If You Have 9/10ths and I Have 9/10ths?

by alyjude


Jim came home to an empty loft and gave a silent, "Yessss".

While a "Blairless" loft was not normally his favorite thing to come home to, it was just what the doctor ordered for tonight.

He'd been waiting three weeks for this opportunity. Three weeks of impatience. Three weeks while he plotted and planned his delicious revenge against his lover.

Well, maybe revenge wasn't the right word. This was more of a "Turn about is Fair Play" kinda thing. Yeah, "tit for tat". And "Do unto others before they do unto you and if you can't, then do "unto" as quickly as possible *after*"....

And let's not forget, "What's good for the goose is good for the.....um,....smaller goose."

And this *was* going to be good....very good.

He quickly stowed his keys, stripped off his jacket and literally ran up the stairs to their bedroom. Dropping to his knees beside the bed, he reached under the nightstand, just as Blair had done three weeks ago....and came up with...... nothing. Shit. Where would Sandburg have put it? And, since it wasn't here, would he know *it* if he did find it? After all, he'd never actually seen the book.

The detective sat back on his haunches and thought. Okay, this was Sandburg. He needed to think like Sandburg. Where would Blair hide the book?

He snapped his fingers. He *knew*. Ellison rose without effort and went back downstairs.

Sandburg would *hide* it in plain sight. Jim went straight to the book shelf, scanned past anthro books, criminal law books and periodicals, passed Ludlam, Patterson, Merrick, The Gay Kama Sutra, Porter.....

Whoa! Back this train up

"The Gay Kama Sutra"? Where did *that* come from? And it had to be *the* book. He pulled it out and began flipping pages.....eyes getting wider.....jaw dropping.....

Hey, we did that.....*and* that....oh, yeah, definitely did *that*, and...

There it was. Page 59. The chair. The wall. The bodies. Him. Blair.

Oh, yeah.

Is it getting hot in here?

He went back a few pages and another picture caught his eye and to coin a Blairphrase, "It was Holy Grail time...". He read quickly, then studied the picture as a delightful smile of anticipation began spreading across his face.

Oh, yeah, this is the one.

He gave the picture one last, thorough, Sentinel, compulsive, obsessive going over, then slammed the book shut and replaced it on the shelf. The "delightful smile of anticipation" began to take on the distinct characteristics of a smirk - A very, self-satisfied smirk.

He had his plan, now to ready the loft. As he set about his business he wondered if he was above cackling. Nah.

The loft was soon filled with a rich, baritone cackling.

Blair opened the door to his home fully expecting to be engulfed in two things: The scrumptuous odor of Jim's chilli, simmering on the stove *and* the warmth of Jim's arms.

He got neither.

What he did get was a loft with the only source of heat or light coming from the roaring fire in their fireplace. Before he could mourn the loss of the chilli *or* Jim's arms, *or* heat, the sound of the man's voice floated down from their bedroom.

"Take off your coat, Sandburg."

The tone brooked no discussion. It was firm, resolute and sexy as hell.

Blair took off his coat.

And tried to find his lover, but the firelight left the loft full of shadows, hiding among the inky blackness. He started toward the stairs but the voice stopped him.

"No. Don't move. Unbutton your shirt."

Fingers seemed to move of their own volition, slowly undoing each button, sapphire eyes searching.

"Shoes and socks."

Shoes were toed off, socks quickly following.

"Take off the shirt. S l o w l y."

The red shirt was carefully pulled off each shoulder and then allowed to drop to the floor.


"No talking. And remove the hair tie."

Blair couldn't ignore the voice. He slowly reached up and pulled off the band, freeing his hair.

"Now the T-shirt. Take it off - and again - slow and easy."

Blair crossed his arms, grabbed the hem of the shirt and began to pull it up and over.

"Slower. Much slower."

Hands froze at the command, just as the enticing flesh of his flat abdomen appeared. Then the shirt started up again, and Sentinel eyes could follow the thin line of hair up....and up to where the soft, curling hair spread out over the lean, muscular chest and firelight caught the gleam of a silver ring in one brown nub.....

The shirt was over the head now, obscuring the face and a groan escaped the Sentinel, but a moment later, the beautiful head reappeared, followed by a cascade of chestnut curls, wild, in complete disarray, but framing the strong face.

"Good. Now the belt."

Hands moved down and fingers, a little clumsier than usual, pulled the tongue of the belt out of half the buckle, snapped it open and slid it the rest of the way out.

"The flybutton and zipper, Blair. And lower the zipper very -


Hands, shaking now with supressed passion, pulled gently on the snap, took hold of the zipper and began to lower it......

There was a gutteral moan from above as Sentinel eyes saw dark, springy hair instead of the elastic of briefs.

"Beautiful. Now - gently push the jeans down over your hips and slowly step out of them."

Thumbs were hooked on each side of the material and the jeans started their erotic descent.

Hips were revealed then Blair's cock, thick and hard and alive, and finally strong, sturdy legs.

The jeans joined the shirt and t-shirt.

Blair stood there, his body appearing to be on fire as the shifting light from the flames danced over him. His chest was heaving, his breathing fast and loud. Sweat was already starting to form across his forehead, upper lip and even across his chest.

Jim moved out of the shadows and started down the steps. Like his lover, he wore nothing.

He moved slowly and gracefully until he stood in front of the smaller man.

"Put your arms around my neck."

Blair, eyes wide, lips slightly parted, did as he was told.

Jim bent slightly, placed one hand just under Blair's left ass cheek, hooked the other hand behind the smaller man's right knee and carefully lifted.

He lifted until Blair's right leg hooked over his left hip and he felt Blair's left leg curl around his own right leg......Jim's cock was hard and ready but before he could do anything, a hand was dipping down, catching his precum, slicking it over his organ then that same hand caught more of the fluid and Blair prepared himself and guided Jim into him......

As he felt his cock penetrate, felt the heat, the tight channel, another hand cupped the back of his head and pulled him forward and Blair's tongue was demanding entrance and then it penetrated his mouth and Jim was lost.

"Your hands....Jim, your hands....push."

Ellison managed to surface long enough to do as his lover asked and he began to push and then pull the body he held.

The heat, friction, and the pumping threatened to send him over the edge too early.....but then their mouths fastened on each other again, and Blair's other hand began to work miracles with Jim's chest, started roaming, finally captured a nipple, began to gently roll it, twist it, flick it....and the groans grew louder.....and Jim began to push and pull in earnest now, the angle allowing his cock to repeatedly strike Blair's prostate and he could feel the intense pleasure as it rocketed through the younger man. He could feel Blair's hard cock against his stomach and each push, each pull sent a new shudder through his lover.

Blair's orgasm flooded through him, his body arching, his head thrown back, and as Jim felt the familiar tightening, he lowered his head and latched onto the offered neck and his climax hit like a thunderbolt, tearing through him.

He felt his knees giving way and slowly, Blair still in his arms, body lax against his chest, he slid to the ground.


Awareness came to Jim Ellison slowly. He felt the warm body first.

Blair. His favorite blanket.

Felt the soft hair....the gentle "wuffs" of air on his chest as it was

expelled from his lover's mouth, the play of Blair's hand as it traced circles on his upper arm....



"Who do you belong to?"





"Uh, Blair?"


"What do *I* own?"

"Not a damn thing."


"Except.....my heart, soul and life."

End series #2 of the Gay Kama Sutra