The Velocity Of Gary



Gary is a hooker, who is in love with porn star Valentino, but Valentino has a girlfriend, who also loves him. They maintain a sometimes uneasy three-way relationship, until Valentino falls victim to AIDS.



One reason to watch this movie, is the lovely, multi-layered performance by Thomas Jane as Gary. One reason *not* to watch this movie is the most annoying performance by Selma Hyek as the nauseating girlfriend! Not that I blame Ms Hyek, I'm sure the character was written that way, but she is such a desperately unsympathetic, and immature character, you really hope she'll just wander under a bus.

The story is fairly straightforward; Gary, naive, small town boy, arrived in NYC and was picked up by Valentino, who was at the time, the big shot porn star.  Valentino already has a girlfriend, but he wants Gary too, so they all begin to live together.

As time moves on, and Valentino becomes ill, Gary finds himself taking care of his 'family', and when Marie announces that she's not only pregnant, but also HIV positive too, he becomes the only truly stable part of this offbeat group of people.


As I've said, the performance by Thomas Jane was lovely. He's a good looking man, and he played Gary's confusion, and pain so well.

Unfortunately, almost ever other character was a 'sketch', never really made flesh, and lacking any real depth.

This isn't a bad movie, and the ending was very sad, and quite touching, but it could have been *so* much better.