The Wolves Of Kromer


From the official website:

ONCE UPON A TIME, not so very long ago, in a little village called Kromer lived Seth and Gabriel, two beautiful young wolves. Their appearance is essentially human, except for pointed ears, coats of fur and fine bushy tails. Seth is a newcomer and Gabriel, a more experienced and cocksure wolf, is taking him under his paw - there is a spark between them.

Nearby in Broome Hall, Fanny, a wicked old maid, and her goofy accomplice Doreen are plotting to murder their mistress, Mrs Drax. In the dead of night, they administer the fatal dose, wheel their dying mistress into the woods and frame the wolves for the crime.

Stirred up by the local priest, Mrs Drax's son leads a torch-bearing mob in pursuit of the wolves...

Who will live happily ever after: Maids or Wolves?



Where to start?

When a friend asked 'Have you seen The Wolves of Kromer?' and I answered, 'No, what's it about?' to which she replied, 'Gay werewolves,' I will admit, I almost hurt myself laughing. I had visions of camp, furry men, that just wouldn't go away, but this tale really couldn't be further from that image.

It is an allegorical tale, where 'werewolf' has replaced 'gay', and the two main characters, Seth and Gabriel, are struggling with the pain, and frustration of being treated like something 'unnatural' by people who really have no right to judge.

It's a peculiar little tale, sometimes quite unintentionally funny, and sometimes very touching. The two leads are very attractive, and it is quite a clever modern day fairytale.

Worth a look if you like the slightly bizarre.