intent on winding each other up as much as they can.

Milly and Egg are deeply in love but their relationship is put under stress as Egg realises that he doesn't want to be a solicitor and Milly begins an affair with her boss. Warren is gay and in therapy to help him come to terms with his sexuality. He is terrified of letting his family know, as they wouldn't understand.

The lives of these twenty-something solicitors are an emotional minefield, always threatening to explode. The trials and tribulations in both their personal and professional lives are completely engrossing, full of fights, arguments, sex and alcohol.



A well acted and fun series. It was nice to see that the gay characters weren't singled out for being messed up, the straight characters were just as neurotic, confused and troubled:) Seriously though, it was a good attempt at a truly 'integrated' series, where people were just people and they were all an emotional mess.